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With him, on their stairway, he watches and learns from Ritsuka's guitar playing. The offer rejected, Mafuyu has a backup by saying he can have some bread. Mafuyu asks if they can be fixed, specifically if Ritsuka can fix this, at this moment. Feeling his own sound is a mess, but that it is much more fun since they play whatever chords they choose, Ritsuka states he is also bad at putting things into words. He is a quick learner regarding his musician's side. He is also seen wearing dark trousers and white shoes. Needing to be sure Mafuyu is really sleeping Ritsuka nervously pokes his arm. 離れた誰かと誰かがいたこと

Looking around in bewilderment he cannot think of anything cruel she said before learning it was what was said about Mafuyu. A flashback shows Mafuyu as a child sat by himself under a tree. Flatly telling them to cut it out only generates further laughter with his expression. Saying he had asked Mafuyu if he wanted to join his band, he recalls that Mafuyu declined the offer, and he just does not get why. [17], Tutored by Ritsuka on where the sounds from on the guitar, Mafuyu simply says yes to the points about that, chords and learning a tune starting with the introduction then verse.

Alias As he pictures Shogo, he thinks it must be a lie before hearing the next day from Ryou that it is true, but the Shogo he knows is not that kind of guy. He knew he should have asked her hearing it described as scratchy. The first name of Mafuyu can be a reference to his role as a protagonist. [43], He confirms with Mafuyu that he has been doing something recently, namely composing a song for him. Blood Type He is an accomplished guitarist with a strong mindset despite being just a high school student.

Anime Debut As he walks the only talk is asking where the site is and with the bag dealt with Ritsuka says they should head back before noticing that Kasai is tearful. Asking what kind of song it is, Ritsuka shudders when Mafuyu sings it aloud. With his silence, Ritsuka taps him to prompt him into introducing himself with Ritsuka holding the guitar on Mafuyu's back as he bows. As he walks back Mafuyu wonders what lyrics he should write. He finds someone sleeping in his place, and reacts by thinking for him to not just sleep there. Mafuyu shows that he is very straightforward in his style of speech and tends to take certain things literally. Birthday Lots of guys cannot remember the chords and do not understand this part well so he suggests Mafuyu does his best to completely copy a tune starting with the introduction then moving onto the verse. And is now wandering eternally With that, he pretends to be asleep when Mafuyu wants to talk to him about the lyrics and he hears that Mafuyu had someone he truly loved from the past. Ritsuka looks out the window in class, now that he thinks about it he too was on the verge of tears when his strings snapped for the first time. With Ritsuka having seated himself beside Mafuyu, he slides over onto Ritsuka’s shoulder. [44], As days pass Ritsuka spends time working at the convenience store to pointing out to Haruki that Mafuyu can sing. He is surprised by Mafuyu’s star-eyed, sparkly Pomeranian reaction and hears he is so cool by Mafuyu before saying he has added to parts he thought were lacking.

[53], After hearing Haruki perform on his bass guitar, Ritsuka is honest about what he thinks; he likes it better than before. Portrayal Student This is then shoved into him when he merely stands spaced out. Flaring up again seeing that Mafuyu has not come, he instantly assumes and questions whether he is avoiding him.

[4], At school, Mafuyu lies sleeping at the top of a stairway, waking to make eye contact with Ritsuka and wonders who he was again. Although Ritsuka thinks to himself that he really wants it, he brushes off the cash telling him he does not need to pay him. Birthday Hearing that he is about to get taken away by Kasai, Mafuyu does not take long to shout Ritsuka’s name to wake him and has his hair patted by him.

それとも呪いのような One winter, Mafuyu remembers not feeling lonely despite not being able to see someone again.

Sitting on the floor beside him, it has been two months since then and yet Mafuyu is still just like an inexperienced amateur. Also whether he wants to convey it or just wants to run away from putting it into words. With Mafuyu’s hesitation, he reverses his attitude and makes it clear he does not want to say then just say so as Ritsuka feels like he is bullying him. Mafuyu's MotherMafuyu's Father Mafuyu lowers his head feeling like he is being blamed when Hiragi wonders if Mafuyu has decided to learn to move forward or because even now he feels imprisoned by it.

Thinking then that he could not play like Thom Yorke or Keith Richards right away he continued practicing until he played correctly. Then, he takes Mafuyu’s hand and checks it.[65]. He chuckles menacingly that he will not go easy on Mafuyu once he joins the band and will not spoil him anymore. ただそれだけのはなし [52], Nodding off at school un-awakened by Shogo’s enthusiasm about basketball, he takes Ueki's suggestion to find a place to nap before the match. Height Ritsuka does not want to see nor hear it; he does not want to listen to Mafuyu’s song when he is in love with someone. After a few days, Uenoyama starts to feel guilty so he returns to the steps where they first meet. Satō Mafuyu Ritsuka is told to watch over him as Akihiko removes himself and Haruki from the room. "It was a chance for me to fix the guitar, so I became attached to the summer." ねぇ [12], Speechless at being offered money for the guitar strings, Ritsuka thinks is he serious when money is presented for him to teach guitar. "When I had forgotten my passion when I started playing guitar, I met in the middle of winter. Mafuyu has unkept pink-tinged hair that is long enough to be over parts of his face. [3], As he walks through the corridors he thinks that recently he found a place no one goes to.

Glancing to Ritsuka, he ponders that things like crying and laughing he probably cannot do well, and he is definitely worse at expressing himself than other people are. B [55], With Akihiko calling for a break after that, Ritsuka is outside with him and offered a canned drink at a vending machine. Ritsuka is wordless and his expression remains caught off guard hearing that he is paying too much attention to Mafuyu's sounds, and the way he is now he may be eaten by them.[69]. Mafuyu happily places some on Haruki's plate and after heads back with Ritsuka as they head home in different directions. Manga Debut Anime Debut February 28 (Pisces)

Not returning to the steps where they met, Mafuyu eventually returns to the studio where Haruki had let him in.

In a band with Akihiko and Haruki, one day he comes across and helps Mafuyu with his guitar. 16 (start to chapter 16)17 (from chapter 16)


Note, this is the manga page for Ritsuka, for the anime page view Ritsuka Uenoyama Anime. Uchida Yuuma (anime)Furukawa Makoto (drama cd) (Japanese)Micah Solusod (English) He registers that Haruki has crouched down to his level and is unable to guess what he is talking about what he will need if he wants to play music seriously.

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