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Don't have a web profile? Nickel(II) chloride, in various forms, is the most important source of nickel for chemical synthesis. for the regioselective isomerization of dienols: For selective reductions in the presence of.

Nickel(II) Chloride 6-hydrate pure Quality Name: pure Specifications: Assay (Compl.

CopyCopied, Validated by Experts, Validated by Users, Non-Validated, Removed by Users, Predicted data is generated using the ACD/Labs Percepta Platform - PhysChem Module. CopyCopied, InChI=1S/2ClH.Ni.6H2O/h2*1H;;6*1H2/q;;+2;;;;;;/p-2 No predicted properties have been calculated for this compound. Linstrom, Peter J.; Mallard, William G. CopyCopied, CSID:23047, (accessed 13:31, Nov 5, 2020) Nickel(II) chloride is irritating upon ingestion, inhalation, skin contact, and eye contact. This reagent also promotes homo-coupling reactions, that is 2RX → R-R where R = aryl, vinyl. NiCl2 is the precursor to acetylacetonate complexes Ni(acac)2(H2O)2 and the benzene-soluble (Ni(acac)2)3, which is a precursor to Ni(1,5-cyclooctadiene)2, an important reagent in organonickel chemistry. Polymeric raw materials (granulates) Ancillary polymer products; Technical polymers and plastics A hydrate of nickel chloride containing nickel (in the +2 oxidation state), chloride and water moeities in the ratio 1:2:6. We Believe You Are Important, How Can We Help?

Molar mass of NiCl2.6H2O = 237.69108 g/mol. Molecular weight calculation: 58.6934 + 35.453*2 + 6*(1.00794*2 + 15.9994) ›› Percent composition by element B. Morosin "An X-ray diffraction study on nickel(II) chloride dihydrate" Acta Crystallogr. C of A, ©Thomas Scientific 2020 All Rights Reserved. As a mild Lewis acid, e.g. NiCl2 and its hydrate are occasionally useful in organic synthesis.

[Ni+2] As a precursor to finely divided Ni by reduction with Zn, for the reduction of aldehydes, alkenes, and nitro aromatic compounds. 6H 2 O is green.

(eds. ): 98% pH of 5% solution: ≥3 Insoluble matter in H2O: 0.025 % Sulfate (SO4): 0.05% Ca: 0.03 % Cu: 0.01 % Fe: 0.005 % Pb: 0.005 % Zn: 0.05 % 630-634. Convert grams Nickel(II) Chloride Hexahydrate to moles or moles Nickel(II) Chloride Hexahydrate to grams. Hexammine nickel chloride complex is soluble when respective cobalt complex is not, which allows for easy separating of these close-related metals in laboratory conditions. Nickel(II) chloride hydrate - chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data.

6H2O can be used to form a variety of nickel coordination complexes because the H2O ligands are rapidly displaced by ammonia, amines, thioethers, thiolates, and organophosphines. "Nickel metal and other compounds (as Ni)", National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, "Evidence of carcinogenicity in humans of water-soluble nickel salts", "Practical Ni-Catalyzed Aryl–Alkyl Cross-Coupling of Secondary Redox-Active Esters",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [12], NiCl2-dme (or NiCl2-glyme) is used due to its increased solubility in comparison to the hexahydrate.[13]. ›› Nickel(II) Chloride Hexahydrate molecular weight. In the presence of water scavengers, hydrated nickel(II) chloride reacts with dimethoxyethane (dme) to form the molecular complex NiCl2(dme)2. [4], Nickelous chloride, nickel(II) salt of hydrochloric acid, Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their. O.O.O.O.O.O.[Cl-].[Cl-]. In a hurry? Illustrative complexes include: Some nickel chloride complexes exist as an equilibrium mixture of two geometries; these examples are some of the most dramatic illustrations of structural isomerism for a given coordination number. Click to predict properties on the Chemicalize site, For medical information relating to Covid-19, please consult the, ACD/Labs Percepta Platform - PhysChem Module, Compounds with the same molecular formula, Search Google for structures with same skeleton, DANGER: POISON, irritates skin, eyes, lungs. The nickel chlorides are deliquescent, absorbing moisture from the air to form a solution. 2001 J. Wiley & Sons, New York. Create one now.

For example, this complex reacts with sodium cyclopentadienide to give the sandwich compound nickelocene. Terms & Conditions. ); This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 01:07.

A hydrate of nickel chloride containing nickel (in the +2 oxidation state), chloride and water moeities in the ratio 1:2:6. Formula: NiCl 2 •6H 2 O Formula Weight: 237.71 CAS Number: 7791-20-0 Synonym(s): (nickel(II) chloride, hexahydrate) What is the chemical Formula of nickel chloride dihydrate? Prolonged inhalation exposure to nickel and its compounds has been linked to increased cancer risk to the lungs and nasal passages. For example, NiCl2(PPh3)2, containing four-coordinate Ni(II), exists in solution as a mixture of both the diamagnetic square planar and the paramagnetic tetrahedral isomers. NiCl2 with or plus 2H20 or something? Nickelous Chloride, 6-Hydrate, Crystal, BAKER ANALYZED Reagent. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Did you know you can view a product's availability right on the product page? CopyCopied, LAIZPRYFQUWUBN-UHFFFAOYSA-L

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