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Of all the possible colors in an aura, none is more joyful than yellow energy. This shade can sometimes result from a disconnection with nature. Finally, burn the paper and watch the smoke carry away all negative energy. You also never lie about how you feel. With any aura color, there are different shades that can mean different things. When a person has a yellow aura, the color can represent several things. However, they need to be aware that their desire for perfectionism and tendency toward self-sacrifice could cause more harm than good.

Simpson offers several ways to stimulate your solar plexus with a series of specific exercises and the use of what she calls key crystals, such as yellow citrine. Lastly, keep a journal where you record all of your spiritual experiences. Susan and Kash and their team of experts cover many topics that guide and help thousands of readers. There are things from your childhood that you still enjoy doing. It can become darker as you experience dark times or thoughts, and become lighter again as you overcome these things and experience peace and calm once again. Your mind tells you to leave, but your heart wants to stay, as irrational as that may be. Please help us improve. Your intelligence and creativity will shine through no matter what you are working on. The attributes of a solar plexus generated yellow aura reflect wisdom, hope, joy, and enthusiasm. How Do You Know if You Have a Yellow Aura? Yellow Aura: What are Yellow Auras and what does it mean to have Yellow as one of the dominant colors of the Aura?

However, your aura can change as you change. Reiki for Holistic Health distinguishes various values of yellow with specific meanings. The general view of light and dark is an association with good and evil. The person with a yellow aura doesn’t stay in five-star hotels. Learning to see Auras is easy, understanding and interpreting what you see is a bit more complex. You don’t feel lonely even when you’re alone. You’re an intelligent person who thrives in their workplace. Reading auras is a process that can be very personal since many factors go into an interpretation. Yellow Aura Meaning. You are free to do whatever you want without being weighed down by guilt or shame. For some, this can even lead to an auric halo – though this is rare. Ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not consume excessive amounts of refined sugar to keep the yellow energy under control. If you live deep in the city, take a few days off and spend some time with nature. YELLOW AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to the spleen and life energy. In her book, The Book of Chakra Healing, Liz Simpson explains the sun is a metaphor for the powerhouse of the solar plexus core. Similar to the presence of bright yellow energy, a blocked Manipura could indicate a person is feeling depressed, anxious, bitter or conflicted.

Some of the most common personality traits of those with a yellow aura: There is a common belief that “opposites attract” when it comes to relationships – both romantic and platonic alike. You’re very good at what you do. This can both bea good thing and a bad thing in your relationship. Instead, that energy remains funneled in the creative process. See Also: Meditation Journal: The Life Changing Guide To Keeping One!

The Aura colors that surround an individual reflect their personality and point to their future destiny.

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