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Whilst I agree with the treatment, I would recommend isolating the aggressor, not the injured Terrapin from the main enclosure. Your pet turtle will also appreciate floating toys or pieces of driftwood. They leave the water to lay their eggs under debris like rotting stumps or leaves.

Musk turtle bite injury. I've used Tamodine on turtle wounds with success before, try applying it with a cottonbud and keeping the turtle dry (place it in a box or bucket) for 30 minutes after applying. Put their basking spot on the warmer side of the tank tank, and leave the other side open. I think if you feed them more that should help with there aggression. Breeding of the eastern musk turtle occurs in the spring, and females often lay between 2 and 9 elliptical, hard-shelled eggs in a shallow burrow or under shoreline debris. Expert Tip: The smell can last for quite some time and is a pain to clean up, so the best course of action is to handle your turtle as little as possible. I set the tank up with two resting areas on one side of the tank.

This can lead to eye and respiratory problems, so make sure to add a vitamin supplement to their feeding routine.

Two male common musk turtles should not be housed in the same enclosure.Keep a close eye on the pair though. Common musk turtles are easily available and due to their size, normally petted. Definately keep the turtles separate, and if you can't provide two enclosures look at rehoming one of them.

They usually dwell in shallow waters of ponds and stream. This is used to scare away predators and natural enemies. [12] Like all turtles, the stinkpot must nest on land, and shoreline real estate development is detrimental. They walk mostly on the bottom and fish for food and other things.

As we know Musk turtles are kept as pets. They were both female. The best place where you can find musk turtles is from turtle breeders. Musk turtle bite injury. Musk turtle shy? S. odoratus turtle is found in a variety of wetland habitats and littoral zones, particularly shallow watercourses with a slow current and muddy bottom. Aquatic plants (water lettuce, duckweed, etc.)

The species is vulnerable and noticeably declining in some areas because of threats like water pollution and habitat fragmentation. Now, over to you! This turtle does not need a high enclosure humidity level, and 30 to 40 percent humidity is perfect. The hatchlings are very small in size, usually about 1 inch. This technically excludes most musk turtles, as most specimens found are smaller than 4 inches.)

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