my girlfriend doesn t tell me things

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Chances are if it's after the the third day and I'm still upset I'll tell him anyway.

If she isn’t used to sharing, it may take some time to even out and your perfect drama free relationship may take some time to get to a manageable place. She takes pictures of herself a lot. If I get mad, I get quiet.

I keep telling her that I'm the shoulder for her to cry on, but she doesn't like crying in-front of me because she thinks that I think that she is weird for crying in-front of me. I'm very much the same as your GF. Sex that night was as awesome as always. Press J to jump to the feed. If she’s just a friend with benefits, you need to know that ASAP. If your relationship is going to succeed, you both have to open up. I really appreciate it. Lead the conversation. I mean, she's always fine so I couldn't fault that logic. Don't waste your time keeping a relationship that's not healthy. She also doesn't tell me when something is bothering her. You may not have noticed it, but your brain did. Whenever she finds another guy who is better than you, she always complains how you're not as good as that guy. I’d love to say something positive but your post shows some serious red flags. It drives me nuts when she starts talking on the phone to her ex husband (no kids by the way) while I’m there. If I'm still upset and say nothing's wrong, don't ask again. And an even bigger difference between that and opening up to you. I think instead of accusing/suspecting her of cheating, he should be more concerned about her emotional well being. I just wish she'd let me know her a little better. You ask her to stay home cause it's not good for her to go out at night. She Doesn't Tell You Where She's Going. If her friends are aware of her major life events and you aren't, then you aren't actually her boyfriend.

She never nags, never complains about shit, never cries or makes drama. Your girlfriend doesn't seem to see how much you're worth it. You need somebody that will always by your side when everybody else turn their back against you. When you found out that her grandfather died and she hadn't told you, you just stayed hanging out with your "bros" (while making sure to blame them for not going to see her). She buys her favorite food and barely shares it with you. 10 Things She’s Secretly Thinking About Your Penis. I told her she can tell me things if she wants to. It's a limited edition bag and she doesn't want someone else to buy it. Watch yourself or she will steal your happiness too.

She begs for you to give her money so that she can buy it. Plus she's great in bed! I've never heard of a relationship of a year where the girl (or guy) nearly always leave after sex.

As her boyfriend, you don't want her to get into trouble alone. You're complaining how she acts the way she wants, goes out often, makes you jealous. It's caused problems in my marriage, but it's just how I am though I'm working on it. She always asks for more and more. I asked again if she was all right, she said "yeah, just fine". Need help with your relationship? 19. I really don't want to. Just be patient - she's probably going to lose her cool at least once. It just isn’t a realistic or sustainable state to expect this all the time. I've recently realized that she doesn't talk to me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A possibility is that the feelings between the two of you really have changed. She just left early in the morning. When you haven't eaten yet, she doesn't get you food or at least reminds you to get something to eat. I'm hopeful that our little talk will help her open up a little more. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You don’t know her past or if there’s any trauma there, so be gentle. I don't want to sound rude or anything but your post makes it seem like she doesn't think you're in a relationship.

She needs your money, car, and your apartment more than she needs you. Her eyes looked like she had been crying. It ends up with me just repeating what’s wrong what’s wrong and getting frustrated. You used to believe that she's true for what she says, but now, every time you remember her promise, it only tears you down. She smiled a little and again said "OK". Good job. Hi- woman’s POV here. Sometimes, a man wants to be appreciated for his good. This is honestly the best relationship I've ever had. I’m super happy you talked to her though. She only knows you are her boyfriend. This OP reads like a form letter. She lost her grandfather and didn't tell you, so you're going to have to press her, but you don't want her to write you off as intrusive, controlling, demanding, etc. I'll keep you updated if anything else happens. Whatever she does for her own good sometimes leads to a bad situation. But, whenever you're with her you can't seem to find a happiness you've been hoping when you first met her. This could happen before you reach that deep stage of love. Plus she's great in bed! She told me it wasn't my business and I didn't need to know about it. And it's a two-way street. ", "I hope she doesn't take this as an invitation to open up too much, I'm actually fine if she's distant bc it gives me freedom". Like she might turn into one of those drama queens who want your attention 24/7. Girlfriend won’t tell me what’s wrong. Whenever something's going wrong, she puts the blames on you. It sounds like you love the emotional distance and so does she. You call your girlfriend to come over your place but she says she's busy. Either way, I wouldn't push it. u/hamstershoulders is spot on: communication is key. I really don't want to. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. A man chooses a woman to build a relationship so they can live their lives in the name of love. She doesn't let you come further to her things.

Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help! I can deal with cold and distant, but I'm gonna run AWAY screaming if she turns into my friend's gf who calls like 5 times when just us guys are hanging out. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. She makes you doubt if she really loves you or not. Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help! But, I spoke to her when she came over yesterday and asked why she didn't tell me about her grandfather's death. She doesn't give a care about what you feel as her boyfriend. But my husband is a talk it through person. Especially with how it's been recently, you're describing a hookup, not a girlfriend. "Why doesn't my girlfriend tell me things or share her life with me?" These are very serious warning signs. Guy, my girlfriend doesn't tell me things. I would hesitate to take someone seriously who uses the phrase... "Women typically_____" how insulting to call out what women typically do. Communicating your concerns is enough, but if they’re met with more hostility and coldness, you should leave and maybe consider being friends as you have mutual interests.

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