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The Commandant of the Marine Corps was so impressed by the performance of the M27 in testing and the Marines’ confidence in it that he ordered Marine Corps Systems Command to purchase the Approved Acquisition Objective and fully field the weapon. Around 2000, the 1st Marine Division’s 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment conducted initial, limited IAR trials which confirmed the desirability of a light automatic rifle. The M4 barrel and bolt (locking lugs) may last upwards of 10,000 rounds under extreme use before requiring replacement. (Although many .22 caliber conversion kits are made for the AR-15, the rimfire versions are only cosmetic similar rifles. Also, enemy snipers and other personnel may be less likely to identify the Automatic Rifleman — that’s a good thing. One need only look at the other RFIs that have been recently issued by MCSC for small arms. [11], In December 2009, the H&K weapon won the competition and entered into a five-month period of final testing. Exercises showed that having all weapons suppressed improved squad communication and surprise during engagements; disadvantages included additional heat and weight, increased maintenance, and the greater cost of equipping so many troops with the attachment.

[26] It features a gas-operated short-stroke piston action with a rotating bolt and a free-floating barrel. While the USMC has only alluded to the actual cost, the USMC has publicly stated that the new cost of each M27 IAR is “less than was paid for each Colt M4/M4A1.”  I am not authorized to release that cost, but one can do the math and see there appears to be some “extra money” mysteriously floating about in this equation. Companies that attempted to compete but were not accepted as finalists for testing included the Land Warfare Resources Corporation M6A4 IAR,[8][9] Patriot Ordnance Factory,[10] and General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products with the CIS Ultimax 100 MK5 (marketed as the GDATP IAR).

While the USMC is working on Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) to mitigate these effects, the M27 proved again to be an increase in combat capability over the currently issued M4 and M4A1. The improved STANAG magazine with the tan-colored anti-tilt follower is favored over the previous version with the green follower because it can be inserted more easily and the anti-tilt follower can handle high rates of fully automatic fire with less chance of malfunction.

A 2006 report conducted by the CNA Corporation found that among U.S. Army combat veterans, the M249 scored below average in third place (after the M16 rifle and M4 carbine, but generally ahead of the M9 pistol) in handling, accuracy, maintainability and corrosion resistance. The USMC created a “Sole Source” purchase request and that was protested with the GAO by FN Herstal who is the contractor for the US Army M4A1 (note: the USMC has not purchased an M4/M4A1 [**foot stomper** unit cost $1329.00] since Colt Defense was the contractor). In a firefight, squad members carrying extra magazines for the M27 might not always be in position to supply them to the gunner. Approximately 8,000–10,000 M249s will remain in service with the Marine Corps to be used at the discretion of company commanders. However, the M249 was not completely replaced by the M27 IAR, and six M249s were still issued to rifle companies between 2010 and 2017.

Each M27 gunner was to be equipped with around 22 30-round magazines of the type currently in use with the M16 and M4 carbine approximating the combat load of an M249 SAW gunner; although the M27 gunner would not be expected to carry all 22 magazines. It also blended in with standard M16-style service rifles, making it difficult for enemy forces to identify the machine gunner. The article, the very title of which no less, calls his professional reputation and personal integrity into question, and considering Mr. Fanelli’s honorable service to the USMC, deeply saddens me.The M27 IAR is coming. It was also significant that the Army had chosen not to pursue the IAR concept.[6]. It can be fed from both linked ammunition and STANAG magazines, like those used in the M16 and M4. [30] In response, Magpul began the process of arranging verification and official testing for their improved PMAG 30 GEN M3 magazine, which is compatible with both the M27 and M16-series rifles. Other factors further improve the M27’s accuracy. The GAO adjudicated in favor of the USMC and an RFP was prepared to purchase M27s for every Rifleman in every USMC Rifle Squad (and potential issuance to members of Combat Engineer Squads, Reconnaissance Teams, etc.).

The key difference between a lighter infantry rifle and a more heavily built automatic rifle is the ability of the latter to maintain sustained continuous fire without: stoppages; overheating the barrel or receiver; or losing accuracy. An M27 gunner with one aimed shot has the effect of three or four automatic shots from the SAW, and still has the option of a heavier volume with an accurate grouping. In December 2017, the Marine Corps announced that it would equip every member of an infantry squad with the M27. In 2009 he cofounded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch. In 1999, a Universal Need Statement was issued for an Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). [36] In July 2020, the Marine Corps announced it would be ordering suppressors for use by all M27s used by close combat units.

[37], In late 2017, the Marine Corps began fielding an optimized version of the M27 which was given a new number, the: M38 designated marksman rifle (M38 DMR). Such an upgrade would give the Marine Corps an impressive boost in aimed firepower and mark a broad return to the Corps’ tradition of marksmanship. The handguard has four MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails for use with accessories and optics. The M27 has become so well liked in August 2017 the Marine Corps issued an intent notice to procure another 50,000 rifles—enough to equip every infantryman and automatic rifleman in front-line combat units. The M249 was a Marine Corps staple through the 9/11 era. Follow Task & Purpose on Twitter. Everything he has done has been checked and rechecked by attorneys, Inspector General personnel, Marine Gunners, and of course, by every firearms manufacturer looking for a contract and the elected officials who represent them. To suggest a conspiracy rife with malfeasance on the part of good men like Sal Fanelli or USMC General Officers (or folks like me, for that matter) is unfortunate. During that time period, it was distributed one per four-man fireteam, three per squad, 28 per company, 84 per infantry battalion and 72 per Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion,[28] with a total of 4,476 being serviced by the Marine Corps as a whole.

The M27 has become so well liked in August 2017 the Marine Corps issued an intent notice to procure another 50,000 rifles—enough ... (after the M16 …

It is debatable, in fact, that program officials actually concede a loss of suppressive fire capabilities, as the only statements of concern over this concept were made by General Conway. The increase in ammo consumption meant an increase in carried ammunition weight. With a shrinking budget, the Marine Corps is looking at ways to implement the IAR as a multipurpose weapon.

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