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With the... You have entered an incorrect email address! Russian names for girls are a high-fashion choice right now — literally! Sage green 2004 Surly LHT: Huckleberry Because it’s light and quick. Bumblebee: Bumblebee is absolutely adorable. Wholesale Business Names, Hike and Bike, Biking Nation, Pedal Revolution. Because it’s trusty, and deserving of good syllables attached to it. Brute: Brute is defintely not the name for the thinker in your group, unless you are trying to be ironic.

Rootchopper, Old Faithful – Specialized Expedition (mountain-y hybrid). 100% true story. me! who’s turn is it?” It was Beauty who could barely contain her excitement, me! Paper Bag Day: 68+ Greetings, messages and quotes, 111+ Famous Irish and Scottish Gaelic Sayings, Yukon Heritage Day: 65+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings, 49+ Best Thank You Messages for Motivating Me, Play tennis Day : Messages, Quotes & Greetings, 51+ Best Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation Wording Ideas. Escape into Fall: Northern Virginia Randonneurs 400K, Coffeeneuring Challenge: One Good Thing Final Preparations, Favorite D.C. Coffeeneuring Rides and Locales. Grinder: Probably not the nickname of choice for your friendlier, more affable guys. (Well, Puchs were Austrian too!). Below you will find the “Baby Post of Bike Names,” a first attempt at capturing the bike names shared on Chasing Mailboxes.

The story of how she got her name is here:

Shwinn Biggity – Cinnamon Shovelhead: You could use this name, but it doesn’t sound very nice. 48. Whatever is the situation, all of you always have the curiosity about what should be your biker name?

Are your Searching Creative Services for Your Business? The most creative basketball teams names would also be accessible, which draw fan followers from around the globe.

Rootchopper, Lorelei – 1979 Puch Princess mixte. My better half likes to name his bikes, but only two of them really get their names used regularly.

A button-down, clean-cut good looking guy who always elicits the comment: “That’s a nice bike!” @WilyMouse, Zwijn – Schwinn World Tourist.

Rachel – 1996 Specialized Rockhopper. Big Bass: When you can’t find another nickname, this option works well. I should receive my bike tomorrow (Friday) We had to order it from out of town to get He’s a legend of his own tiny three! Boulder: This is for the guy who is so big that he looks like a boulder. Mongo: Surly Big Dummy

We are of the opinion that you can do whatever you like, but that the latter option does seem a bit more fun.

The Bike Tire.

8. It was a gift from the girl that I offered a diamond back in 1988, my very own Diamond Girl and wife. Foghorn: If he has a deep voice that carries forever, choose this name. You have entered an incorrect email address! Going to add it to the list! For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Exercise, Healthy, Fast, Pedal. Army: Obviously, this could be an easy nickname for an Army guy.

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“Taxman Craig” ( or simply “Craig”) shogun ninja I bought off craigslist the very day I received my tax return. they ride a variety of bikes, harleys, suzuki m109r's, yamaha v-stars, and honda shadows. The 2008 Raleigh Venture 3.0. You're a biker! Handlebar: Naming guys after parts of a motorcycle seems like a fairly obvious option to go with. Sally H. Demon – 2010 cannondale F5. – pearl white Santana Noventa tandem.

It’s big and likes to roll over things. I think I made the right decision. Goldie: This is for the golden-haired gal in your group. Gunner: This is for the military man in your crew. MT Cyclist, Rootie – Trek mountain bike, because of its root beer color scheme.

Gearhead: I feel like this would be a good name for the one guy who knows everything about fixing and repairing motorcycles. A name is a perfect choice to tell your personality or short story of the world. Snake: This name would be even better if the guy actually has a snake tattoo.

Backyard Biker.

My commuter bike is officially Little Lord Fauntlero because when he was first built, he was pale blue with a lacy plastic basket on the back rack. the color I wanted. Amelia — Cannondale Quick 3. Pauline – Surly Long Haul Trucker, because the silver screen like smoggy pearl color reminded me of old silent movies like “The Perils of Pauline,” in which the heroine goes on many adventures, as I plan for the bike to do.

Panther: Panther is such a sexy-sounding name. Thanks, MG, for the trip down memory lane!

Although I did refer to my Trucker as “Big Blue” on one Flickr picture when I first got it. If you're going to come up with your own name, make sure... Make it sexy: Of course a leather-clad lady deserves a sexy name!

Frankie – Red 80s steel frame with lots of replacement parts including crazy mustache bars with black-and-white zebra tape. Colours are fairly common nicknames for motorbikes: Red Devil, Blue Terror, Yellow Peril, Black Beauty, Mighty Whitey, Green Machine and Cherry Bud. Previous Next. 11.

Related: Real Meaning of 45 popular Brand Names, We have tried to craft the identity for the above Names .here are the Logos for Your Inspiration.

Lola . I don’t talk to them as a group, often. 27. My wife named them. Named after Amelia Earhart, she flies far and fast. Ahoy! Trek Farley: Little Fatty (my husband’s is Big Fatty– not very original). 42. 181.

You listen carefully to the lyrics you will understand.

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