is it illegal to remove headrest from car

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Head restraints (also called headrests) are an automotive safety feature, attached or integrated into the top of each seat to limit the rearward movement of the adult occupant's head, relative to the torso, in a collision — to prevent or mitigate whiplash or injury to the cervical vertebrae. Comment for Ron on item #9.

Otherwise, best practice would be to just remove the headrest. CarseatBlog: The Most Trusted Source for Car Seat Reviews, Ratings, Deals & News. ok, i am living this exact problem right now, but my car’s headrests are NOT removable at all. I also wanted to add that I was able to educate a friend of mine on the use of headrests...ahem, head RESTRAINTS...for adults this past week. 15 Sep. Posted by: Category: Uncategorized . Hmm, I swear I've heard it recommended more than once by experienced techs. There are no laws concerning head rests on the books in Florida. Please  Support Car-Seat.Org  with your purchases of infant, convertible, combination and boosters seats from our premier sponsors above.Shop travel systems, strollers and baby gear from Britax, Chicco, Clek, Combi, Evenflo, First Years, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Safety 1st, Diono & more! I am looking at new cars but not found any with a comfortable headrest. Thanks again for the input!

I did it already, since it seemed to push the seat forward.

It's easier for me to simply store the headrest in the basement than to fiddle with it and try to position it high enough to keep it from interfering with the Regent's installation. These are the rules you must follow to restrain your children safely. Adjusting the Tilt of Car Headrests: It is very typical for modern cars (say, from 2012 on) to have headrests tilted forward. I just have specific seats in the car for adults, and others for carseats.

The device may permit horizontal displacement, known as tilt adjustment, and/or vertical displacement, known as height adjustment. Active devices move the body in a crash in order to shift the loads on the car seat. Should we tell them to take the headrests out altogether and possibly have the parents forget to put them back in the vehicle for an adult passenger? I think I can make the headrest tall enough so that it doesn't touch the car seat -- but does it matter?

A restraint should be at least as high as the head's center of gravity, or about 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) below the top of the head. I have wanted to put in a head rest to prevent whiplash The most effective head restraint must allow a backset motion of less than 60 mm to prevent the hyperextension of the neck during impact.[10]. Are there any seats/booster seats that will fit my car? When driving, the height of the head restraint is critical in influencing injury risk. The vehicle seat back shouldn’t have any bearing on a rear-facing installation. for a long time. That would hurt a bit, especially if the posts came at me first ;). As a result, different types of head restraints have been developed by various manufacturers to protect their occupants from whiplash. At first it looked a bit odd, but after a couple weeks, it is not noticeable at all. Sigh. Off the top of my head, I believe Britax allows it and the Diono Monterey, but check with Diono on the Monterey. So, I took both of the front seat headrests off (have to push in the button on both posts simultaneously and lift on the headrest) and flipped them around 180 degrees (my Acadia does not have the DVDs in the headrest). Illegal no head rests? Take care, If my answer was helpful, please click ACCEPT so i may be compensated for my time. Is it possible to have alternate headrests installed? What happened to the adjustable head rest that you used to be able to tilt forward or back to the driver’s comfort? It also allows the headrest to stay in the vehicle so that if the car seat or booster needs to be removed for an adult passenger, that person has head support.


Bending the bars to the location you want might work however this may damage the bars/crack them or lessen integrity of the steal (break point during crash) In my Odyssey, I turned the 3rd row headrests around so that they don't interfere with the carseats. it somewhat is an previous regulation and it quite is now cautioned which you bypass away a toddler in the RF place as much as the seats skill, which on the stable ones is around 33- 35 lbs. Some cars you can turn the head rest around and get what you need. Welding in a Honda seat rest. Guess I’ve just got a lot of hot air to share :D. There was a post on regarding headrests and car seats.

Active head restraint — refers to a device designed to automatically improve head restraint position and/or geometry during an impact.

All opinions at CarseatBlog are those of the individual author for informational purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect any policy or position of Carseat Media LLC. Many SUVs and vans simply don’t have storage space for headrests if they’re removed and let’s face it, not everyone is as concerned with headrest safety as those of us in our field are (just drive around and look at how many people are at risk for whiplash because their headrests are adjusted too low). I would contact the vehicle manufacturer to find the answer to this question. What’s my point? If you like the car, spend the money. These headrests are safe for people because they are closer to heads and reduce injury rates for whiplash and other neck injuries, but they push car seats forward making it so they don’t sit flush against the vehicle seat. They left out the statistics in the decision regarding the people that remove the head rest because it hurts. © 2007-2020 Carseat Media LLC, dba Car-Seat.Org, all rights reserved, 2015 Britax ClickTight Convertible Carseat Recall,,, Black Friday 2020 Carseat, Stroller and Baby Gear Deals, Sales & Coupon Codes, UPPAbaby ALTA Highback Booster Review – Taking Luxury to New Heights, 2020 Evenflo LiteMax DLX Infant Carseat Review – Premium Safety Features Without the Premium Price Tag, Why 3-year-olds Have No Business Riding in Booster Seats. Others don’t allow a gap at all. is it safe or not to remove a front seat head restraint if there is no front seat passenger sitting there so that the child in the rear has a clear view to see? weight and you’ll see what my point is. JavaScript is disabled. Sorry! I just bought a 2002 Hyundai Getz from a dealer, and I hadn't noticed that there aren't any rear headrests, but there are holes where there should be headrests, and my mum thinks it's illegal not to have them, but I can't find anything online saying that it's not. The head rest of the booster may touch the headrest of the car but creates a bit of a gap behind the child’s backrest of the booster and the car’s actual seat…. I would love some ideas of high back boosters that allow some gap because I am also dealing with angled, fixed headrests. Adjustable head restraint — refers to a head restraint that is capable of being positioned to fit the morphology of the seated occupant.

Does having the bars of the headrest help protect anything? when the restraint is all the way down, it barely sticks above the seatback. on the back bench seat of a 2006 Sienna in order to fit the Graco Turbo booster? A headrest can be a useful piece of equipment to have in your car, especially behind the driver's seat. It’s a frequent problem that headrests stick forward and interfere with the installation of some forward-facing car seats. Putting in a completely different seat with headrests The best idea I found so far is to get head rest from a car built in 2007 and put them in my new 2009 car. I can tell I need to remove the headrest to get it to fit safely, but haven’t found any way to do that. Two new Toyota SUVs earn 2020 safety awards, New BMW model performs well in crash tests, Crash rates fall for drivers in their 70s. In most passenger vehicles where manually adjustable head restraints are fitted, proper use requires sufficient knowledge and awareness by occupants. Sounds great, right?

I have to remove the 'Hyundai' and part of the other label on the car's trunk anyway to paint it. A major issue in whiplash prevention is the lack of proper adjustment of the seat safety system by both drivers and passengers.

We test drove at least 10 different new cars in august of 2009 We had a head rest problem with 100% of them.

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