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Using this choke I have harvested multiple turkey, and 2 that were in excess of 50 yards. Both shot options offer a decided performance advantage over what their predecessors had at their disposal years ago. The testing for these loads showed that a #9 or 9.5 TSS pellet carried the same punch as a #5 or #6 lead pellet. It is important for us to be ethical when it comes to hunting and making sure we take shots inside the range of the gun is a big part of that. This optic features a 3mm MOA red dot, and like many Bushnell products, it is built to take the rigors of a turkey hunt. If you ask Toxey Haas, the founder of Mossy Oak, he will tell you without hesitation that his initial Bottomland camo design was specifically designed to get him closer to critters and not to see how far away he could lob a shot at them. The gun weighs in a 6.5 pounds, so it’s an easy carry in the turkey woods. Shop Now.

Prices Listed are M.S.R.P. The duck opener can be a very hectic and stressful time for a lot of public land hunters. Barrels . and are a guide to the price you may expect to be charged locally for those products. For the Hevi-Shot enthusiasts, it should be noted that the company makes a great .410 turkey load called Hevi-X Strut. The guns and optics listed above are specifically designed as “turkey models” or deemed perfect for turkey hunting by the manufacturer, but there are other options that you might want to consider when making the .410 your gun of choice. Stream on your computer, smartphone or smartTV. Eye relief on this scope is between 3.54” and 4.”. The elegant simplicity and light handling of the single-shot reaches its pinnacle with the Rossi break-action. Vortex Optics Venom. The scope uses the Weaver mount system that most shotguns readily accept. Youngsters want to have everything you have, so I always make sure I have a gun that will fit them. Your first thought is probably, “What are they thinking? The TRS-25 easily mounts on either a Weaver or Picatinny mount system and is fully adjustable for both elevation and windage. Privacy disclaimer: Rossi does not voluntarily share, sell or reveal customer information. Get Mr. Tom in range and enjoy the thrill that turkey hunting up close can provide. 2. So get yourself one of these little guns and get started on that .410 Grand Slam. For many hunters, Halloween, as well as the days surrounding this holiday, are not only for spooky movies and trick-or-treating; it is also a time when hunting is at its best. But it is important to get a real handle on the capabilities of the little gun when it comes taking a shot at a distance. Jeb’s Head Hunter Turkey Choke Jeb’s Choke Tubes has introduced a turkey choke for the .410 following a very successful launch of … 2020 © Braztech International, LC Rossi and Amadeo Rossi are registered marks of Braztech International, LC It is hammer driven and features manual safety located on the receiver of the gun. When they spot something unnatural in the place where they feed, travel and/or water, they’ll veer away from that unnatural object. Carlson is one of only a few companies that makes different choke tubes for specific ammunition. I guess it’s a product companies trying to be the best of the best, and they have done a phenomenal job of developing remarkable products. Shop Now. The vent rib barrel is factory fitted with a XX-Full Turkey Choke and adjustable fiber optic Ghost Ring optics for precision sighting.

Today, the company manufactures its Black Diamond custom choke in .410 for a variety of different turkey guns. Now, this isn’t an issue with the .410, but the tubes are designed the same way through the spectrum of gauges. The Kaspa line 1X-4X-24 model comes finished in Mossy Oak Obsession camo and features the unique Weaver VZT reticle. Local outdoor organizations may rally round a person with a disability to help raise money to purchase adaptive equipment. This little gun features a 26-inch barrel with a Beretta/Benelli Mobil turkey choke tube and a fiber optic sight. Make no mistake, the “in your face” experience with a gobbler is much more exciting than taking that long 50/50 shot. This shotgun is actually more akin in design to a handgun than a long gun, but in hand and with the right optics, it is a .410 shotgun with an effective range out to 40 yards. Since most turkey hunters strive to get a gobbler as close to the gun as possible, some .410 purists opt to use an over and under .410 model fitted with a more open choke for very close encounters with Mr. Tom and a conventional turkey choke for shots 25 or more yards away. And back then, most turkey hunters wouldn’t think of taking anything afield but a 10 or 12-gauge shotgun. In today’s turkey gun market, the little .410 has taken a seat on the front row when it comes to a turkey hunter’s bucket list, and the gun manufacturers have responded by introducing a number of new and exciting .410 models specifically make for turkey hunting. Jeb’s Choke Tubes has introduced a turkey choke for the .410 following a very successful launch of their 12 and 20-gauge Head Hunter models some years ago. Shop Now. Products may vary from those depicted, and Rossi reserve the right to modify, change or discontinue product, pricing or features at any time without prior notice.

The Venom features a 3mm MOA bright red dot that is adjustable for brightness.

Online Store . The SA-410 weighs in at 6.5 pounds, has a 13.75” length of pull and features a 4+1 magazine chambered for 3” ammo. I caught my biggest bass of 7 pounds, 12 ounces, by using my Humminbird Mega 360 feature on my depth finder. Like Mossy Oak, Tristar is a major sponsor of the NWTF, and in 2019 the company introduced the TriStar NWTF G2 .410 semi-auto in Mossy Oak Obsession. Apparel . Shop Now. Prices Listed are M.S.R.P. Because of the interchangeable choke system, this little gun could double as a great early season dove gun when fitted with a more open choke. If it"s any help the same wrench and choke tube from the Thomson .45/.410 barrels will fit the H&R barrels. Being a fan of single shot rifles and shotguns, a few years ago I purchased a Rossi 12 gauge to accompany me in the Turkey woods, that was equipped with this choke. | Return Policy, Works only with Turkey Gun - Item No S121240ST. I break down adaptive equipment into three categories: equipment originally designed for able-bodied people but that can be used by people with disabilities, equipment specifically designed for people with physical disabilities, and equipment or modifications of equipment people build in their garages and workshops.

Magazines . CUSTOMER CARE 229-210-2727 or 800-948-8029.

We will periodically send an e-mail to our customers advising them of new products. As a result, many hunters choose to top their .410 turkey gun with a more sophisticated optic than plain open or fiber optic sights.

Most hunters will have better success with some form of optics system to aim through, as a single bead or open rifle sights can be tough to put in the right spot on a gobbler if he is hung up at 40 yards and will not come closer. These ovals also help you determine the distance to the target since at 20 and 40 yards, the turkey’s head is centered in either the large or small vertical oval. Before I got totally involved in the outdoors, the outdoors appeared to be a very scary place to me for people with disabilities. They recently introduced the Carlson TSS Turkey Choke in 12, 20 and .410 gauges. That said, it really is important to understand the ballistics capability of the .410 shotgun. It provides a consistent pattern at extended range, and has surpassed my expectation. Muzzleloader . | FAQ For many years, Indian Creek choke tubes were the talk of the turkey hunting world. | Shipping Information | Legal Notice | Return Policy, Works only with Turkey Gun - Item No S121240ST. This custom-made turkey gun takes four to six weeks to produce once ordered and is priced at $1,348.00 before options.

Any time you see Federal Ammunition come out with a new specialty load like the Heavyweight TSS in .410, you can bet that Savage Arms is going to come up with a shotgun to handle the new load. 1. Watch Now at Most outdoor mentors and their students now understand that a few minutes of casual skeet shooting without hearing protection is a serious – potentially life altering – mistake. Let’s face it, facts are facts, the TSS pellets are 22% more dense than tungsten and 56% more dense than lead. Every Kauger Arms firearm is made to order in the Hazlehurst, Georgia. Suggested MSRP is $199.00. The TSS manufacturers will tell you that their advantage over lead and the heavier-than-lead tungsten with this data is that they could put many, many more #9 or #9.5 pellets in a .410 hull than their competition could with the larger shot sizes. | About I've got a .45/.410 suvivor whenever you shoot ANY solid shot (.410 slugs, or .45 colt ) remove the choke. This gives hunters who choose to use a more open choke for their turkey hunting location a variety of options.

During the early season, I almost always will wear Mossy Oak Obsession, because there is a lot of green in the part of Georgia where I hunt. When it comes to the .410, the new loads of choice all feature pellets that are noticeably heavier than lead. In this Santee Cooper tournament, I ran up the river and fished channel swings and current breaks with three or four types of lures. Remember, doves have very-good eyesight. Bushnell makes a number of different red dot sights, but for the turkey hunter, the most popular is the TRS-25. The guy features a vent rib, fiber optic front sight and is compatible with Beretta/Benelli Mobil choke thread patterns. The good news is that the .410 is now a more viable option for turkey hunters than ever before. Savage/Stevens has brought a shotgun to market that is going to create some interest on several fronts - the new Stevens 301 Turkey. This information is for our records only.

Make no mistake, the .410 shotgun is not the same as a 12-gauge at distances beyond 40 yards. You will find that these new loads are quite a bit more expensive than lead ammunition, but when all the beans are counted, you can bet that your ammunition will be the least expensive part of your turkey hunt.

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