why men give silent treatment after a breakup

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It would be the best revenge if you end up being a better person after the breakup and silent treatment is the first step to it. ( Log Out /  Thanks! However, it doesn’t need to be the end of the world, especially if you employ a few coping mechanisms to help you through what could be considered a very upsetting time in your life. I texted him again on wednesday, which he replied to 1.5 hours later. ( Log Out /  I had to tell him i was not going to talk to him anymore due to constant hot and cold behaviour and attitude coming from him. Didn’t beg for him back.

Your course of action depends on whether or not you want to make up. Why Men Give Silent Treatment After Breakup (And How To Deal With It), powerful yet discreet background checker tool. If it’s one thing your friends understand, it’s how frustrating men can be. He may look like a monster in your eyes for suddenly giving you silent treatment after all those happy moments you shared, but he might actually be doing it for your own good. He still cares, but his attitude probably won’t change soon. How To Punish Your Boyfriend Sexually (17 Kinky Ways), Why Do Guys Press Their Boners Against You? The silent treatment should be reserved for an ex and not for those in a committed relationship. The relationship ended and this guy simply doesn’t want you in his life anymore. He knows that he misses you terribly and might not be able to handle remaining in the same space with you so he chose to keep a distance. Either way, this guide suggests some of the most common reasons. You just need to assess the situation and ask yourself why you want to keep in touch with him. So, what can you use this power for, you ask?

You are constantly sending long texts pouring out your emotions even though you don’t hear a peep from the guy! Is your ex giving you the silent treatment? When that identity is threatened from a breakup, they feel a sense of urgency to immediately go back to what is comfortable. If you’ve recently parted ways with your man and he has been giving you the cold shoulder since then, it could be due to any of the following reasons. In the end, you gained power by using the No Contact Rule. If you regret your mistake and want to give your relationship a second chance, you’ll need to have a game plan to apologize and show him how much you actually care about him. She sent me the sweetest Christmas card saying how happy she was to have such a wonderful girl in his life. They preface the No Contact Rule with statements like, “I think we need 30 days to reevaluate our relationship”. If this sounds like your ex, then he may just be too proud to admit he misses you. however we have a HOLIDAY BOOKED in the next 5 1/2 weeks… how does the no contact rule work… if he messages me Do I reply and let him know I think we need time right now… and still do no contact or what…. Silence. After 10 days of no contact, he called me in the middle of the night, saying that he wants to get back together because he can’t think of a life without me and he cried, told me he missed me; however the next morning he says he is not sure about his feelings and needs time.

I love the journey more than the destination and the adventure that comes along with it. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links. We did have to speak while he moved out but I avoided seeing him in person. If you were the one who messed up or broke up, he could be giving you silent treatment to get back at you. The silent treatment might feel cruel in a breakup, however, what no one tells you is that - more often than not - it's exactly what a breakup needs. This is more likely if you broke up with him. I am exactly 1 week into NC and it is just the hardest thing I’ve ever done.. I was floored and desperate and I kept asking for answers.

told. This might not be ideal for you, especially if you thought you might rekindle your relationship; however, you’ve got to take his feelings into consideration and if he wants to move on, you need to let him go. Your email address will not be published. If you want him back then reach out but I would look at the situation that he is just being very selfish. I heard that he met this girl at the bar on saturday night.

He wants to eliminate that hope but not because he’s a bad person but because he cares about you and doesn’t want to hurt you. As, without the silent treatment, it just feels too like you’re back together which could be heart-breaking for him. Now I’m going to the gym a lot and I’m seeing a therapist to feel better about myself. It doesn’t mean he’s indifferent; just the opposite. Recently, I discovered this powerful yet discreet background checker tool online. I need to get this person back!”. So, they talk and talk and talk to win their ex back. It is the best way to convey that it is the end and nothing more remains unsaid.

Even though you left things on friendly terms and you agreed to stay in touch, your ex is nowhere to be found.

All too often, when we contact an ex, it’s because we want to get back together with that ex. It over. We met up and it was really lovely. Why is this time out or silent time so important after a breakup? I've been working on myself and I'm doing great. Your silent treatment after a breakup will make him wonder what’s wrong and even make him come back to you with an apology. You may itch to respond to that text sitting in your phone but the agony of waiting for a reply is worse. That’s the best way to show him what he’s missing. Kate August 12th, 2020 . Change ). I mean, is it really so necessary? I was curious to hear what behaviors people engaged in after a breakup and how their exes were responding. Required fields are marked *. Silence was not a strategy commonly used. As, although you miss that past relationship, you now know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In this situation, your mind will start running wild. You and your boyfriend broke up. It was supposed to be casual, but we were really into each other. Just remember, even though you’re ready to be friends, he might not be quite there yet – so don’t force it! It’s no news that a lot of people keep falling in and out of bad relationships because they simply refuse to set boundaries after a breakup. He has not contacted me. Out of sight, out of mind works best for breakups and when you choose not to correspond with him, you choose to move on and live happier.

Now What. The silent treatment after the breakup will cease negative communication and even allow you to pick up at a later stage, if you really choose to do so. pretty much only he and i use. Does butt dialing your ex during NC mean you have to restart if you don’t reply to them when they reach out afterwards? Understanding men is never easy but there several reasons why men give silent treatment after a breakup. Life is full of both successes and failure for everyone. I texted back, and he replied the next day again. He’s obviously a jerk who’s done with your relationship and doesn’t even have the courtesy to let you know what’s up.

When you walk away without bothering to justify yourself to him and his group, you walk away with dignity and respect. Who knows, your friends might even have someone new and exciting to introduce you too! This is nothing strange and it’s not a cause for alarm. Here are 10 reasons why silent treatment is the best revenge after your breakup –. Rather, we’re advising you to download a few apps and have some fun. Some end really badly and people leave feeling resentful. I told him to take a few days to think about it, if he truly wants to break up for good. But that doesn’t happen.

True, you might not be ready to go out on a date with one of these men, but there’s absolutely no harm in chatting with a few men to get you over the fact you’re missing your old boyfriend. If you’ve spent a lot of time wondering about why he isn’t picking your calls or showing up to events that you used to go on with your group of friends, don’t be too hard on yourself. Was I too harsh on him and blocked our chances together in our last conversation ?

Hi, I’ve been in no-contact for 3 months. We held each other and it was clear and said by both of us that clearly there’s something between us. She yelled at me and blamed me for things she did and said. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He said he was going to make me fall in love and he did. Maybe there is something you can improve upon. If you want to stay in touch with this kind of man, you’ll have to give him plenty of time. What should I do next and why is he so confused about this ? Suggested read: 13 sure signs you are ready for a serious relationship.

In the first example, I explained why talking a lot to an ex is a mistake, because often it makes you appear narcissistic or like a fool. Should I also ignore his friends and family during no contact? However, before these reasons are revealed, I want to share an exciting story with you. Here’s what could be going on in his head.

For now, just give him the space and the time he needs to get over whatever hurt he is feeling. Why Men Give the Silent Treatment after a Breakup.

Of course, not every breakup is a simple one. But they are by no means an excuse for the way your partner is behaving. By giving your ex the silent treatment you choose to look beyond the hate and learn to heal yourself and be happy.

Hi Daniela, it sounds that he is afraid of getting into anything real or serious, so I would NC for 30 days and spend that time working on the information about being Ungettable, using social media to show how happy and great you are doing with life right now. This year, I decided to take a poll to see how people were responding to their recent breakup. Ten years of friendship and he is giving me the silent treatment.

My ex and I were together for 2 years planning to get engaged and married.

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