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A college education in Art does teach discipline and provides knowledge for people who never had enough personal time to self-teach–but yes, I still do fear wasting my time and money indeed–I fear that I may not be able to apply myself creatively enough for a career, there may be skills that I will learn and may not use or will be outdated, and I might not find a job period! that is very 1960’s thinking. The compitition here is fierce. I just realised two things: I've gone on way too long and the philosophy (as is described in these posts) should be: Philosophic history – more in line with arts history. I personally think it’s great that there are so many different types of degree courses available now.

Another person who doesn’t recognize the brilliant people behind the work! I think you should major in what you're passionate about. School system is only a reference point for the average, and if somebody takes pride in an art or philosophy degree, he missed the point of all things that he learned.

Basically a degree that is more of an education than a definite career path.

As I'm sure many of you who agree are probably business and science majors, (or more likely, didn't graduate high school at all), I'll offer my rebuttal.

Art and philosophy(a class I decided to take on the side and enjoyed even though I was almost brain dead on both subjects) combined can (1) give studio art students a better understanding of what they can do to better assert themselves as artists, (2) allow those in art education, who plan on becoming art teachers at any level of education, to have a better idea on how to better teach students to focus on whatever strengths they have, and (3) to better justify the presence of art and WHY people enjoy it. Museum education officer – responsible for realising the potential of museum collections as learning resources for visitors and the wider community.

We are not simply given equation and expected to learn them off by heart, it is of paramount importance that their origins are understood.

Your view of philosophy is like someone criticising all music because it sounds like beethoven.

I did IB english lit and history. UBC adopted these policies because the administration recognized a flaw in the type of students who study the sciences, which emphasize highly specialized skill-sets.

This list is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Since you obviously never studied philosophy I will mention Gotlob Frege, inventor of first-order predicate calculus, the basis of computational theory. You haven’t actually, answered my questions: Isn’t saying that Sciences have a foundation in Philosophy the same as saying that you are superior because you studied elementary school Arithmetic which is a foundation of Algebra and Calculus?

They are the very definition of number crunching that you talked about earlier.

On another note, let's be honest here: If you think the liberal arts are DIFFICULT, chances are you are just not cut out for them — Unless you are a highly motivated individual, get out while you can! Surely you cannot be serious when you say “Maybe an art gallery curator, but how many of those does the world actually need?”. In the corporate world, it is essential this fact is recognised, or you’ll look like even more of a dumbass than you do right now. Even you can see, and I would really ask you, does that make any sort of sense? Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Philosophy would be better if it was focused on its application instead of being a course in of itself. Till then, it’s better than anything you you do. Now I spent 7 years in college getting a BA, MA, and PHD and I can tell you I found myself much easier when I was in the Army.

This small percentage is not created by discrimination but by choice.

"Anyone who reads this exchange will see that I am not really the one who needs explaining to." Since kindergarten I’ve been taught that it is best to make a career in an area in which I am talented and proficient at. Mathematics far predates philosophy as the sign of erudition. Aristotle is concerned primarily with virtue based ethics and political philosophy, only sort of dabbling in metaphysics and the like. That class was a graduate seminar for people working on PhDs in musicology. At this step, you can check the correctness of your order information, apply discount code, check the final price and proceed to pay.

Max, (and everyone), Sometimes comments get caught by the spam filter for whatever reason. Philosophy and in particular political philosophy has influenced everything from economics to geopolitics. In the end, you’ll probably end up with a meaningless manual labour job while other people are actually doing something with their lives.

This isn't overly surprising, after all, you are defending math and science….. My school is not at all like yours. I will defend this if you come back with something other than "You must be joking.". Philosphy majors are known for this.

” I will defend this if you come back with something other than “You must be joking.” ". What's my game again? Therefore you have not idea whether your endeavors are valuable or meaningless. So, I'm wondering why the hell I'm arguing on the side of engineering or business majors, lol.

I'm just glad that you didn't bash my major… History. Instead, it’s about the abilities you gain while learning, namely, the ability to recognise that for every position, there may well be an equally justified counter-position.

It is fine that you all think I'm an idiot, but using that as your main point in an argument shows extreme weakness.

Maybe you should have a little bit more respect for the scientists who are making medicine and helping to save lives.

To say that philosophy is a useless subject could only come from a useless person. It is easier to land a high-paying job with certain jobs, but if you major in the arts and put your all in, you can also become successful — the only issue with this matter is that you will most likely have to pursue starting your own business. Long winded, think they are always right, LOVE to hear thier own voices, and talk in circles. I an 6'5 at 325 pounds and 36 years old. You make a statement without even backing it up, and then proceed to argue your position based on that statement. Useless courses and degrees like this are precisely why I am dead set against the idea of “free college” tuition.

Ok, I think I finally understand the meaning of 'Liberal Arts' (I'm from Ireland and I'm getting confused with 'Arts & Humanities'). Don’t you tihnk it is actually possible for people to be interested in Psychology? i'm assuming the genius who wrote this list was a communications major. The study of art history initself is intense and often helps people in completely other fields (as youcan see if you read some comments) help broaden their minds and pay attention to that. as for art history, many works of art are actually cornerstones of human thought and culture.

Here is an interesting anecdote.

This notion that women makes 80 cents for the same dollar earned by a man has been shot full of holes years ago. Women's studies has been offered due to the lack of women in the history of any discipline. I would say that number 10 is the most useless. This post was made in jest. Learn from this. (caps are friends). If you have to learn how to learn, you won’t be able to.

That being said, this discussion of useless-ness is absolutely absurd. We provide students with writing help of any type, no matter what problem they have. Good luck doing anything if you deny a crucial premise to what made the world what it is today and thus made YOU the way you are today. I'm majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy, and I know precisely what I want to do with my degree, career wise, in my future. is perfect, but yet rewarding to one’s life as a new knowlege, an accomplishment, a requirement, or anything either way. For all of you ” useful majors”, I hope you enjoy cardiac episodes at the age of Forty.

This is what I really needed. If I decided to branch out after my 3 years and do a masters degree in law for example, a philosophy degree enables me to do that. To those attacking the value of the study of philosophy: Every human endeavor has at its foundation, explicitly known or implicitly assumed, the answer to a philosophical question. Foreigners came to Greece to study its various constitutions (laws), long before there was an Academy.

A recent poll of top CEOs placed engineering and then economics as the top two degrees CEOs like to see. The world needs people to question the way we think about things, the nature of reality, and what is ethnical and what is not. You'll find that just to get an experiment to work, 20 different things can go wrong (I'm exaggerating a bit, but many things can go wrong). Believe it or not, some people actually like biology, chemistry, and physics. "is designed to expose the student to a variety of competing ideas, and teach the student to synthesize these said ideas and create their own analysis.". Therefore your only reference point that “useful” majors (aside from your father’s) cause undo stress is crap. The simple truth is that the majority of the “top 10 useless college classes or degrees” you listed are either well respected institutions with histories that span centuries of study or degrees which have multiple applications within our world today. Many of these courses such as ‘Art History’ and ‘Philosophy’ and I would include ‘Political Science’ are outdated and irrelevant to today’s modern society where primarily the population are occupied within the retail/business sectors and services sector. This sounds exactly like my PhD advisor!!! philosophy haters are just quite lacking in intelligence. wasting parents $$…amazes me when 1 talk to immigrant families in our bldg….think their daughter or son will get big paying jobs…know

A person with a graduate degree in psychology can teach psychology online and on-campus.

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