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Legend of Heroes Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. During this, the scene shifts between the cast as they all enjoy the night with their loved ones. In chapter 5, her bonding event has her collecting books for the trade conference in Crossbell. During their field study in the Nord Highlands it's revealed that Alisa had sent a letter to her grandfather Gwyn that mentions Rean. They're also seated at the bench where Rean and his chosen girl would have been at if the player chose a girl for the fireworks scene. Does that mean he's actually okay with doing it if it was just the two of them? Alisa's Bareahard Bonding Event in its entirety. She doesn't wake up so Rean just lets her sleep. Human The other characters notice her as well, but the camera has high focus on the first two. Rean's classmate and potential love interest. All in all, her performance was topnotch, clearly stating her courage to commandeer the entire ship as they search for other students at the east and intervening the regions with the entire Class VII. This is in contrast to the other Dance Events which can be either taken as platonic or where Rean is mildly oblivious at best.

Her uniform is a green blazer with a large white horizontal stripe down the middle when buttoned with a bow-tie on the collar. Going from Tio's words, there are apparently even rumors about Rean and Alisa's close relationship with another. Today we learned that Megan Taylor Harvey has good taste in ships. Occupation He also gets teased by Sharon about the matter, telling him it's only natural that he'd feel excited being hugged by someone as cute and beautiful as her.

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After finding out, Alisa quietly admits to herself that she's glad that it was Rean. Ah! Chapter 6. Badass Boast: As C, just before facing Class VII in Sachsen Iron Mine Towa then stated that he could re-enroll with his credits retained, suggesting that it would be best if she and Rean were his instructors, much to his horror. Both would then help the Class VII for rescuing the miners of the mine later on.

Elliot and Emma take the opportunity for intimacy before things get hectic as they finish the school year; Sara flirts with Rean when he returns but also makes a promise to him. to use Millium's Brave Order is to have Jusis in the party on the final day of the game. This is also my ship for Rean. Rean and Emma eventually get her to open up and she and the others become good friends.

Rean's senior and potential love interest. Alisa ends up leaving early and Emma asks Rean to keep her company.

Towa Herschel

Even, Afterwards, Alisa congratulates Rean on his graduation from Thors and with him thanking her in response. Towa is more similar to Rean than any of the other girls, and as a result she's great at spotting the problems in his way of thinking and help him overcome them and vice versa.

It took a while for them before they finally apologized to each other for that incident, despite Alisa being the one who was in the wrong. Orbal Gun She would later on personally thanked the Class VII especially Rean for their efforts on stopping the terrorist at the fortress. Please consider turning it on! Once Millium comes back and everyone can see her, everyone reacts. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who feels this way.

They responded and sought to eliminate it completely and then the Prince decided to hand over the Courageous to the Thors students.

She becomes even more annoyed when Fie states that Rean couldn't keep his eyes off Claire the entire time. Alisa quickly objects out of embarrassment, but Rean asks "In front of everyone...?" But makes note that so long as the "two of them" are together, they can overcome it. Her grandfather was a famous astronomer and also the director of the Imperial Museum at Reica District. Rean's first encounter with Altina was far from a cordial one, with the latter abducting his sister.

She was chosen with the reason that she excels well in analytics, communication and dissemination of information such as how she figured out the conspiracy happening inside the Reinford Group in Mid September s.1204.

Alisa's Dance Event.

Emma is implied to have romantic feelings for Rean based on her character events in the first game, and these feelings can turn into mutual affection in the second game if she is pursued by the player. Rean pulled her back, disregarding his own safety. One of Rean's best friends since orientation.

Laura's response?

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Alisa's reunion with Rean in the second game.

"H-Hey Rean. Said something was: Be more honest with your feelings and say that you are happy to be with me here~. Female

Press J to jump to the feed. we had a scene when Rean could see Jusis and Millium together, and he literally asks if he was interrupting something. If Alisa is chosen as his dance partner during the festival, Alisa gives Rean her "waiting" words while the class bides time for Rean to escape on Valimar. She quickly runs to hug him the moment she can, holding onto him for a good while she apologizes to Rean about what Class VII had put him through by forcing him to retreat from the battle of Trista. Millium jumps in, and they all get buried under books anyway. Towa said. It's always this same bit with you isn't it. He is also one of the people who supported Rean throughout the story. Come.

In fairness, Rean had more chemistry with her in CSIII than with any other character.

He's eventually convinced to try and talk with the other nobles who were genuinely interested in getting to know him, provided that Rean goes with him. Towa is a miracle of the universe and I give thanks to Kondo every day for creating her character. Much like the hug scene above, the dialogue will alter if a player imports a romance with her from.

She is friendly, kind-hearted, and generous with her time, even though she often finds herself swamped with tasks. She is a Thors Military Academy student and a support character to Class VII. Examples of this are when Towa accidentally said that she really wanted to go to the grocer to shop with Rean even though she denies it while blushing, and when Rean caught her when she fell from the step ladder.

Rean thinks of her as a carefree and laid-back teacher but nevertheless respects her and will occasionally rely on her during certain situations. Laura shares Rean's journey in martial arts and the insecurity that comes with trying to live up to the expectations of their respective masters while Towa shares Rean's selflessness and willingness to put EVERYONE/THING else ahead of themselves, which results in both having ridiculous work ethics since they're each doing the work of multiple people. Jusis' gift stands out in that it's as stuffed rabbit toy. Fie and Laura discuss their upcoming quests, and Millium regrets leaving her friends.

On mid September s. 1204, Towa was asked to assist Angelica to analyze and figure out the conspiracy inside the Reinford Group. Elliot is one of the people who supported Rean throughout the game.

Emma's solution is to let Rean.

Later, the two of them are waiting for the students (for a lesson about the stars) and they start talking. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rean reassures her that it's alright so long as she and the others continue to support him regardless.

Status Her decision was also the seconded by her grandpa, who had influenced her to fulfill what she wants to do on her life. Crow admits he doesn't want to because it would mean becoming Rean's student, but makes an exception for Towa.

The aftermath of Alisa's Roer Bonding Event.

But for now, let me stay like this for a while... Jusis and Millium in Falcom’s official New Years picture of 2019. Rean sees Giliath again as he's passing on the VIP train and his chest begins acting up again at the sight. Towa would later assist the crew since they don't have the exact members to man the ship.

Should a player decide to visit her, Alisa can be found chastising herself for "letting the perfect opportunity slip through her fingers" and notes that she's being a coward. Similarly, Laura's bonding event in Chapter 6 has her learning how to cook and Rean taste-testing for her.

She asked the latter to hand out some yearly reports of resources and sales of the company and found the true reason: the ore of Sachsen Iron Mine was illegally transported into the Black Market and sold on cheaper price.

After the events of Chapter 2, the two were able to reconcile when Machias apologized for overreacting. — Robert Sinclair We hope you enjoy reading about our dating picks from Trails of Cold Steel , let us know who you romanced! Towa is more similar to Rean than any of the other girls, and as a result she's great at spotting the problems in his way of thinking and help him overcome them and vice versa.

'Oh Aidios no.' One could only wonder why she dressed up like that other than to somehow impress Rean. Sara likes to tease Rean and would rely on him from time to time. At the beginning of Cold Steel II, Baron Teo is gravely injured following a jaeger attack on the village of Ymir.

Other than Claire and Rean, Jusis is among those Millium likes to give hugs.

The chase for Crow gets to the point that Crow kidnaps Rean and Valimar, and reveals his past to a frustrated, but sympathetic Rean. Giliath is Rean's biological father. As they do so, Tio and Rean's students can't help but note the highly intimate mood between them.

While she quickly backs out of it due to being mentally unprepared, it's very clear that Alisa meant to confess her feelings to Rean. It is implied through different bonding events that Laura develops romantic feelings for Rean in the first game.

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