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Content posted by community members is their own. There is a good blog article about - I just don't remember where exactly but somebody will know, that sets out the whys and wherefors of natural cultures.

The others have all barely gotten to the top of the tin and had a moist, cakey texture. At room temperature (75°-77°) it might rise 25-30% After 12 hours. Next time if to make a shallow slice on the top of the dough, it shouldn’t crack (split) like the one in your image.

Generally it's necessary to give your starter a few revival feedings at room temperature after it's been stored in the refrigerator ​in order to restore its normal activity level and aroma in preparation for baking bread. In my experience, the rise time is based on temperature, ingredients, feeding frequencies, type of flour & the quantity of flour used. In my journey to become a confident sourdough baker, I have used many different resources. I also like Trader Joe’s all-purpose flour for feedings. If your starter smells really acidic or like alcohol, this is a sign that it is needing more food and getting too hungry before you feed it. See more on transitioning to different flour types below. I am not following specific time but feeding it when i feel that it’s beginning to fall after reaching its peak.  You can’t rush it.

( It's 11: 50 am . ) The biggest thing to keep in mind with your starter is that every single one is individual. I recommend this basic scale, but any accurate scale with 1-gram increments will work. You also have the option to refrigerate your mature starter when you're not baking with it. Thank you! If it sluggish, wait and give it more time. I fed it at 9: 00 am but , it already doubled at 11:00 am and keep growing until now . A typical feeding for our smaller starter is 20g starter + 20g water + 20g flour, and it will fit nicely in an 8-ounce wide mouth canning jar. Novice and experienced bakers alike worry about the viability of their starters and call us for sourdough starter troubleshooting advice. Whole grain flours contain the germ and endosperm, which become rancid if stored for extended periods at room temperature. As with all relationships however, there lies a bit of uncertainty. Younger starters will have a more delicate, sweet flavor. If you'd like to continue on with the starter you have going, Wink​​ also suggested to us a modification of our starter routine for those who experience the lull in rising, which will also increase the acidity of the starter environment. Thinking I will start with waffles or pancakes before I try bread, but curious if high viscosity is a problem when is comes to baking/ if I am doing something wrong?

Remember that. This is THE hardest tip to follow. Many people are creating sourdough starters and exploring sourdough bread baking for the first time. Another makeshift proofing box option is to use your microwave; just place the starter inside (turned off) with the light on. I fed it at 9: 00 am but , it already doubled at 11:00 am and keep growing until now .

Here is some pictures. I scale down my starter when I’m not baking bread and scale it up during the previous night’s feeding (same ratios, just larger quantities) when I plan on making sourdough bread the next morning. Thankfully, it's quite possible to bake great sourdough bread while still being a little fuzzy when it comes to what’s actually happening in that little jar of starter. Volume measurements are wildly inaccurate (be sure to learn how to measure flour!) Pictures can be extremely helpful. My starter was doing great and doubling and even tripling a couple of days ago. You can try increasing the frequency you feed your starter, or give it a larger quantity of food. Change your flour brand and try again. Hi there I'm on my 4th day of making sourdough starter.

It will strengthen over time. —Emilie, Your email address will not be published. How do I know if my sourdough starter is bad? What doe. This is a good indicator that it is strong enough to raise bread. When summer rolls around, get used to seeing fruit files because they LOVE sourdough starters. If you want to bake gluten free sourdough you’ll need a gluten free starter.

I think you should bake with the discard once it has matured fully but try doing a hybrid bread by adding into the dough a pinch or two of dried yeast. Basically everything happens really fast. It is possible that your bread has tasted floury because you incorporated so much new flour into the dough and it wasn't properly developed. The first wasn’t very active and wouldn’t float, and the second just became completely inactive after around day 4. I’m in FL, Hi Laura,

Sourdough is all an act of patience. It's definitely time to throw it out and start over. Q: My starter was really active on day 2 and 3, and then there was zero activity. Hi Molly, I wouldn't recommend using anything that has blue/gree mold growing on it, although I'm a little confused by what you mean by "proof."  All started promisingly with some bubbles and a bit of a nice yeasty smell but that stopped. To cut through the noise with reliable results, feed your starter with the same flour that’s in the jar. Did I kill my starter? If you’re still stumped, please be patient and continue to feed your starter until it bubbles and doubles in size.

What is happening? Most non-organic U.S. flours, including my preferred brand King Arthur Flour, are enriched with vitamins and minerals including iron, folic acid and other vitamins. On moving back to 24hrs feed on day 6, i could finally see the bubbles again and the starter rising by 25% of its mark. But there was a long period of disuse and I couldn't revive it, or was too impatient.I still have not gotten the hang of a flour & water starter as compared to the grape one. Also don't forget to protect the loaf from drying by keeping the humidity up inside a container or plastic bag. It has lots of small bubbles and foam on top. Thank you very much for the advice.

Yes. Yes, my starter maintenance preference is to ALWAYS feed your starter when it reaches peak activity (not some arbitrary schedule) – this will lend itself to maintaining a very healthy, strong starter. My… by Molly (not verified). Try to feed with warmer water. Is the idea that every time I feed I throw out half, and then if what’s left is, for example, 172g starter, I’ll add 172g flour and 172g water? Is it ready to bake with?

The 6 to 10 days it takes to create a healthy and mature sourdough starter from scratch requires slightly more attention to "death threats," because a fledgling starter hasn't yet developed the defenses that characterize a mature starter. I always make 3 cuts in a loaf like this. And it takes a perfect storm of variables (food, temperature, and water) to populate its growth. I am having a problem figuring out when my sourdough is ready. I have the exact same problem. Again, I wouldn't recommend using it, but the fact that it's growing mold in such a short time seems a bit worrisome. The popularity of baking sourdough bread is growing bigger each and every day. Hi Laura, You mentioned don’t feed it before or after the rise? The pineapple juice temporarily makes the new starter acidic. It is definitely not pour-able, I have to spoon it out of the jar.  All the photos I see of starters have a nice batch of starter at the bottom of a very clean glass jar. I had a similar starter years ago and I messed it up  One more thing, your flour could be too diastaic or it could have too much damaged starch. Again, every baker has a different method, but following a 1:1:1 ratio by weight will get you reliable results. Hi Hannah, you're very welcome! As I’ve mentioned, it usually takes up to 2 weeks for the starter to become reliably active and produce decent activity. read more, Mom and I are having a mild argument. Once this has matured take off 40g starter (keep it till the next feed) and feed the remaining 20g starter like so... And so on. Or should I proof it in the fridge with a few hours out in the end for it to rise? Your email address will not be published.

I've had bread that was completely (over) fermented during the time it took to knead it. HELP PLEASE! This is less of a deal-breaker for creating a starter, but absolutely vital for sourdough bread baking. But post day 7 it is but still hasn’t passed the float test. It's definitely time to throw it out and start over. I love baking overnight but in winter my house is a little bit cold. A starter is not just this “thing” you create and walk away from forever. If you wanted to a do a "smaller starter" version of this feeding routine it might look like: 30g starter + 15g water + 15g wholegrain flour.

My starter rises (doubling in 10 hrs or so), but there are hardly any bubbles to be seen, and they’re really tiny. It is common for a sourdough starter to have a surge in activity those first few days and then die down. I recommend reading this troubleshooting post and watching my full Youtube video for visuals to maybe given an indication of where things might have gone wrong.  But my question is about whether I should be cleaning my jar at the feedings. Members with 50+ points can Swap Starters, Members with 100+ points receive a free ebook, Members with 1000+ points receive a free banneton. That being said, too much time in the freezer will definitely damage some of the wild yeast in your starter, and is also likely to kill off some of the friendly bacteria that contribute flavor. Discard is required to maintain a healthy sourdough starter. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my other sourdough bread baking resources: Hi! Hi I am having a problem figuring out when my sourdough is ready. What do I do? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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