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I also have a 1943 M-1 Carbine in very good condition. In theory, on ignition the casing would swell to fill these rings, delaying extraction long enough for pressure to drop. or so, generating about 970 foot-pounds of energy — on par with the .44 magnum; however, that’s from the M1 carbine’s 18-inch barrel. this cartridge did not require any delay mechanism, as it worked reliably in blow-back (pure blow-back) automatic pistol of numerous models (too many in 20th century Europe to list them all here), however such solution allowed usage of lighter breech block. shame Ian didnt know about it fully, beside the chamber ring. I put plugs in under my muffs to shoot either. also it should be possible to use quite long barrel and grip move forward for balance. It’s pretty damn accurate. A gunshop bought the parts and at least a couple of pistols wwere assembled with barrels chambered for.30 luger. All flunked. Five days a week, I made the trip, arriving early and spending the entire day writing various stories about handguns—and they paid me! I solved that issue by filing the end of the ejector rod a bit to allow it to line up easier with the chamber mouths. US Patent 2,870,562 “Cartridge case extractor for a firearm”. I knew nothing about this particular Ruger, and now I do. A spiral groove was cut in the chamber to deal with +P variant of 9 Makarov. Do I use gun-oil, or sizing lube ? But there are mitigating circumstances regarding its military performance — namely full metal jacketed bullets. Please consider,,,,,,,,, Not. If it were a Taurus then there would be four things I don’t want about loud 30 carbine old-school revolver. Thanks for a very useful review. If it were any barrel attachement, the gun would not cycle as supposed.

This is also true of revolvers in .30 USC. Your comments are correct, but i’ll Bet you a good meal that if they come out with a reasonably priced .30 carbine A la automag design, all the millions of M1 Carbine owners will seriously consider getting one. The slide velocity was high enough that the guns very quickly battered the slide stop block. By Mike “Duke” Venturino Ear plugs are not an optional item. Admittedly, those ballistics don’t sound too thrilling on paper, but let’s compare, shall we? So, if you have your heart set on the little carbine as your SHTF/TEOTWAWKI rifle, and you really want a pistol using the same round as a backup, Ruger’s got you covered.

This is a questionable feature when it is part of the actual grip in contact with the firer’s hand. That’s the bad news. And he probably lacked the capital to do that work as well. WHAT DO 30 CARBINE RUGER PEOPLE SHOOT (I ASSUME 30 110GR RIFLE CARTIDGES) – HAS ANYBODY RELOADED FOR IT AND SHOT PAST 7 YARDS – II HAVE NEVER SHOT CLOSE BECAUSE I USED IT ON PIGS AND DEER/ELK SIDEARM – CASE ONE GOT UP WHILE THE RIFLE WAS DOWN OR TAKING A CRAP.

The Kimball failed because it was a delayed blowback, a hopelessly lightweight way to make a .30 Carbine pistol.

Your email address will not be published. Jump ahead 90 years or so, and Ruger took a similar route, releasing the .30 Carbine-chambered version of the Blackhawk in 1968, likely to capitalize on the wide availability of milsurp M1 Carbines and their ammo at the time. It is quite interesting that Kimball automatic pistol lack any muzzle device, despite .30 Carbine is said to give vicious flash when fired from barrel of given length. It should come as no surprise that I quickly accepted that offer. it has muzzle(slide)-brake-compensator, which allows to fire PMM cartridge. This was very interesting Review of the .30 Ruger Single Action Blackhawk. I mean difficult as in the stuck loaded rounds had to be knocked out by whacking the ejector rod button with a weighted rubber hammer! Automatic pistol is automatic pistol and avtomat is avtomat, they should never be confused. The gun is very easy to clean — and a good thing too, as it needs to be cleaned rather often. At around the same time, extraction can also start becoming a bit difficult; I have had, on occasion, some empty cases which required a fair bit of force on the ejector rod to remove — although, I’ve never had to use anything beyond hand-strength. Just an interesting note of Internet lore I figured may be relevant. How it Works: Single-Action vs. Double-Action. By the way, both Smith & Wesson and Colt experimented with big revolvers in .30 Carbine.

It is straight blowback, but upon firing the case expended into a ring machined into the chamber. But, in all honesty, the same gun chambered in .357 Magnum could probably do all those things just as well (albeit, probably with somewhat more recoil when firing .357s), with rather more commonly available ammo that gives better handgun performance. Photos By Yvonne Venturino. “I don’t recall this system ever being attempted in another pistol. They usually carry the gas pistons at the front half of the barrel and very near to the muzzle and rarely have gas exhaust holes since there would be no bullet plug alongside the cycling to rise the inside pressure to fasten the action mechanism.

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