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The M48 Self-Cocking 80-lb Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 fps! It's easy to keep your Bowie 2.0 sharp as well, since SOG Specialty Knives has packaged the knife with a leather sheath; the sheath has a removable sharpening stone tucked away in its accessory pouch. While we only included one box in our Z.E.R.O. Kit also includes night vision devices, solar chargers, multi tools, tactical vests, sunglasses, and much more.

Kit and fight for your life. Zombie Gear, get prepared, be hunter of The walking dead with zombie weapons.

We have everything you need to survive the horde. i have 4 different others, I like the handle design of them. Drink from the cup of survivors and champions the world over. Silent Zombie Hunting Crossbows and Bolts for Sale Many hours of grueling arguments, exhaustive research and bite-dodging testing went into developing the selection of zombie survival gear below. You can take down thousands or even millions of risen dead and hardly make a dent in the overall undead army. Watch our latest videos on YouTube. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet. Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit. The knob on the base of the handle is perfect. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Optics, Lasergrips, Flashlights for Sale. Cyberpunk,

Intl. Zombie apocalypse killing weapon, fight the walking dead with machetes, knives, swords, axes, saws, be the hunter. The Z.E.R.O. In the new zombie world you can be king of the hill, or the tastiest treat in town.

Features a telescoping AR stock with buffer tube and detachable vertical fore grip. If for any

Properly tamed, a zombie can do the physical labor of 30 men without tiring. It is perfect for my purposes of home self-defense - when answering the door. Email Only Sat It also features adjustable sights for accuracy.

Athlon Outdoors Editors Pick Their Weapons For the Zombie Apocalypse Nino Bosaz (Editorial Director) — Wilson Combat Ultralight Hunter .308 10 of 14 Athlon Outdoors Editors Pick Their Weapons For the Zombie Apocalypse Nino Bosaz (Editorial Director) — Smith & … Includes six 15" 175 grain bolts. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take a look at these best 5 Zombie Survival Kits. Punching zombies is the most fun you can have, but only with BlackHawk SOLAG Gloves.

Ridiculous. This is exactly what I have sought for so long. Zombie Prep Supplies Prepper Food, Long Term Storage and Freeze Dried Food For Sale . With this kit, you can face them with seven powerful weapons. Undead survival and melee defense. It is the only United Cutlery Boshin blade that really came razor sharp. The injection-molded nylon handle has heavy texturing for a slip-free grip and is secured to the head by three heavy-duty bolts. The Barska 4x30 IR Electro Sight with Green Laser & LED Flashlight that gives you a scope to peg zombies' heads long range and a laser to ensure you don't miss at any range. Our Z.E.R.O. You will be forever alone".

Fax: +1-866-534-3097 (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet includes: Weapon Accessories. So we need more Arrows/bolts. 3 VOLT LITHIUM BATTERIES, Leatherman MUT Black Multi Tool w/ Black Molle Sheath 850122, Night Armor Tactical Pen w/FREE 1AA CREE Flashlight NA800CBO, Cammenga S.W.A.T.Black Tritium Lensatic Compass 166748, Streamlight E-Spot FireBox LED Lantern, Light Only w/ No Charger, Orange 45882, Tactical Assault Gear Rampage Releasable Armor Carrier, Small/Medium, Ranger Green 812451, BlackHawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Be first to know about the new products and get exclusive offers. For late night viewing, the Barska NVX100 3x Digital Night Vision Monocular will let you peer into the darkness. Of course it’s just a pile of high tech gadgets no one will ever use. This will give you plenty of light to see those lifeless eyes roll back once you've given your zombie attacker peace.

We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible!

The Night Watchman Tactical Mace is a formidable hunk of polypropylene.

Once you've gathered your basic survival gear together, you need to think about how you're going to dispatch those creeping, gnawing, nearly unkillable monsters. When a large herd of zombies is converging on your position you may not have time to reload your rifle or shotgun and may need to quickly transition to your sidearm. HD with Kevlar, Color - Black, Size - Medium, 8151MDBK, ESS Profile TurboFan Military/Tactical Goggles - Black Frame, Clear & Smoke Gray Lenses, Specter Gear M-2 Mk-3 Rapid Reload Chest Carrier for AK-47 Magazines - MultiCam 595 MULT, Qorpak Bottle Beakers, Medium Rounds, Wide Mouth, Qorpak 7550 With Pulp/Vinyl-Lined Black Phenolic Cap, Samco Disposable Transfer Pipets, Fine Tip, Samco Scientific 234 Fine Tip, Large Bulb, Case, LW Scientific Pipette Shaker 2500 RPM 6 Place. Your rifle, shotgun and handgun (one gun will not keep you alive long) need to be enhanced for maximum zombie-slaying effectiveness.

Best of all, the molded knuckle protectors let you put a hard jab straight down the gullet of a walking dead monster in the event you're unarmed. The Stanley Personal Protection Large First Aid Kit will help you stop bleeding and take care of other wounds in no time.

June 6, 2019, Return

With a razor-sharp blade edge on one side and a piercing point on the other side, this head of this tactical tomahawk has recessed circle patterns and the M48 logo. We've broken things up into chapters and levels; you can use the links to get where you need to be, and fast. The included SureFire battery box has FOUR HUNDRED batteries. Please check your email for confirmation message, Z.E.R.O. They thought of everything for you naysayers. All the zombie gear in this kit is listed below so you can purchase the items separately, but remember that the kit was very carefully put together to cover all your bases.

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