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Unlike past iterations of the summoner, we do not need to make use of multiple types of spectres to maximize our potential in all areas of the game — boss killing, clear, and delve, the Slave Drivers are exceptional at it all. One of the primary factors behind the survival of the Animate Guardian is gem level. Since you will summon your entire army of Minions beforehand, you will only be focused on utility skills and positioning while clearing maps. 0:22 Tier 15 Siege All of Icy Veins' class guides are updated for the Shadowlands pre-patch coming to World of Warcraft. Most gems in this particular build guide can be bought of vendors.

What am I not understanding or doing properly here? Type: Cold Ranged Spectre There aren’t patents or copyrights galore to pull from for legal action or game ToS.

Type: Lightning Spell Caster After we’ve set ourselves up for success till level 28, we can prepare to start the Zombie gameplay. Location: Redeemer influence or Veritania Citadel Map Convert your Holy Flame Totem to a 3-Link as soon as possible: Additionally, link Summon Raging Spirit when a second 3-Link is available: You should also link your Raise Zombie to the other Minion Damage Support, as lowest priority, for additional damage and auto-clear. It grants you and all your minions Fortify Support in perpetuity, Culling Strike, +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier, and a nice Rarity bonus. Our Ascendancy, Bandit, and Pantheon Power page goes into detail about all the choices you need to make in these regards. Aura-wise you can run Pride, Flesh and Stone, and Summon Skitterbots after you pick up the Sovereignty wheel.

My Desecrate and Raise Spectres gems should create level 47 Spectres, I remove Spell Echo from my 6L before raising Spectres but it doesn’t help. Your main role is to Support your Minions with Auras, position yourself to avoid enemy Attacks to stay alive.

If you would like a gear/character reference in the meantime, you can use my Delirium character found here (FURTY_LEVIATHAN).

Obviously, a 20% damage nerf for a build that trivialized the game to an extent that a Zombiemancer could wasn’t enough, so the Raise Zombie gem also got significant nerfs to both the way the Minion Life and damage worked. Our Raise Spectre Necromancer strikes a nice balance between a conventional build and a summoner — since Armageddon Brand is used as the main trigger for our Elemental Equilibrium, this build does have the combined feel of a spellcaster and a summoner. Fair enough. Once you have 3 socketed 3 blues helmet then just craft 4 sockets. To comment on another point — I understand that paying “homage” in the sense I appeared to asked previously and giving nods to other players for varying ideas/builds/content is not commonplace in the vast ocean of content that is PoE (or most all games for that matter).

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