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N Z C U S T O M I S E D O P E R A T I N G   B A N D S, W I R E L E S S   R F   T R A N S M I T T E R   F R E Q U E N C Y, O P E R A T I N G   T E M P E R A T U R E   R A N G E, P R O G R A M M A B L E   F E A T U R E S, 1 x TPX Adapter Plate to attach the TPX to any Techmount or Adaptiv Mount. Hi All, I'm looking at getting a radar detector before the porkers lock me up forever. Your email address will not be published. Got a sound system on your bike already? Thanks to a complete electronics overhaul, the TPX™ Version 3.0 now has blistering performance! It comes with a Quick-Release Mount Plate, which attaches to virtually any mount out there. A: Radar detectors warn drivers when a speed trap is up ahead, allowing them to adjust their speed and avoid a speeding ticket. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Independent tests prove that the TPX™ 3.0 now ranks among the top performing detectors on the market. The only regret you will have is why did you not do it sooner. Its top-positioned, angled, backlit LCD allows you to actually see the display from your riding position, day or night.

All these features are great for motorcycle use, but does it really work? Radar speed detectors … PACKAGE TWO: TPX Main Radar Laser Unit including Visual ALERT and Wireless Audio Adapter. RADAR DIRECT is the ONLY Official Distributor and Reseller of Adaptiv Products in NZ. No more missing the audio or visual alerts.

Heck, you can even run a wired headphone to it if you so choose to be tethered to your bike.

The optional Wireless Headset is compatible with most helmets and alerts you to detected radar and laser signals through its flat speaker that sits inside your helmet. Vibration and shock resistant design ensures that it’ll last on your bike. The world’s first fully-integrated, portable motorcycle radar and laser detection system now incorporates GPS for detection of fixed Pole and Redlight Cameras. Introducing… the new 2017 TPX 3.0 Pro with GPS. Motorcycle Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers If you are looking for a motorcycle radar detector solution, we have put together the best components to make up a motorbike radar detector package suitable for Australia or New Zealand. LED failed the other day took into Radar Direct and was handed a new one straight away no questions asked. check out the. The System comes with a heavy duty wiring harness that easily connects to your bike’s power source, making installation a breeze. A lot!

I was hit by one such driver while remaining in the view of their mirror.

Radar detectors, on Trade Me, New Zealand's leading shopping website. I like my V1. Tim S, Your email address will not be published. Thanks Rob, Have had TPX 3.0 for nearly a year has been perfect. That’s why we developed the Visual Alert and Wireless Headset as critical components of the system.

The all new TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System 3.0 has all the features you need with proven, top-notch performance. Just search your favorite motorcycle forums and you’ll see how much people love the TPX™ System. Along with this leap in performance, Version 3.0 also includes preloaded Fixed Pole Camera locations warning for New Zealand, better false-alert-reduction logic, additional band lockout modes, and a more robust and versatile cable connection. Your Buying From NZ Largest Official Escort Dealer, For either Adaptiv or Techmount Radar Mounts. Adaptiv Technologies TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detector. N Z C U S T O M I S E D O P E R A T I N G   B A N D S • No X Band • K Band expanded to 23.950 GHz Range for full coverage • K Band tuned for peak performance to detect Redflex Mobile Camera Vans • Ka Band tuned for peak performance at Ka 34.7GHz • GPS with Pole Camera locations preloaded and updatable via the Internet, W I R E L E S S   R F   T R A N S M I T T E R   F R E Q U E N C Y • 418MHz, O P E R A T I N G   T E M P E R A T U R E   R A N G E • -20°C to +70°C, C O N S T R U C T I O N • Water Resistant Robust Construction designed for Motorbikes, D I S P L A Y   T Y P E • 280 LED Alphanumeric • Bar Graph, • Band Display • Brightness Control, P O W E R   R E Q U I R E M E N T S • 12VDC, Negative Ground • Optional Cigarette Lighter Plug, P R O G R A M M A B L E   F E A T U R E S • Display Options • Button Alert Lamps On or Off • X&K Bands ON/Off Modes in Highway and City • Brightness, S E N S I T I V I T Y   C O N T R O L • Highway / NoX, NoX&K • City / City NoX, No X&K. Hi Guys, I have a TPX2.0 which is awesome, i am getting a second bike and want to set it up so i can switch the radar from bike to bike, can you advise me on which parts i need to order to do this? The Adaptiv TPX 3.0 is a new release from the brand that takes after the TPX 2.0. I do plenty of swift long rides never let me down. Even if you wear ear plugs! Skip to site navigation Skip to main content We're still working on this new-look site, so we'd recommend using our desktop site to get access to all of Trade Me's features. No more searching the earth’s ends to find compatible mounts. PACKAGE ONE: TPX Main Radar Laser Unit including Visual ALERT. Uniden DFR3 Defender series Long range Radar Detector, Uniden DFR8 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector, Radar Extension Speaker (BEL-EXT Speaker), Whistler GT-268Xi High Performance LASER RADAR DETECTOR, Windshield mount Permanent for Uniden Radars, Suction cup mount Beltronics, Escort radars, Windshield mount for Beltronics Escort detectors, Suction cups for Valentine One with Quick release wire, Escort-Bel-Valentine Coiled Power cord *FACTORY ORIGINAL*, Beltronics V928i Laser and Radar detector. Alright so I bought my Gixxer in May this year and have ridden about 6000Ks until now. Introducing… the new 2017 TPX 3.0 Pro with GPS. With the TPX™ System, there’s no more trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. The best radar detectors will help limit the number of tickets for any driver with a need for speed. The TPX™ System features an auxiliary output port allowing you to hook it up to whatever sound system you’ve got.

I have version 2 and was impressed with the product. No more fear of theft.

The TPX™’s water resistant construction helps protect it from brief rain showers. (0 members and 1 guests), I like Harleys, It's just that they get in the way sometimes. 1. Please view the Bike Mount section of our website for suitable mounts for your TPX unit. Mk 1 eyeball, good Nose and a watchful eye on the speed reading device have sufficed for me for a long time now, can't help but think that unless you are doing serious ( 140+) speeds it's hardly worth the effort. Escort Passport Max 360C - Latest GPS Intelligent Digital radar/Laser Detector! You bet! The OP is not asking for anyone's rightous or assumed opinions on his riding style. No more missed alerts. A more important measure of the TPX’s™ success though is our thousands of happy (and ticket-free) customers.

If this is your first visit, be sure to No more hours of wiring jobs. But don’t take our word for it.

I couldn’t have been more impressed usually with such things its wait we will send to manufacturer and get back to you etc painful. Being a systems engineer I adopt technology as it is released. Visit Kiwi Radars. No more trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. Version 3 is that one step above in version numbering. New Ka antenna horn increases Ka sensitivity and K Band has been expanded into the 23Ghz range for full coverage. So I'm looking for some advice on which one to get. No more hours of wiring jobs. The key to finding the perfect radar detector is to look for the ideal range, price, and design. The TPX™ System detects ALL police radar and laser bands. Theres the TPX radar detector made by Adaptiv that is built for motorcycles.

With adjustable volume settings, you’ll be able to hear the alerts no matter how loud the ambient noise is. COMPATIBILITY The TPX™ System can be used on any motorcycle. RADAR DIRECT is the ONLY Official Distributor and Reseller of Adaptiv Products in NZ. No worries. When zooming down the open road with the wind in your face you can’t hear much and you definitely don’t want to take your eyes off the road. In this case I was keen to see how the static camera (k band) detection worked. It is portable so you can take it with you on your lunch stop and don’t have to worry about theft. Its bright LED lights flash when radar and laser signals are detected so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. No more fear of theft. However $420 in fines and 60 demerit points later I find myself looking over the net for a decent radar detector. Not just afterthoughts. The world’s first fully-integrated, portable motorcycle radar and laser detection system now incorporates GPS for detection of fixed Pole and Redlight Cameras. It also means that you can use it on multiple bikes, and even your car (if you have one of those four-wheeled things). Not on the occasion replacement straight away no questions at point of sale haven’t seen service like that in a long time. Looking for Radar Detectors and Accessories? The System is certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc., the leading independent evaluator of radar detectors in the market today. A radar detector exposes if a police officer is using a radar gun to monitor the speed of your vehicle. The Visual Alert is included with the System and can be mounted just about anywhere on your bike for optimal viewing. Required fields are marked *. The TPX™ System will still sniff out radar and laser signals through them, even if they are heavily tinted.

No more microscopic buttons. Warned me plenty of times when I've been doing 105 in a 100 zone. To understand how radar detectors function, it’s important to note the basic principle of their adversary: radars. It seems there arent many in the market specifically designed for motorbikes. Have had a look at the Adaptiv ones but they seem to be lacking in range and some of the belltronics ones are obsolete. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Large buttons are designed so that you can operate it with riding gloves. Well version 3 is that much better. No more money, energy, sanity and precious riding hours wasted trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. This model is currently the most advanced radar detector in the line, with an edge over the 2.0 in terms of feature improvements, including the 360-degree detection and better alert systems.

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