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And I will definitely not allow him to write 'Handsome and smart badass' on his file', (T/N: Elysium writes several idioms that I have problems TLing, but here's the gist of it). Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. High Trust Conversation 1: Doctor, you came at the right time. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. He footsteps seem to have traveled a huge half of cities that the layperson can name, including harsh places like his codename. When faced with special situations, where there is no choice but place incompatible operators are put in the same squad, the in charge will consider placing Elysium in the team to ensure the success of the mission. The circulation of Oripathy particles are abnormal and he has signs of Oripathy, confirming him as Infected. As Rhodes Island’s internal special team’s leader, the third team leader’s ability is considered special. Assign to Team Leader: Don’t worry, this is temporary.

Elysium will be a 5 Star Utility Vanguard of Rhodes Island. Myrtle is a very commonly used Vanguard, especially in challenging content that requires fast DP or that limits your deployment number or options. If the person giving orders if you, I will not have any suspicions. Actually, I’m troubled by why would everyone prefer to read maps and not ask me for directions?

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. He will have the highest rarity of this Archetype in the game, and is only the second to be released (the first being Myrtle).

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 7%Few originium crystals can be seen on Operator Elysium’s body. Elysium can help increase Executor’s attack speed and such.

He may not be this thoughtful in daily life. Elite Promotion Conversation 1: Of course I’m not used to become an assistant of another person. 出身伊比利亚的罗德岛干员,掌握着与声讯相关较为特殊的源石技艺,试图偷偷在自己的客观履历里写“实乃百年难得一遇的大帅哥”,被人事部录入人员当场抓获。 现于特殊行动小队三队中担任队长副手,负责维持战场通讯畅通,辅助小队成员进行秘密行动。, 三号作战小队,先锋通讯员极境,前来报到。这应该还是头一次不是机械通讯,而是直接与你对话吧,博士?. Rhodes Island's Special Squad Operator Elysium. Translation: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server. use operators whenever fit. All rights reserved. No, I’m talking about chess. Talent: Scene can summon multiple mobile camera drones.Enemies nearby the … Today we finally received some more concrete details, and he will be a 5★ Utility Vanguard that passively buffs Snipers and debuffs enemies. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. ‘Although he seems to always get beaten, but I can see that their relationship is rather good.’‘Beaten? (T/L: There’s been a running joke about many operators breaking doors.

His sense of direction is great and he can remember routes well.

Let’s stop here. Has this room been renovated before? Since he buffs Snipers, I can see him pairing well with Blue Poison and Executor. The same goes for the other party. Unreleased operators - Shamare: maybe, weakening + doll is good - Phantom - Elysium: Yes, gen DP + slow + reveal stealth units Operation Start: Have you checked your ear mics? How useful this Skill ends up being will depend somewhat on the range and the numbers, but the ability to remove invisibility is rare, and could be very useful. >>. Skin art and Animations for the soon-to-be-released Executor [Bloodline of Combat] Skin! 109k members in the arknights community. Arknights CN: Dobermann Skin Art and Animations! Include ? Mmm, I always wanted to say something like this. Elite 1: I’m very grateful. ‘I joined around the same time as Elysium, so I do know him.’. Arknights OST: [Lullaby] Feat. 4 Stars: This once again shows that we are really compatible. Yep, Elysium officially best husbando right after Executor confirmed, truly a sunflower in terms of both his skills and personality bless him, He look like a fun guy I will definitely roll for him (in like 6 month...), I'll definitely save for him in EN, that is if Phantom doesn't suck my funds dry. Doctor, you’re worth my trust.

Deployment 2: Let them lose their ability to act, and that’s it. No? Operator Reporting In: Third combat squad, vanguard communicator Elysium reporting. How is it? W / Weedy In Battle 1

In Combat 2: Who will! Wanderer, Gamer, Eternal Student, and Weeb. Consider joining our Discord Server!

(Accounts for 50% of the odds when pulling a 5★). During battle, this ability is unexpectedly valuable.

https://preview.redd.it/4mep0srfbiv41.png?width=637&format=png&auto=webp&s=d62c5997d49850a3863893accbd8f04d91123b87, https://preview.redd.it/wc7ciqcgbiv41.png?width=960&format=png&auto=webp&s=fc5166b24ca42cc5f01358abd5d63fa4dcc1e6bf, I want to see how much Elysium and Myrtle can generate DP together. The subreddit for Arknights - A tower defense mobile game by Hypergryph. Leader also sent letters to complain about me? The subreddit for Arknights - A tower defense mobile game by Hypergryph. He whacks with a sword if you ever look at his sprite. Elysium never uses his flag to whack enemies. Begin Operation: Be careful, and don’t be careless. Can only afford time for Elysium as I'm having uni exam next week. Arknights Tier List | Best Operator Characters Blasphemous Hardest Boss Ranking – All Bosses List & Guide Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Class for each Character – FE3H tier list best boi to cure depression from other sad operators. Press J to jump to the feed. Oh I've done that lets just say I got to 99 real quick, Friendship ended with myrtle,now elysium is my best friend.

All rights reserved. Within the whole Rhodes Island, his most trusted person is definitely the leader of the third squad. © 2019-2020 OwwYa.com.

So I decided to read about her…. remember that there's a new contingency contract in June on CN so Elysium's release is appropriate. oops. As a weapon on the battlefield! Elysium's S2 is called Focused Listening.To compensate for visual impairment, Elysium's hearing is sharp. All intellectual property rights are reserved by this website. Consider joining our Discord Server! UPDATE: 5/5/2020 - added the list of Future CN Banners Likely to come to global (aka Special Banners), as Global still matches CN for these banners, but not for the Standard Pool rotation. To come here, go to the fourth storey from the staircase on the left, then turn right, walk to the third fork then turn left, go downstairs by one storey, and continue to keep left to opposite Miss Closure’s third workshop. Objective Resume: Born in Iberia, the Rhodes Island Operator possess special originium arts for voice communication. Elysium’s agreement with other team leaders is the key to our victory. Elysium and Thorns rode a mentos powered bicycle into Dokutah’s office, Closure scams half of the logistics crew, and Red joined Reunion with Vigna.

I believe in my insight. I knew it. Want to talk about Arknights? But I believe that you, my comrade and her are the same, eventually moved by my earnestness. Want to talk about Arknights?

The world of Arknights is populated by many races divided into two groups: Ancients and Elders. Even if Operator Elysium always says he can’t get along with his birthplace of Iberia, but on him, there is a sense of unrestricted freedom and boldness. In real life, there’s a Elysian Beach on Antartica named after Elysian fields. Our Arknights Elysium Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Elysium, including his stats, skill, skin, and dialogue(voice lines). Greeting: What do you need me to do today?

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