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Tenzin (丹增, Dān Zēng) is a major character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, which aired from 2012 to 2014.The character and the series, a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, were created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.He is voiced by J. K. Simmons.Tenzin's father, Aang, was the Avatar who preceded Korra and kept world peace by … First appearance I got these heights off the premise that Aang is 4 ft. 6 in. In one village, the team met Kai, a young orphan boy who had recently discovered his airbending ability. Jinora is a quietly reserved, intelligent, studious girl, much different from her younger, more rambunctious siblings. Air Nation representative on the United Republic Council[5] (formerly)Leader of the Air NationAirbending masterInterim chairman of the United Republic Council, during the battle for Republic City[6] Tenzin, his family, and the other airbenders were rounded up in the Northern Air Temple's courtyard to be used as leverage by the Red Lotus to get to Korra. Given that Tenzin learned airbending from Avatar Aang and is Avatar Korra's, who is Aang's reincarnation, airbending teacher, he is, in a way, passing his father's teachings back to him. Im Kampf spart sie stets ihre Energie und wartet immer darauf, dass ihr Gegner den ersten Schritt macht. As the only airbender to be born in over a hundred years, Tenzin was taught the traditions and customs of the Air Nomads by his father, eventually earning the traditional Air Nomad tattoos.

Tenzin retired to a small room for meditation, muttering in frustration about his daughter's and Bumi's actions while trying to focus.

So the wikia lists Korra at 5'7" ( and Mako at 6'2". In my first Height Chart, I put Wan at about 2 inches taller than Korra. He was warned that Zaheer was on his way to the Northern Air Temple, but upon receiving the message, he noticed the Red Lotus had already arrived. As they followed the spirits down to the lower areas of the temple, Jinora confided in her aunt that she believed her father was mad at her, though Kya reassured her that Tenzin was not mad at her, but was merely suffering from a bruised ego.

Meanwhile, Tenzin remained in Republic City and attended the opening of the renovated Central City Station with his family, holding Rohan on his shoulders.

Predecessor After Avatar Korra ran away from her compound and traveled to Republic City, she finally convinced Tenzin to allow her stay on his island so he could teach her airbending. However, she does like to tease her siblings from time to time, causing her sister to perceive her as "mean and bossy". She immediately searched the library's vast collection for information on the spirit portals' locations, though to no avail. After this encounter, Tenzin and the rest of the United Republic Council were threatened by Amon to shut down the Pro-bending Arena or face "severe consequences". When Kuvira exploited Korra's weakness and moved in to finish her, Jinora and Opal blew the army commander back with a powerful air blast. Tenzin apologized to Bumi for yelling at him and emphasized that he truly was a part of the Air Nation. ​​​​​​​, So yeah basically whoever created this has -100 IQ. The group made their way up the stairs to a meditation room with Mako and Asami supporting Tenzin while Bolin tried to block the lava flow. So I noticed back in Beginnings Pt 1, at least two of the past Avatars were put on an even plane with Korra and that screamed opportunity. He pointed them to a door which led to a secret stairwell out of the temple, but on the way down, the hot liquid rapidly approached them. Having to respond negatively, he assured the president that he had airbenders all over the world on the lookout for her, hoping they would track the Avatar down soon.

As they approached Wan Shi Tong's Library, Jinora initially mistook it for being an elaborate tree house, though soon recognized the building for what it truly was since her grandfather used to frequent it.

Nachfolger Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The most damning evidence that these estimations aren't accurate is the heights given for Mako and Korra on this wiki, 6'2 and 5'7 respectively. People were shorter hundreds of years ago since they didn't have as much food. In part one, Tenzin and the Air Nation help out at the evacuee camp for people whose homes were destroyed in Kuvira's assault.

Dabei überwarf sie sich mit Suyin. Surrounded by light, Jinora's spirit brought Raava back to the world by casting a bright light over the Dark Avatar, interrupting his attempted corruption of Korra's projection. Major graphic novel characters (Legend of Korra), History of Tenzin (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence), Legend of Korra: Book Four: Balance Official Trailer, The Legend of Korra Press Site - Character descriptions, Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy (Insight Edition), Nachdem Suyin ablehnt, gewährt Kuvira ihr eine 24 Stunden Bedenkfrist, ansonsten würde sie die Stadt mit Gewalt an sich reißen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [22] The four took all the residents of the Northern Air Temple as prisoner, save Kai who was thought dead, but ultimately survived. It allows for someone to change their guess for Aang’s height (in inches, sorry rest of the world, the conversion rate is 2.54) and get relative heights based on the static pixel height ratios. He was chosen by her to be part of the stealth airbender team tasked with carrying out that mission. Last appearance Nur einmal, als sie Opal von der Verlobung erzählt, schaut sie verbunden zu ihm hinüber; was ihn den Blick sofort erwidern lässt.Es lässt sich also noch nicht klar sagen, wann sie aus manipulativen Gründen schauspielert und wann nicht, was mögliche Schlüsse von ihrem Umgang mit anderen Personen auf ihren Charakter stark eingrenzt. Mako and Bolin would sneak in and rescue Korra, Tenzin and Lin but not the officers and they were taken away to Amon. He watched as everyone else emerged before continuing to view the duel in the skies. However, everywhere they went, none of the new airbenders seemed interested in leaving their previous lives and training at the Northern Air Temple. Finally just why? Despite Tenzin's disapproval, the rest of the Council voted to keep the arena open, which proved to be catastrophic as Amon and his Equalists blew up part of the arena in their attack. The spirit purred and offered Jinora to ride on his back, a suggestion she readily accepted. When their father reminded her siblings that she was in charge, Meelo denounced her authority and ordered them all to move out, prompting Jinora to sigh at his antics and merely urge Pepper to take to the sky. At the last second, he swooped down on her, pushing her out of the beam's trajectory, though the proximity of the blast knocked them both unconscious and they plummeted down. Die Überbegriffe des Wasserbändigens sind Abstoßen und Anziehen. Enemies I tried to better find out how true these small heights were by extrapolating adult height from them. She made her way to a temple overlook, where she was approached by an apologetic Kai. or 130 cm. Even when tied down, Tenzin is able to create a tornado powerful enough to lift himself and two additional adults into the air. Jinora guided Korra into the Spirit World in order to close the Southern spirit portal. Air Nation representative on the United Republic Council, Interim chairman of the United Republic Council, during the. They were dropped into the water on another location, where they were instantly swallowed by another spirit who transported them to a rapidly moving stream. Lin, Korra, Tenzin, and the metalbenders faced Hiroshi's mecha tank. [45] Days later, he attended a new meeting with that group, sans the inventors, to discuss the city's evacuation progress, though it was interrupted by Lin, Suyin, Zhu Li, and Bolin. He soon departed for the air temple aboard Asami's Future Industries airship. Voiced by Sie ist eine meisterhafte Metallbändigerin und verlobt mit Suyins ältestem Sohn Baatar Jr. Bei ihrem ersten Auftritt in der Serie probte sie mit der Tanzgruppe für eine Aufführung.

Like the rest of the group, Tenzin glared at Bumi after he suggested that the queen had a right to do so. Bilder (17) When Korra began her training, Jinora demonstrated the proper way to navigate through the spinning gates before speeding them up with a blast of air. (June 2, 2006). Tied to the floor by platinum chains, she and the other captives were guarded by two Red Lotus sentries. Figuring that his bending would activate if his life was in danger, Bumi requested that Bolin earthbend boulders against him, which Tenzin forbade.

I was interested in the official height of the characters in ATLA after reading an older forum on the topic, From there I employed a little SCIENCE!

Jinora assured him that Tenzin's outburst was not his fault while lamenting her father's lack of belief in her.

Jinora noted that the place held a lot of spiritual energy, though it had been corrupted. 171 NG - 174 NG Outside the after-party, Tenzin engaged in a conversation with the Avatar. Jinora agreed to the deal before, at Kai's call, taking notice of the baby bison in flight. Zaheer: Not pictured, but based on his size compared to both P'Li and Gazhan, Zaheer is in the 6'0" to 6'1" range, which is where I put him in the previous chart.

When he was contacted in 174 AG by the governor of Yi, he sent Kai and Opal out to deal with their situation. The four ran out of the prison hold while having to dodge further attacks by the Dai Li. Jinora was curious if her parents had chosen a name yet and if not, if she could she name him. Tenzin stood for a photo with his family when he was a baby. Tenzin told his siblings to go back to the temple to see if Ikki had come back while he would continue looking for her alone. Now following Bumi's advice, Tenzin started teaching with an iron fist, yelling at his students and dismissing their complaints. Als die beiden Kuvira angreifen, ruft sie deren Vereinbarung zum Zweikampf als gebrochen aus und befiehlt den Angriff. When they returned to the tent and Korra instantly went to Asami's side, Tenzin remarked that the two women made a good team.[9]. In diesem Duell behält Kuvira klar die Oberhand, bis zu dem Moment, als Korra in den Avatar-Zustand übergeht. Sich im Wissen dessen gegen die Frau zu stellen, die sie im Alter von acht Jahren bei sich aufnahm, zeigt den Glauben den sie in ihre Sache hat. Helping Korra to her feet, he tried to console her by saying that there was no shame in taking the time needed to recover and that her duties as the Avatar could wait. "Bitter Work". Considering how fast they reached more modern technology within the 75 years after the original series, it's reasonable to conclude the world of Avatar is set in a asian inpspired world roughly equivalent to China at the turn of the 1800's at the earliest. With the exit blocked off and lava quickly surrounding them, the airbending master informed the team that Oogi and the other bison had been scared away, but let them know of a secret passage out, telling Bolin to bend through a back wall. While staying at the Eastern Air Temple, Tenzin reunited with Korra, who brought him up to speed on the Water Tribe Civil War and Unalaq's intentions to free Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence.

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