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"Dad, who's Jimmy the Greek?" "He doesn't know any more than you and me.". But ultimately she had no choice but to include herself in my father's life as a player, having been excluded from his other life as ... well, a player. In the moments that followed, as Rogers watched the time on his watch, the crowd settled from nervous laughter into a hush, and then, for many, into being moved to tears. While on set, Vogel watches as Rogers struggles to set up a children’s tent that’s part of the day’s episode. But I believe that for the first time he had to borrow money to pay his gambling debts -- and that for the first time he got scared. Just as in the movie, he did often say he wouldn’t “eat anything that had a mother,” though it doesn’t seem like he ever used that line with Junod. This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's January issue. The impossible victory that Broadway Joe guaranteed for the Jets in Super Bowl III? He never bet another football game after moving down to Florida.

Though of all races, the schoolchildren were mostly black and Latino, and they didn’t even approach Mister Rogers and ask him for his autograph.

Illustration by Max-o-matic. Unlike the barely-there similarities between Junod and Vogel, Hanks’ Fred Rogers uncannily resembles the real Rogers in mannerisms (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood opens with the familiar routine of Rogers changing from his blue sports coat to his red cardigan, and Hanks’ use of silence, as if waiting for the audience to respond, is at once familiar and unsettling) and is largely faithful in terms of biography.

My father was, in fact, an inept gambler, but he never blamed me for his losses, at least not out loud, and I never rooted for any team but the teams on which he'd put money. How bad could any of it be if the line was in the paper like stocks and bonds? I was a salesman just out of college, traveling all over American roads in the cause of selling handbags to stores that would in turn sell them to American women, not unlike my father had done. and featuring Tom Hanks cutting that familiar cardiganed form, strikes the same chords as last year’s documentary except with a cynical, broken journalist serving as a surrogate for our cynical, broken times. ", And what a ludicrous truth it was, because Zsa Zsa Gabor was a gloriously ludicrous woman. At the end, Rogers asks the dying man to pray for him.

... Jerry Vogel (Chris Cooper) vs. Lou Junod. But we could talk about it. My father had the Colts minus-18. M y father, Lou Junod, had Zsa Zsa Gabor. This story was as ludicrous as Zsa Zsa herself—as outlandish and egocentric and self-aggrandizing—but it had the ring of truth, not only because my father told it with no particular pride, but also because it marked him as a ludicrous and outlandish figure, and he seemed to know it. Who did I like? That is, he had sex with her. And then he stopped watching football altogether, because as it turned out, he wasn't really a football fan at all. Who the hell knows why you fall in love, but I can tell you that several love stories began that day: between America and the NFL, between my father and gambling, between me and football, and between me and my father. The Lou Junod who had long-term affairs with women he met on the road was as treacherous a figure as my mother suggested he was. I cannot name a single movie she starred in, and indeed I expect that all her obituaries will postulate that she was perhaps the first woman to be famous for nothing more than being famous, the Kim Kardashian of her time. It is both an eventuality and an inevitability that sports betting will be part of this country's armament of legal entertainments, first state by state, and then nationwide, once Congress does what the NFL has asked it to do and establishes a "regulatory framework" that protects "the integrity of our game" and ensures both the league and its players a piece of the action. As Junod himself writes in a recent piece for the Atlantic, “I did not get into a fistfight with my father at my sister’s wedding. Photos by TriStar Pictures and Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD. "He's a tout." It was late in the day, and the train was crowded with children who were going home from school. My parents threw an annual Super Bowl party, to which they invited friends who had never placed a bet. Did that make them criminals? I put it this way because that's how it was put to me. But his gambling was the one secret in which we could all participate. I neither believed nor disbelieved him, because although he was, by his own reckoning, "a very attractive man," and although I'd been with him several times when he was mistaken for a celebrity, he was still my father and still a salesman. What is the difference between legal and illegal gambling? He did not invest; he gambled on long shots or, as he called them, "s--- stocks," with the same degree of acumen he brought to football. This is all somewhat accurate, though no woman was editor in chief of Esquire in the ’90s, and its staff was not as diverse as it is in the movie. The Lou Junod who had a fling with Zsa Zsa Gabor—Zsa Zsa Gabor!—was so outsized that he was ridiculous, and that's how I knew him, that's how I laughed at him, and that's how I loved him. She didn't tell me anything I didn't know until she broke the news with those exact words: "And of course everybody knows he had Zsa Zsa Gabor. The house was the only asset they had left, and my father had to live the rest of his life on the proceeds of the sale, including investments. The movie adheres more strictly to Junod’s fashion: “He was dressed as I used to dress back in the late ’90s, in a black mock turtleneck and an Armani blazer,” Junod writes. My father, Lou Junod, had Zsa Zsa Gabor. And yet what they could not have known is that in the end, gambling is what kept my parents together. Charlie always won. The Last Remaining Evidence of My Father's Voice, The 6 Best Books for Fathers on Father's Day. He is writing a book about his father. What becomes, then, of its legitimacy? Below, we break it all down.

But he lost precisely what he was out to win, which was everything, or everything but my mother, who stayed with him to the bitter end. The racetrack listings would already be marked up, subject to my father's blocky exegesis. Last May, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal law prohibiting sports betting was unconstitutional and thereby left the question of betting's legality to the states. In the movie, Lloyd's father, Jerry Vogel (Chris Cooper), is almost entirely fictional. He gambled because he liked, as he always told me, "a little action, a little interest," and because life lacked savor without "a little larceny." What was my father going to do -- show him the notes he made at the breakfast table with his stubby pencil? It was, in fact, about the only thing in his life that wasn't secret, and for that I'll always be grateful to the great god of gambling, which despite its hunger and bloody fangs gave us point spreads and football Sundays together. We went out for dinner, and she began telling me stories about the old man. And that was the thing: Nobody knew, not even the Jimmy the Greek. It was a sin that carried with it its own absolution, for it somehow made him as.

In the middle of their conversation, a group of children begin to sing “Won’t You be My Neighbor?” This, implausibly, seems to actually have happened—though while the movie might leave the viewer with the sense that Rogers regularly took the subway, the circumstances in the profile suggest this wasn’t so routine. It was a cultural event, a vote for vice.

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