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So when the CEO of her company, Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik), comes into her world and falls in love with her, she knows it’s bad news. To think I remember when the nuna concept was foreign and storylines like You’re My Pet were considered “fetish”. Full House 풀하우스 (2004) But due to some awful incident, he had to quit his law school and became an actor-singer. This drama is full of teen angst and melodrama, where a rich guy poor girl still fell in love dramatically. It’s fun living vicariously through fictitious K-drama characters sometimes! In “Master’s Sun,” So Ji Sub stars as Joo Joong Won, the CEO of a shopping center who is being followed by a woman named Tae Gong Sil. “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” tells the story of a rich CEO of a gaming company named Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) and a mysteriously strong woman named Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young). He is arrogant and self-absorbed, and obviously has a lot of money. Boys Before Flowers: For most of us, this has been the gateway drama into K-Dramaland. She shows Min Ho the meaning of love, and the little things that really matter in life. But, after her family’s publishing company went bankrupt, her life drastically changed. EXO Lay starts following Indian actress on Instagram! Lesson that I had to learn in my adult life – don’t procrastinate until the last minute. Lee Ji-Yi is her best friend and Chang-Soo’s girlfriend, who always had a dream to marry a rich guy because she has always been poor but not knowing the fact that her best friend Yoon-ha is from a wealthy family. Yoon Ji-Hu, So Yi-Jung, and Song Woo-bin were Gu Jun-Pyo’s friends, and rich heirs, are all members of the group. Sung Joon grows up to be a wealthy chief editor of a magazine company while Hye Jin is poor and struggles to find jobs. Boy loves girl. But in my personal drama watching time lately I’ve been really into the Rich Guy/Poor Girl Cinderella concept.

Writer. It makes me excited for what the future has in store! Over the years, K-dramas have featured girls dressing up as guys and becoming eunuchs, members of boy bands, and students in all-boys schools. Lee Ji Yi played Lim Ji Yeon, a poor girl who was very realistic about the world she lived in and her relationships.

Yoon Ji-Hu, So Yi-Jung, and Song Woo-bin were Gu Jun-Pyo’s friends, and rich heirs, are all members of the group. One day, she meets Gong-chan, the sole heir to the L`Avenuse Hotel fortune.

He has a knack for choosing good drama scripts, and this one, I definitely approve of.I love this drama for it’s characters. [Top 30] Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama Korean, Top 10. This series focuses on the lives of Crown Prince Lee Shin of Korea, and his new bride, Chae-Kyeong. Gu Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, 14. Here’s a look at 10: This drama is the newest one on the list and one that we can’t forget. Kind and bold. Korean Dramas where the rich guy who falls for the poor girl is a trope that has been SOOOOOO overused in Kdramas! This series wasn’t exactly known for its rich/poor K-drama trope, but it does involve a poor girl who falls in love with a rich goblin. Secret Garden 시크릿 가든 (2010) On the other hand, Noh Eul lost her father, who died in a hit and run, prompting her to quit her school and make money for living for herself and her brother. It really doesn’t get any cuter than this. I love this drama for it’s characters. Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young as a couple are a delight to watch and they really give off those first love butterflies. Lee Soon Shin is the Best 최고다 이순신 (2013) Though that was a very short list, there are more dramas out there that bring the overly used trope to life. Starring: Uee as Jang Yoon-ha, Sung Joon as Choi Joon-ki,  Park Hyung-Sik as Yoo Chang-soo, Lim Ji-Yeon as Lee Ji-Yi.

I only tried to bring you some unique ones. As someone who works with my man who often reminds me that in many ways he’s working for me – it’s been eye-opening and encouraging. binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG. Seeing Chang Soo and his desperate desire to want to be with Ji Yi was heartbreaking to watch and it is what made the K-drama have more depth. Soompi X Fuse Present the 12th Annual Soompi Awards! It stars Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo, a really rich high school student who is a bit of a jerk, but he ends up falling in love with the daughter of a dry cleaning store, Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun). Psychology student. We always provide out of the box web solutions to our customers.

Gae In is a furniture designer and the daughter of the famous architect, who doesn’t seem very impressed by his daughter. Plus, you’ve got Hallyu stars Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum – you can’t go wrong! The real compilations started when Ji-Eun and Young-Jae both begin to fall for each other. Top 20 Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Dramas.

Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Ki Woo, 7. The two meet by chance in their company and are forced to confront their complicated past. I’ve been watching and reviewing a lot of recent Korean dramas for TOAD – because they’re popular. While K-drama tropes tend to favor the male being the rich one and the female being the poor one who takes on odd jobs, this specific drama deals with the female lead being wealthy. Meanwhile, Oska met his first love again, Yoon Seul, who wants nothing to do with Oska, but instead, she set her eyes on Joo-won. Top 5 Rich Guy Poor Girl Kdramas 2018 Korean Dramas where the rich guy who falls for the poor girl is a trope that has been SOOOOOO overused in Kdramas!

– 너도 인간이니 Starring: Park So-dam as Eun Ha-won, Jung II-Woo as Kang Ji-Woon, Ahn Jae-Hyun as Kang Hyun-min, Lee Jung-Shin as Kang Seo-Woo, Choi Min as Lee Yoon-Sung. Starring– Yoon Eun-Hye as Shin Chae-Kyeong, Ju Ji-Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Shin, Kim Jeong-Hoon as Prince Lee Yul. Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 (2009) The sitch: In the Joseon era, a time when women were not allowed to be educated, Kim Yoon-hee (Min Young) pretends to be a boy to earn a living as a book transcriber. Who isn’t a Korean drama fan after watching them once?

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