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Jethro Tull- the second member of the "unholy trinity" of prog, after Genesis. ___________ I think it took Black Sabbath about 9 years from their first nomination to be Inducted. I have nothing else to add so definitely deserving! Posted by RG on Sunday, 11.1.20 @ 16:50pm. Should get in; Will get in. I am going to guess that the committee gives a few earlier acts another shot first. Supertramp Big Brother & The Holding Company Pat Benatar Posted by The Dude on Friday, 10.23.20 @ 08:31am, Nobody seems to mind. I also omitted Foo Fighters on purpose. This might open the door for acts like Blue Oyster Cult or Foghat (if you really wanna delve that deep, but I think BOC is a victim of only getting "Don't Fear the Reaper" on the radio when their catalog is SO much deeper and different sounding than just the cowbell). border-bottom: solid 1px #9A9A9A; Steve Winwood 2017: Richie, Ben, Will N., K-DAWG, KING, RG, The Dude, Philip and others, Mariah Carey-Part of me thinks the Hall might make her wait a year or two, but with Janet and Whitney going back to back, there's definitely a shot of Ms. Carey getting her due ahead of a couple other worthy female pop acts who predate her King Crimson (more prog, Lake is dead) Posted by Garrus on Sunday, 10.11.20 @ 20:50pm. NONPERFORMER Therefore, here is my (recently modified) preliminary list of the 2021 nominees: Most Chuck Berry: Dire Straits I guess we try not to think too pedestrian and not too corrupt like Rock Hall members. Not expecting to happen this year, but if the Rock Hall and the Nom Com actually listens to their consumers for what they want and nominate Mötley Crue, then they need to apologize for rigging the kiosk. Ahh Bus Rider. When they failed to be Nominated I guess it made us rethink about them. ———————————————————————————————————-——————— Want list 18. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum first said this back in July, but then backtracked. Gram/Emmylou 3. Beastie Boys (20, 24) 23.- Scorpions -(My Dark Horse.. not in my Top Nominee list, but I would not rule them out. Procol Harum- because one nomination is certainly not enough. Richie, Ben, Will N., K-DAWG, KING, RG, The Dude and others, Rage Against the Machine The Eurythmics: Many are picking Duran Duran and that wouldn't surprise me at all.

If George Thorogood were ever to be inducted, I'd absolutely hope that the Destroyers are included - namely Jeff Simon, Billy Blough, and Hank Carter, at the very least. Follower, Posted by Keith on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 15:59pm Sade- Two of their albums are on the RS Top 500 Albums list, plus aren't we tired of constantly nominating Rufus with Chaka Khan to no avail? I think they all have a shot at returning, with Benatar and DMB coming in as the big ones, in my opinion. 21. Yes ((in, inducted in 2017 by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, holy trinity of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues) member)). They were defining to the 80's hair metal scene they had some critical acclaim & influenced a number of acts of the same genre but I can't ranked them higher because they defined the genre which is brought back by Steel Panther & made it look like a joke plus they were not as successful in the 90s due to Grunge taking over mainstream. 12. Johnny Cash Here my predications for next year Nominees of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame It will make the Irish fans very happy, since they are an influential group. It will make the Irish fans very happy, plus add more diversity. The B52s-They've picked up a lot of steam in conversations, and they are an appealing band to a huge number of different groups No, then induct them. Their songs are played to death on terrestrial radio, but their career mirrors Journey, and they got in first time they were nommed. All currently eligible artists are listed here.Artists aleady inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be found here. Lou Reed (12) Kate Bush

Go-Gos - yes, I've seen the documentary too. Yes, I think that the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame knows about this site. 2. margin : 0px 0px 0px 0px; Should get in; Will get in. Since the committee is meeting in February, does that mean they can nominate Slipknot? 11. 06. 06. Willie Nelson- please induct him before it's too late.

I have given reasons why I think Foreigner is actually more deserving, and the more I look back at their catalog (and I am not blind to nostalgia always being a factor for everyone), I see bands that have been inducted in the past few years (most notably Journey and Cheap Trick), who have all the same credentials that Foreigner (and Boston, for that matter), have, but they are in. 07. Whitney Houston (16, 22) Thin Lizzy I just see it often that some fans are dismissive of Foreigner, and honestly, since precedent has already been set for Journey to be in, it makes sense to put Lou Gramm and company on the spot. 4. Kate Bush

I would like add Patsy Cline & Carole King. Iron Maiden' What is their overall impact? 6.

Johnny Burnette and the Rock and Roll Trio Posted by Ben on Sunday, 10.25.20 @ 05:50am, My Predicted Nominees Kraftwerk Jethro Tull 15. Jay-Z (First Year Eligible) 09. Supertramp sold millions of albums, especially "Crime Of The Century" and "Breakfast In America." Safe bet that she will be nominated again and will do well in the fan vote. Mississippi John Hurt (early blues musician) I'm not that excited about them because I feel there are bigger snubs from the early 90s. Donna Summer (posthumously) They have a legacy of hits. So eveyone, Run-DMC (12) Greg F., Plebian and RG, They had a string of Very good 70s Rock albums with the Debut, Straight Shooter and Run with the Pack. Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin's original band, Monterey) Motörhead - I will leave this up to The Dude to explain, but Lemmy Kilmister is the key figure here. 25. That is all :), Posted by Plebian on Sunday, 10.11.20 @ 12:38pm, Forgot B-52s, they may have a chance, but have to compete with Benatar and the Go-Gos too, Posted by Plebian on Sunday, 10.11.20 @ 12:40pm, Posted by Garrus on Sunday, 10.11.20 @ 16:14pm. She absolutely should be in. Dave Matthews Band- they represent more diversity which the Rock Hall has been criticized for. Posted by Plebian on Thursday, 10.15.20 @ 18:28pm. Janet Jackson

Jan & Dean Carole King (as a solo artist) Foo Fighters John Prine-he will face a posthumous induction, unfortunately. Tina Turner - Lots of people think she should get in as a solo artist along with her existing induction and that makes a lot of sense. The Smashing Pumpkins-Now that NIN has gone in, look for them to turn to another seminal 90s act who has a huge following, and maybe this can be the motivation to reunite the original cast Other possibilities: 33.

17. Future Rock Legends predicts the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees Future Rock Legends predictions will be posted when the 2021 induction calendar becomes clearer . Garbage, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Diana Ross, Sonic Youth, Kool and the Gang, XTC, Oingo Boingo, Echo and the Bunnymen, X Ray Spex, The Slits, Suzi Quatro, Dead Boys, and Hole, Posted by Michael Mendes on Sunday, 10.25.20 @ 10:29am, Here's my predictions for the upcoming class. Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo- Do we really want to repeat last year's fiasco? It's not about the suits patting themselves on the backs, or it shouldn't be. The Go-Gos The Dave Matthews Band Their induction leads to more diversity. Most Chuck Berry: Alice Cooper The Shangri-Las/Link Wray/Procol Harum: Ruined by the Singles Category. It's absurd you're acting like that. Jethro Tull is a likely pick for the 70s classic rock pick, although that's a bit of a toss up as there are plenty of others that fit that bill too. See also, the "holy trinity" of prog. I'm thinking in a year or 2). If you want something more tame, check out his "Bonnie and Clyde 03" song he recorded with his then-fiance Beyonce. Tina Turner (solo) - She should definitely be in for her solo work; if nominated, she will get in.

Prince* Lockstep in many eyes with Depeche Mode as the most deserving and now that Depeche is in, they also should give prog fans a little jolt

Mariah Carey (Eligible Since 2015, First Nomination) 26. 09. (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues). Richie, Ben, Will N., K-DAWG, KING, RG, The Dude and others, 4. 6. Predictions for the Hall of Fame nominees. See also, the "holy trinity" of prog. A lot of tear jerking, but a lot reminiscing. ", Posted by Plebian on Tuesday, 10.6.20 @ 12:03pm. Supertramp sold millions of albums, especially "Crime Of The Century" and "Breakfast In America." -

Big Star Diana Ross Foo Fighters Procol Harum- because one nomination is certainly not enough. Main reason is they are Fan Vote winners who lost. } Rush used to tour with Thin Lizzy. The B-52s But hey she needs to be inducted solo. They also had great success with albums like Aqualung, Thick as a Brick. It will make the Irish fans very happy, since they are an influential group. Posted by anonymous on Friday, 10.9.20 @ 21:58pm. Iron Maiden 01. Ed Sullivan, Posted by Denis Q. on Friday, 10.9.20 @ 21:09pm.

14. Jan & Dean (If thats good for The Beach Boys...) Paul McCartney (5, 18, 36, 38) Well, what do you think? Dick Dale and His Del Tones (king of the surf guitar) As far as Jay Z goes, I can give you a little sampling of his stuff. Motorhead The Smiths

Induct them already. Could that have stemmed from these early postings?

I will check out the one's you guys mention in the near future. It will make the Irish fans very happy, since they are an influential group.

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