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# State Sen. Kenneth Wayne Jones, D-Canton, attended the meeting and told the Jackson Free Press that preliminary plans include a 50,000-seat state-of-the-art domed stadium … All Rights Reserved |, Walter Payton Health and Recreation Center, Walter Payton Center Membership Application, Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center, Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire, Video Platform Powered by CBS Sports Digital. Supporter levels begin at just $2/month. Welcome to Jackson State University / Veterans Memorial Stadium This historical venue was originally built in 1950 is owned and operated by Jackson State University. Private donors, sponsorship sales, the Mississippi government and money from selling Veterans Memorial Stadium and the surrounding land would all go toward the project. The band gyrates and dances in unison to the beat of the music, and it really creates a raucous atmosphere.

The Tigers currently field 14 sports (6 men’s, 8 women’s), and compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) for all sports. I think the ticket prices are kind of high for a lower level matchup, but there is no cost to park and concessions prices are pretty reasonable, but all in all I’d recommend getting something to eat before arriving at the arena.

by Matt Colville | Jan 25, 2019 | Matt Colville, NCAA Basketball | 0 comments, Williams Assembly Center, JSU Tigers in Action, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center Scoreboard, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center Interior, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, JSU Trophies on Display, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, Courtside View, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, The Sonic Boom of the South, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, JSU Team Bench, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, View from the Stands, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, JSU Banners Hanging from the Ceiling, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, JSU Athletics Hall of Fame, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center Exterior, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, Walter Payton Locker with Jersey and Helmet, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey, Williams Assembly Center, Jackson State Tunnel, Photo by Matt Colville, Stadium Journey. Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium … The talk of a domed stadium to house the football and basketball teams has died down for now, so the Tigers are forced to play in what they have.

to Lose Capital City Classic in 2012", "BPSports.net - 10,200 turn out to watch Mississippi backyard brawl", "Millsaps College vs Mississippi College (Sep 02, 2000)", "MHSAA football championships to move to college campuses", "Jackson State looking to build 50,000 seat, $200 million domed stadium", "Private money, new stadium for Jackson State football loom as roadblocks for UMMC mega facility - Mississippi Business Journal", "Natchez News Leader - Google News Archive Search", "Jackson State University Football 2010 Media Guide", "MSU vs. Auburn History: Dogs down #5 Tigers in '63", "Past Football Scores for Ole Miss, starting 1960 - Hogville.net", "Sports Illustrated November 10, 1969 "Football's Week, "Sports Illustrated September 26, 1977 "The Week, "33 years later, score remains State 6, Bama 3", "Cosby tried, God blew, and 2 teams celebrated", "Wind-blocked kick most memorable Egg Bowl moment", "1984 SWAC Football Conference Standings - Totalfootballstats.com", "The Day The Godfather Did In The Gunslinger", "Alcorn Wins Epic Showdown with Mississippi Valley", "Drum Corps International Is Proud To Announce: 'The Legacy Collection: Masterful Performances of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES from 1974-1999' on DVD!! © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. In the 1990s the university won a $200 million lawsuit against the state of Mississippi to improve the infrastructure on campus. As for the size, Veterans Memorial Stadium currently has a capacity of over 60,000. The 1993 Drum Corps International World Championships were held there with the Cadets of Bergen County taking 1st place. 44,215 4 Harvard Harvard Stadium (Boston, Mass.) During the war the city was burned to the ground by Union soldiers not once but twice. Tickets are $10 for general admission seating and you get to sit anywhere in the arena. There are also two malls located at Dogwood Place on Lakeland, as well as The Outlets of Mississippi located south of Lakeland Drive in Pearl next to Trustmark Park, home of the Mississippi Braves.

Mississippi State's last home game at Jackson was a 34–22 victory over LSU in 1990 and their last game of any sort there was the 1990 Egg Bowl where they lost to the Rebels 21–9 playing as the visiting team. On September 2, 2000, after a 40-year hiatus, the two schools resumed their football series and in front of a reported crowd of 10,200 spectators. Jackson, MS 39203, $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["ee898457-2a7c-47bb-8b81-bfe0f8d6114c"]); }), Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium – Jackson State Tigers, Robert Braddy Field – Jackson State Tigers. If coming from the north, south, or east you will be driving through downtown. It was redesigned and enlarged in 1960 and Ole Miss vs. Arkansas dedicated Mississippi Memorial Stadium in 1961 before a capacity crowd of 46,000. It was cool the see the original jersey of quite possibly the greatest running back in NFL history, and the greatest athlete to come out of JSU, Walter Payton. [9], From 2000 to 2004 Veterans Memorial was home of the renewed Backyard Brawl between Millsaps College and Mississippi College. It’s a very nice interactive museum that doesn’t get too packed during the week, and you could spend hours just walking through all the different exhibits located in the museum. However, the facility has really low ceilings so the further up in the bleachers you go, the more your view becomes obstructed. S Prentiss St The official Football page for the.

The facility faces an uncertain future as Jackson State University has explored and proposed building an on-campus venue in recent years. As referenced, for many years Mississippi Memorial Stadium served as an alternate home stadium for the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University, and occasionally the University of Southern Mississippi. After expanding in 1980, and more recent modifications it now accommodates 44,215 people with bleacher seating. The court faces north and south with wooden bleacher-style seats behind the baskets, and these seats are slanted at almost a 45-degree angle that extends far back into the corner of the arena. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: collegefootball | pageType: stories | © Copyright 2020, Jackson State University Athletics. There is a Marriott located in downtown as well.

For more college football news, rumors and analysis, follow @EyeOnCFB on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS Feed, college football newsletter, and get the Eye On College Football Podcast from iTunes. Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium has been the home stadium of the Jackson State Tigers football team since 1970,  and owned and operated by Jackson State University since July 1, 2011. But another bar in the area I recommend checking out is Brent’s Drugs – from the outside it looks like a regular pharmacy, and with the soda fountain inside it’s very reminiscent of a 50’s-style diner. The stadium would not be strictly for football use, either, as Jackson State's basketball team would play home games there and concerts and other events would take place in the new stadium as well. I also enjoyed talking to some of the ushers and event staff about the history of JSU sports, dating back to the glory days of Walter Payton. In addition, this event is a cultural and social gathering filled with concerts that attract some of the top performers in the country. With an enrollment of a little over 7,700 students the college is one of the oldest HBCU schools in the United States, as well as the fourth-oldest college in the state. Did you enjoy this content? Once on campus, Williams Assembly Center isn’t too difficult to find – you just go through three roundabouts on Pearl Street with the arena located directly south of the third roundabout. It was built in 1981 and is home to the Jackson State Tigers women's and men's basketball teams. Help support our work by becoming a supporter of Stadium Journey on Patreon. But another bar in the area I recommend checking out is Brent’s Drugs – from the outside it looks like a regular pharmacy, and with the soda fountain inside it’s very reminiscent of a 50’s-style diner. Though this area is off limits to regular fans, I give a shout-out to JSU Sports Information Director Dennis Driscoll and his staff for allowing me access to this great area of the venue. Get CBSSports.com College Football updates on Facebook. Should JSU relinquish control of the stadium, the University of Mississippi Medical Center has expressed interest in using the property to build a medical research and treatment "city" in the area. Lakeland Drive is located east of I-55, and you can find all the usual chain restaurants and lodging in that area. Below are the 25 biggest stadiums that serve as primary settings for FCS football teams in 2020. The JSU Sports Hall of Fame will be located on the first floor.[14][15]. The northwest side of Williams Assembly Center is where the athletic department offices and classrooms are located, and on the northeast side is a reception area that sometimes hosts private events for the athletic department. Capacity: 8,000 One thing that SWAC schools are known for is their bands, and at Jackson State it’s no exception. Jackson State's first game at the stadium was an October 1967 contest versus Grambling State. Jackson State Tigers website. As soon as you enter the only thing that really stands out is the way the concourses are laid out – instead of having a regular concourse wrapped around underneath the seating bowl, here at Williams Assembly Center it is laid out in 4 sections.

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