power outage duncansville pa

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This company should die. Pay to much money for internet to work 2 days a month... @wildcatmack @Beards_Bellies

Automated service only but can’t get ticket number. ^JF. should have not switched. Ok @windstream.

Windstream previously acquired Nuvox, Paetec and Broadview. <MA. This has been the worst internet service I have ever had by far.

@CoxHelp Thank you for reaching out, but no they have Windstream and live in the country.

I've checked outage maps, and none of them say there is one at the moment, but clearly there is or I wouldnt be typing this up on mobile data. #99.999%, @mpHusker @Windstream I'm sorry you are having trouble with your service, please DM us @Talk2Windstream with your account number or DSL number so we can look up that outage. Windstream Enterprise support is a complete waste of time. Called @Windstream at 7:15 this morning to have the hotel phones transferred to my cell due to the power outage.

?‍♀️ and our status online says pending despite the tech saying it would work today.

Sunday morning and still no windstream internet.

<MA. I’m at a loss for words that customer service is like this.

I pay a lot for internet and I am getting a fraction of what I pay for! All phone lines down and they want us to wait 7 days for a technician?

#FridayThoughts #windstreamsucks. #windstream #kinetic #starlink, @sdrasmussen65

Currently without Dial tone or Internet.

Outage started more than a week ago and won’t be looked at until Saturday at the earliest. Really? What does it take to get RELIABLE service? I have @AllPointsBB and they said it is your fault. #Fail, @allenglenn64 Merry Christmas from the Wire Wizard!

Hey @Windstream not going to lie the whole 10mps internet is not working out its the fastest we can get in the area with multiable people in the house we can not do anything from school to doing things to work and it looks we watch videos that only a toaster can make, @karen98924893 @Windstream your service is absolutely terrible!!! This is fine,,, everything is oakily dokily,,, Windstream service not working in Abiquiu.

@wildcatmack @chuckhogg @Windstream I have been following this thread and it seems to me that @chuckhogg is in no hurry to answer for his company's failures to provide reliable internet service to you. My internet outage was fixed at 6:42 this morning..... At less @Windstream got it back on before my workday.... @Windstream so whats up in Interlachen. Please provide your Windstream telephone number for assistance via DM. Outage started more than a week ago and won’t be looked at until Saturday at the earliest. Pay to much money for internet to work 2 days a month... @Talk2Windstream @AllPointsBB @Windstream I am having issues - I just don't have @Windstream internet. Dublin Ranch Dublin Ca, Elevated Wind Risk for today. The customer service is below par! After setting up 1GIG service to be installed they rescheduled the install twice. @JoeYoun36389532 Time to get the FCC involved. Can we get an ETA…. @Windstream I’ve been requesting a ticket to get a job done since June. @nailpounder What do I do?

Decided to give them another chance. Misinformation every call.

@mistilogsdon Misinformation every call. Over 500 customers in Logan Township are also affected. @Windstream My daughter is working through virtual school with no solid internet connection and 3 weeks (October 4) to fix it is your best effort. Careers in Energy Week: … This constant outage stuff is getting old, @JoeMSP3

I did notice ResortTV / Cablelynx DNS servers were responding to pings about 3am.

Is there an outage in Wicked, AR?? Modem changes, lots of service calls & no improvement.

Stop buying power strips and protect your whole home from power surges by calling Wire Wizards to install whole home surge protection starting at only $99! I miss you @Windstream, @Vandersande69 Good news is I keep paying the bill w/no service and the tech will be here between the hours of 8&5 on Wed. Shame.

Decided to give them another chance.

Seems like every time there's an issue or news from spark services the quality of our connection drops noticeably. © Ookla, LLC.

@justjust1112 You guys don’t even know your own equipment...no wonder customers aren’t happy with you. @Windstream you all have the worst latency issues I've ever experienced. Several days of NO SERVICE at our business! @AimeeLynneVDH Get home from work and trying to game a bit before bed! @Mahan_Presents

Please help! My internet is out and it's Election Day.

By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. Aurora Heights Elementary is having the same phone issues as NHS.

When @Windstream sends someone to fix your internet and somehow made it worse even though they did the work not on your property and never was seen on the day of the ticket and after that it continues to break daily until it stops working at all so your forced to call back only, @merl81h #hurryup @SpaceXStarlink ! Windstream you are lucky I'm not working from home today.

I have spent the entirety of 2020 so far trying to get reliable internet from either @CoxComm or @Windstream. @jmoersc

I can continue teaching remotely from home. @gatorceri Under 10mb speed should be 25. @Windstream No Internet in Iowa this evening.

Thank you @Windstream and @TonyThomasWIN for contacting me and working through my internet issues which is now connected. Power went out at approx 9:02am Now I'm sitting here wanting to watch football but no internet.


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