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Barrett VW   - detailed professional photos added, Burling Instruments Quartz Rod Controller, Cartland Engines - Rotary Vane, Green, Briggs and Stratton Conversion, Launch Engine and Boiler, and Whizzer Moped, Factory SV Boiler - traditional fire tube Stanley boiler, Ford Model "A" Modification New detailed professional photos added, Gibbs-Cartland Mustang Engine  -  New detailed professional photos added, Graeme Vagg Rotary Valve Engine - New photo added, Hughes Engine - and Mono-Tube Boiler - detailed professional photos added, Jones Engines - Outboard Motor and the "Thing" - detailed professional photos added, Kaiser-Besler Engine New detailed professional photos added, Keen Engine - Boiler, Engine, and the Steamliner No.2, Kimmel Dune Buggy - Wood-fired Fieldtube Boiler - Strath Steam V-2 - First, Second and Third Versions, Leslie Engine New detailed professional photos added, Locomobile Engine - Castings - and Patterns, Mobile Steam Society (MSS)-VW Conversion Engine and Mark II Boiler, Mounster 2x2x2 Steam Engine Wally Mounster Heads - For Sale New detailed professional photos added, Ofeldt Boilers - and one made for Tony Grzyg, Palmer Steam Bicycle with Roberts Style Boiler, Red Solid Fuel Monotube Boiler - Now, the Rest of the Story, Stanley 20hp Piston Block - For Sale, New, Steam Engine Systems Corporation Test Engine, Steam Troll prototype - Bill Blake Product Brochure added with Specifications, Strath Steam - Freedom V-2 Steam Engine (New Piston Valve Engine), Piston Valve, and Yarra Engine, Tangeman Steam Collection - Small Launch, V-2 Frostline, Carbon "D" Valve, (More precise information) Fill out the registration form with YOUR INTERESTS, your REAL NAME (seen only by moderators) and your CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, NO ZIP CODES! And, there are still more to come. Give us a call on +44 01308 456 859 and we'll see if we can help. SMOKSTAK® is a Registered Trade Mark in the U.S.

"A Community of Antique Engine Enthusiasts." Stuart Engine Steam Plants.

Can't find what you're looking for? Tom has collected steam engines, vehicles and their parts. JavaScript is disabled. The diesel engine and the petrol engine is the common example of an internal combustion engine. 1 3/8″ dia fly wheel for the Twin cylinder engine. Nowadays it is replaced by an internal combustion engine. Tom has collected steam engines, vehicles and their parts. After Tom's Collection below, we have added steam engines, boilers, steam vehicles and such that belong to others in an attempt to give the researcher a complete as possible look into steam. Almost 150 entries so far just in Tom's Steam Collection with just under 50 entries of those that belong to "Others". The Grove Mill Steam Plants. DAKE ENGINE CO. SQUARE PISTON 3 ORIG. Steam Engines, Cars, Boilers and Parts . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Tony Green Steam Models : - Sundries & Consumables Marine Engines Hornby Rocket & Spares Spares & Parts Unit Steam Engines Dynamos Burners Loco Steam Engines Accessories WHEELS & TYRES Pressure Gauges & Boiler Fittings Mamod Wilsco Models Second Hand Models MODEL BOAT KITS SCALE SHIP & BOAT PLANS ( prices does not include p&p) WHITE METAL CASTINGS Gas Tanks and … Building and painting your model is a significant accomplishment, a source of pride for years to come. , Brass K&S Tube Metric THIN WALL 0.225mm wall, SigmaBronze 7 (LG2 Gunmetal) bronze rounds. Each engine, boiler, vehicle or part comes with a discription and possibly other pieces of materials or links to give you as much information as possible. Check out Tom's huge Steam Library as well. we still have parts available for most of our engines... even from the 1930's. 4 Wanted. For convenient shopping and everyday savings, make a part of your life today! Trademark Office. We will be attempting to put photos of all of his collection on this page. Each engine, boiler, vehicle or part comes with a discription and possibly other pieces of materials or links to give you as much information as possible. Steam engines are widely used on ships and in railways in old days at present … Spare Parts. You are using an out of date browser. Most models may be purchased over a fixed period of time with kits arriving at regular intervals to enable the customer to 'build as he/she buys'.

Join us!. BOOKS, Stuart #1 with reverse, boiler, and feed pump. All Steam Traction World parts supplied are fully machined ready for assembly after final de-burring, sanding and paint. You must log in or register or subscribe to post here. it's missing a few parts!Or has it been passed down for generations and now the "kid" has grown up and you want to, "fire her up again! Please come back as we keep adding more pieces.

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