hardness difference to prevent galling

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• Think about design tolerances. 0000000860 00000 n

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Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.5 Hardness–In general, resistance to wear is increased by increasing hardness, provided other factors remain constant. Z��Q;h�VhO���U�K�%�z ��^/���K�%�z ��^/���K�w�ޅ{�]^�_��� �Ro��)+'�M/S;2;0;2;0;2;0;2;0;2;0;2;0;2;0;2;0;r:p*�+�+�+�+�+�+�+�+�+����4�+�+3Qd��Zό2E&�L�(3Qd��D����2���#ONNONNONNONNONNONNO��� �O:F!M�����c�u����T c���y�m��m�

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He has over 40 years in stainless tooling design. 0000031134 00000 n

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There is some question, however, whether the controlling hardness is the bulk hardness or simply surface hardness. To find out more about the categories of personal information collected and the purposes for which such information will be used, please refer to our privacy policy.

0000009558 00000 n We'll bring you the most relevant peer-to-peer conversations happening in the trade and tips and tricks to help you get the job done.

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Any real numbers or a reference link would be appreciated. © 2020 Copyright Practicalmachinist.com. 0000020570 00000 n ���.�+� Practical Machinist is the easiest way to learn new techniques, get answers quickly and discuss common challenges with your peers.

We make lots of medical components that need to be unscrewed or dis assembled and cleaned regularly( no lubrication permitted). H�\��j�0��z

0000001174 00000 n How much difference in hardness (in the Rockwell "C" scale) of like materials tends to eliminate or minimize galling on sliding parts?

H�\�ݎ�0�{�—�+�,R)? Galling is the wearing away of the surface of certain materials that can lead to parts being permanently stuck together (friction/cold-welded). H��V��8���b>���glK�겐�㚅c�^u��*]�6m�]����7N��B�H�����P�x1xH�����Q�V�8���B�"x\~bp�X.�53x?�R�R|\�.$�I0����kp��%�}{u?�p����h�s1�r��X7��Cg��} D;�c��H�f����e��x.

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