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Cook: And you were able to see there was someone in there? Cook: Moving on to exhibit 20. Cook: Were you all together, your mom and your siblings? Smart: Probably until I was in seventh grade.

She says she thought she saw a gun, but it was a knife.

I thought, you know, be quiet because if he hears you, he might take you too, and you're the only person who has seen this, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. 4 of 11 I was just waiting for my dad to come in to tuck me into bed. You may sit down, Ms. Smart.

Exhibit 9, stipulated and agreed on or about June 5, 2002, the window to the right of the kitchen sink in the home of Elizabeth Smart was secured as evidence by Utah State Crime lab, and is in substantially the same condition when seized by Utah State Crime lab. They were asleep in their beds when a man quietly entered through a kitchen window and came up to their room.

Cook: What did she do when she saw the kitchen window? Smart: I don't know how long exactly. Smart: It took time, but eventually I did. Smart: Because I thought if I got up he'd take me, too. Smart: To make sure I was still in there. Cook: I see a white desk with a stereo on it. Granddaughter of Dr. Charles Rich Smart (1926 - 2006) and Dorothea Smart (b.1930), Myron Francon (b.1921) and Jenny Francom (b.1923). Cook: Did either of your parents go downstairs? Cook: Was that someone supposed to be in your room? No additional evidence needs to be admitted. Cook: And this large window there.

"I'm like, 'Dad, Elizabeth's gone,' and he gets up and he goes racing into our room.".

"They actually said do not talk about it, because the more you talk about it, then she will glean information from those people around her discussing it and then she will not be able to maybe remember what she actually did see or hear," said Mary Katherine's mother Lois.

Cook: Tell me what happened when Elizabeth got up. Cook: It's typically not covered at night. Smart: I stayed in bed. July 21, 2005 -- -- The only witness to the June 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart says the path to the missing Utah girl's recovery began with a picture of a muscular woman. Cook: I noticed there was a big window at the foot of the bed.

Mary Katherine says she doesn't know why she thought of Emmanuel when she was flipping through the book. Not too long. Cook: Your honor, if I could have just a moment.

When police found Elizabeth Smart almost a year later, she was just 15 miles from home, in the company of Emmanuel, a self-styled street preacher whose real name is Brian David Mitchell, and his wife, Wanda Barzee. Smart: The right side was my side of the bed. |  24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events.

Cook: And this hallway we're looking down, is there anything off to the right? It had things to do with god. Cook: I'd like to show you pictures of your room.

It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. He was not.

Smart: A reservoir up by my grandmother's house.

I thought it was Elizabeth, so I was like, whatever.

The defense might have a few questions for you.

Daughter of Ed Smart (Ed) and Lois Smart. No additional evidence need be admitted on this issue. Cook: Did you still feel like you needed to tell your parents what happened? Smart: We had a grandfather clock downstairs. Official Sites. Smart: When we went to the Children's Justice Center, I was thinking about it and give a detailed description.

Cook: When school started again, you returned to your home? Police say Mitchell, 51, believed in polygamy and took Elizabeth in order to make her one of his wives.

But her mother says Mary Katherine told her she may have been looking at the book when Emmanuel had been working nearby.

But Mary Katherine's account would prove to be jumbled.

No further evidence will be admitted on this issue. Smart: Yes. Cook: Did that seem like the safest place? Cook: You said you could hear voices.

No further evidence need be admitted.

Cook: Did you still hear voices? By Sheena Mcfaland And Aaron Falk The Salt Lake Tribune. Cook: In fact, will you tell me about your relationship with Elizabeth? Smart: He must have, because my little brother asked him what Emmanuel meant. Cook: Did you think about that night and how that would have been? Judge Dale Kimball: Let's get the jury to proceed.

Wrought iron patio chairs were under, the back legs were off the ground, with the back rested against the stucco of the house.

Do you recognize this? Cook: By "book it," you mean as quickly as you could? WARNING: Some of the statements made in court contain graphic language. These have been signed by both parties, it is agreed: On June 5, 2002, at 4;02 a.m. Salt Lake City police were dispatched to the home of Elizabeth Smart in response to a 911 call from her home. Mary Katherine Smart says several months after her sister disappeared, she was cleaning her room and happened to flip through a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. When police arrived, they gave the family instructions about not confusing the only witness to the crime. Cook: When they were done in bathroom, what happened next? Mary Katherine Smart, younger sister of Elizabeth Smart, arrives at the Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, in, Elizabeth Smart, center, arrives at the Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse with her sister, Mary Katherine Smart, right, Monday, Nov, Mary Katherine Smart, younger sister of Elizabeth Smart, arrives at the Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, in Salt Lake City. We are really close. Cook: Did the man tell you what his name was? Cook: Talk about a particular day, June 4, 2002. Smart: I just remember talking a little bit. Cook: Before they went into the bathroom, were you able to see much about this man?

No one contacted us, I had just been thinking about it. Mary Katherine Smart was born on July 21, 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as Mary Smart. Has a dog named Ollie and part- German Shepherd named Siah. Smart: I was into hanging out with my sister, drawing, using watercolor. Smart: He came out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom. Court records said she had been at times imprisoned in an underground hole covered with boards or chained to a tree.

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