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One day, I opened the Bible, and turned to Matthew 16, trying to find from the context the prerequisite and background for the Lord Jesus’ giving Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Although I know from theory that they are trials and refinements from God, which are good environments for me, I’m still afraid of them a lot. This point can also be seen from the fact of God’s work—People who gain the approval of God are the ones who have experienced trials and refinements, such as Abraham. God sees into the depths of mankind’s hearts and He arranges trials and refinements in order to purify our improper motivations and desires. Home Sermons Spiritual Growth Faith What Faith Can Do.

It’s just as what God says: “When people’s lives are easy, and there is no suffering in their environment, they are incapable of experiencing. Only by experiencing trials and refinements can our sins be cleansed. In all that I do I only seek to satisfy God’s desire, and whether I am chastised, or judged, still I am happy to do so.’ Peter gave his all to God, and his work, words, and entire life were all for the sake of loving God.

Learn From the Story of Job, Gospel Reflection on the Lord Jesus’ Appearance to Thomas the Apostle. What Is the Meaning of Christ? FAITH CAN SOLVE IMPOSSIBLE PROBLEMS III. These are inextricable. There are 21542 characters in the full content. What should we learn from Thomas the apostle? When he suffered great pain from the sore boils all over his body, his wife told him to forsake God and betray God, but instead of doing that, Job said to his wife, “Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” (Job 2:10). Zheng Xun: Thank God! But if one day, trials come, for example, we are persecuted by our unbelieving families, have frustrations at work, problems in life or pains from disease, or are slandered and ejected by others, then we will have misunderstandings and complaints to God. It can be seen through God’s words that the purpose of God’s trials and refinements is to change and purify man, so that man can be gained and become the people of God’s kingdom. In my work and life, whenever encountering untoward things that harm my reputation and my interest, or suffering illness and tribulations, though I won’t say anything, I will still misunderstand and blame God in my heart, just unable to obey. Meanwhile, we will feel that we are unable to overcome the many problems we encounter if we go away from God. I felt that the prospects of my faith in God were bleak, thinking: If only I could see the Lord Jesus and ask Him about that. Thus, from Jesus he learned many lessons that he was supposed to learn, and by the time Jesus was about to be nailed to the cross, he had gained some knowledge of Jesus—a knowledge which was the basis of his lifelong loyalty to Jesus, and of his crucifixion upside down for the sake of Jesus.” “Though there were three times when Peter denied knowing Christ, and though he tempted the Lord Jesus, such slight human weakness bore no relation to his nature, and did not affect his future pursuit, and cannot sufficiently prove that his temptation was an act of antichrist. (5 of 15), How to Stay Together While the World Falls Apart, CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Only this can be called true love and faith.” From these words, we see that true faith is the belief that we should possess when God’s work is not in accordance with our notions.

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