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My one piece of advice is choose a product that you love and are passionate about and that will help your business, when I first started I invited my friends to a home launch and that is the only party I have held at home, do not pester your friends if they love the product they will know where to come to get it, going to fairs, fetes toddler groups etc will get your name & business out there so you get to know a different circle of friends.

The job role is mainly based around creative sales and engaging with customers on a regular basis. Customer interaction. From my experience from what friends have done anyway it seems a lot of work for very little income. I did Avon for a month and quit as I ended up owing them money (I wasn't impressed) so can't comment on that too much. No distribution. You learn a lot very quickly and there is always new ideas to share with colleagues and customers. If your not naturally a sales person or you don't have a massive groups of friends that will buy from you often you might struggle a bit. At the end of the day they should be the ones guiding and mentoring you in the business not making you feel like just another notch on their team. Customer interaction. Great company to work for in terms of levels you can reach when you put the work in and build your customer base/business.

I honestly believed I'd researched this well known high street brand fully before getting involved with it .... please be careful. Constantly compete with our high street stores and online when it comes to offers/promotions !

I've been with TBSAH for a year and I've hardly earned anything, I've spent more than I've earned adding to my kit, uniform etc !!!! All MLM/Direct Sales have very similar pros in that you can work the hours you want, around your children etc and cons such as what happens if you make no sales for the month. The Body Shop at Home is a great place to work in. :) thanks :), I did Avon for a month and quit as I ended up owing them money (I wasn't impressed) so can't comment on that too much. Cons If your not naturally a sales person or you don't have a massive groups of friends that will buy from you often you might struggle a bit. I have been working at The Body Shop part-time for less than a year. Help & advice on becoming Body shop at home consultant. Numbers centric. Excellent products, I will forever remain a customer via shopping online or directly from a store but would NEVER give my custom to a body shop at home consultan! Happy researching.

You need to put a lot of work in to get an income so what you need to look at is what products you personally like or would enjoy selling and what balance of upfront/ongoing fees you are happy to pay along with how much commission you will make. Hi, I wanted to reply to pao001. The Body Shop at Home General Discussion - READ FIRST POST! Free/half-price make and incentives from the company as well as my upline. Pros. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone. Working with a direct selling company is hard work it is not a get rich quick scheme obviously the more you put in the more you get out like anything. I worked at The Body Shop for less than a year, Nice People, Good Atmosphere, Wework office, I worked at The Body Shop full-time for more than a year, Sales.

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