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Hey I am a year 13 student and considering waiparuru hall like you. Best of luck tho, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the universityofauckland community, Continue browsing in r/universityofauckland. Share on Reddit; Share on Linked In; Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed many students will be able to borrow $1000 more on their student loan to tide them over until firmer decisions about tertiary education are made.
I always try my best to read and reply to all my comments, so ask away . Mainly noodles or rice dishes sometimes fried things w sauce, I don’t go to the salad bar a lot but there is a good range, if you’re after healthy food then earths kitchen is probably the way to go, but once you get to the dining room you can just do a lap and see what’s most appetising.

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Waipārūrū Hall; Student type: First-year high school leavers: Total students: 786: Catering: Fully catered residence; Vegetarian and Halal options available; A choice of meal options from multiple food stations at each service, catering to a range of diets and serving a variety of food from different cuisines. Nice neighborhood, Grafton: furtherest away from the city campus, looks nice, heard good things about it. But it won't be all play at the hall, with drinking banned from Sunday to Wednesday. Facilities include a wireless e-library, a study pod on each of the 13 floors - all equipped with an internet connection, a large TV and a games room. share.

Hi Jayden, By no means do you need to have taken physics before at high school, we start from scratch! Leave this field blank.
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Chris Haines, director of RLB Auckland predicted more interest from Australian and Chinese companies in large projects worth more than $100 million. In Auckland, new long-term cranes were observed at Waiparuru Hall at the University of Auckland, Crest Apartments Grey Lynn, developer Ted Manson's Foundation Glen Eden Apartments, Lynfield Residential, Lakewood Plaza Manukau apartments, Library 27 apartments, The International, Mills Lane, Auckland Museum, City Rail Link, 4 Points Sheraton Hotel, Ryman Browns Bay Aged Care Apartments, ONE55 office, Wynyard Common Pump Station, Les Mills Carpark Building, Maritime Apartments, Mount Eden Prison, Sylvia Park Carpark, Industrial buildings at Wiri and Three Kings apartments. Just because you’re aiming to apply for one of the many clinical programmes like med, pharm and optom or you really just want to ace all your papers, doesn’t mean you have to devote all your time to study…or stress yourself out about tests and exams…and just generally have no chill. Whereas at Uni in my biomed papers, I’ve noticed that the finer details are a lot more important.

The problem is having the motivation to get up and get yourself to the lecture on time (especially when you know that they will all be recorded and posted online). Thanks for the info! I’ve gotten excellence endorsement every year, but I just feel ‘stupid’ I guess, even though I am passionate about science. The increase to the student loan amount available is part of a wider support package for tertiary students who may be struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. "It is all part of striking a work-life balance which will help them succeed in the outside world.".

I failed physics scholarship but it was still a good learning experience!

Hey Rachel, thank you!!

Did you ever have these kinds of doubts?

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