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Hyper Bio Evolution (ハイパー バイオ エボリューション Haipā Baio Eboryūshon) is the process by which a human with Digimon data infused into their DNA evolves into their respective Digimon of the Armor level. - BlueMeramon (>= 10 Battles) - MetalTyrannomon (passing time), Sorcermon - Tsunomon (>= 20 Beast-AP) When two Standard Grade Appmon aren't in harmony, AppGattai fails and the result is Sukasimon. For evolving into Perfect or Ultimate, more than 4 care mistakes will immediately kill your Digimon when it is time for it to evolve. - Starmon (>= 20 Holy-AP), No$GBA 2.6a Digimon World Championship Ds Game Cheats, - Coredramon (Vaccine) (>= 30 Vaccine-AP; >= 5 Battles) - Cherrymon (>= 40 Insect-AP) This means Single, Tag, Connection and Colosseum battles all factor in the same way. - Tanemon (passing time)

- BigMamemon (passing time) - Koromon (>= 20 Dragon-AP) Contents. Also, Pucchiemon If more than one pair of letters is shown, then any of the displayed types can be used. Jogress Evolution (ジョグレス進化 Jyoguresu Shinka; also spelled Jogres Evolution; Dub: DNA Digivolution) fuses two or more Digimon of any level to evolve into a single merged Digimon, usually of a higher level.

", Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01: "VS Omegamon ④ Dragon Impulse", https://wikimon.net/index.php?title=Evolution&oldid=372732, a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. - Deramon (passing time)

- DarkTyrannomon (passing time) - Cyberdramon (>= 40 Dragon-AP; >= 8 Battles) Blast Evolution (ブラストエボリューション Burasuto Eboryūshon) is a temporary evolution induced for a short time, usually induced by a Tamer. In Digimon Adventure tri. - Triceramon (>= 8 Battles), Ikkakumon

Super Evolution (超進化 Chou Shinka; Dub: Super Digivolution) constitutes two different methods of evolution in different canons. Select a Digimon001 - Kuramon002 - Pabumon003 - Punimon004 - Botamon005 - Poyomon006 - Arcadiamon In-Tr.007 - Koromon008 - Tanemon009 - Tsunomon010 - Tsumemon011 - Tokomon012 - Nyaromon013 - Pagumon014 - Yokomon015 - Bukamon016 - Motimon017 - Wanyamon018 - Agumon019 - Agumon (Blk)020 - Arcadiamon Rookie021 … - MagnaAngemon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins), Ogremon The Darkness Loader also allows the Forced DigiXros (強制デジクロス Kyōsei DejiKurosu; Dub: Dark DigiFuse, but later Forced DigiFuse) where the participants aren't necessarily willing. - Youkomon (>= 20 Beast-AP), Tsukaimon - Angewomon (>= 40 Holy-AP) On the Digimon Pendulum X, there are two types of Blast Evolution. - Togemon (passing time), ToyAgumon

If not, you can tweet me @humulos or send me a message on Discord, where my handle is humulos#2562. If I forgot how many trainings I did, I could go up to two effort hearts, just to be safe, and still fulfill the condition. Growth charts for Digital Monster Ver.20th, Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th and Digital Monster X. They also count as unique connections for each other, so long as either the name or version are unique for all 5 connections. Ultimates who Blast Evolve transform into stronger Ultimates. - Deramon (passing time) "Evolution") is a term used in the Digimon series. - Flaremon (>= 40 Holy-AP; >= 8 Battles) - VictoryGreymon (>= 30 Battles; >= 50% Wins; >= 2 Egg-Reverts), WaruMonzaemon By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Megan Peters - Breakdramon (>= 1 Virus-AP), Garudamon Or small for that matter? Which Digimon decides the Jogress result? - Puppetmon (>= 60 Virus-AP; >= 60 Machine-AP), SkullGreymon - HerculesKabuterimon (>= 60 Insect-AP; >= 18 Battles; >= 50% Wins; >= 1 Egg-Reverts), Crescemon For evolving into Child or Adult, if 4 Care Mistakes are indicated as working for evolution, more than 4 Care Mistakes will also work. Yes, battles for evolution must be done as an Adult.

- Garbagemon (passing time)

This indicates that 12 out of your 15 most recent battles with this Digimon must be victories in order to ensure evolution. - Geremon (>= 4 Penalties) To perform a Jogress, the two Ultimate level Digimon that are needed must do Tag Battles together 5 times. In addition, types are displayed on this page as Red/Orange/Yellow for Vaccine, Greens for Data, Violets for Virus and Blues for Free. - Etemon (>= 8 Battles) Yes! - Phantomon (passing time) - ShogunGekomon (>= 40 Water-AP) Is there a chance my Digimon won't evolve? Only certain Digimon can Jogress. - Gatomon (passing time)

- Phoenixmon (>= 60 Bird-AP; >= 12 Battles; >= 1 Egg-Reverts), Monzaemon

Digimon Evolution Chart. For normal Jogresses, you must use a partner that is the same level as your Digimon, so Adults can only Jogress with Adults and Perfects can only Jogress with Perfects. Contact Us  •  

- MetalGreymon (>= 10 Battles)

- SkullMammon (passing time) The number of full hearts indicates how many effort hearts are required, while half hearts indicate that an effort heart is optional.

If you have won 12 of your 15 most recent battles, and you have not exceeded the care mistake limit for your target evolution, you also have a 100% chance of evolving into Perfect and Ultimate (unless your Digimon does not have a natural Ultimate form). If your Digimon does not have 4 Hunger hearts, keep feeding it meat until it refuses to eat anymore. In the example to the left, you must train between 5 and 15 times to fullill this condition. - Machinedramon (>= 40 Machine-AP; >= 5 Egg-Reverts), MachGaogamon - Tokomon (>= 20 Holy-AP) - Crescemon (>= 10 Battles) - Deramon (passing time) - ZDGarurumon (>= 16 Battles; >= 50% Wins; >= 2 Egg-Reverts) - Kapurimon (passing time) If you aren't sure about something, take a minute and read throught the questions below, you may find your answer there. - Scorpiomon (>= 30 Water-AP)

Within the franchise, however, some Fusions have been referred as Jogress Evolutions, but the difference still holds. Your name and email address will not be made public, these are purely for verification purposes and will not be reused in any way. Before reviewing the below charts, I'd recommend toggling the Legend on the lower left to get familiar with what the different requirements mean.

Copyright 2018 ComicBook.com. - Piximon (>= 40 Holy-AP), Coredramon (Virus) - Garurumon (Virus) (>= 20 Virus-AP) - Unimon (>= 20 Beast-AP), Veemon

- Thundermon (>= 20 Machine-AP) An Ultimate Digimon is energised by a massive quantity of Digisoul to evolve into a more powerful variant of themselves, usually surrounded by an aura of energy. has an ultimate, DinoBeeMon, but he's not in the show! - Deramon (passing time) Under the word Jogress, each pair of letters indicates what type of Digimon will work for this Jogress. The button on the lower right will show an FAQ that answers many common questions about raising Digimon. - Devidramon (>= 6 Battles), Kamemon

Did you expect your favorite Digimon to be this big? As long as you don't kill it first, your Digimon will evolve into Adult. - Scorpiomon (>= 40 Water-AP)

After defeating Shoutmon X5B Impmon was able to do the same thing, though in this instance it was given the power to do so by X5B. - Kyubimon (>= 20 Beast-AP)

- LadyDevimon (passing time), Icemon You can check a Digimon's type on the status screen. For example, if you have Betamon, and you get 3 care mistakes, but you train 16 times, you will get Numemon. - Agumon (Black) (>= 3 Battles) If I did 15 battles to evolve into Perfect, do I have to do 15 more to evolve into Ultimate?

You don't get Devimon or Meramon since they require 2 or fewer Care Mistakes, and you don't get Airdramon or Seadramon since they require 8-15 training. - Wizardmon (>= 20 Darkness-AP)

- Kyubimon (passing time) - SnowAgumon (>= 20 Water-AP), Armadillomon Note that the 100 battles must be performed while these Digimon are in their Perfect stage, they cannot be fulilled as a Child or Adult. The other devices MUST be Ver.20th devices using the Ver.20th Battle or Copy options.

Bukamon - Kamemon (>= 20 Water-AP) - Gizamon (passing time) - Gomamon (>= 3 Battles) - SnowAgumon (>= 20 Dragon-AP; passing time) Yokomon - DemiDevimon (>= 20 Darkness-AP) - … Unlocked by obtaining 5 different Digimon, Unlocked by obtaining 25 different Digimon, Unlocked by connecting to 5 unique Ver.20th devices, Unlocked by connecting Versions A or B with Versions C, D or E, 0-2 Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 1 Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 1 Egg, No requirements, hatched from Taichi's Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, 5-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 3+ Overfeed, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-4 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 5+ Training, 0-2 Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 0-2 Overfeed, 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-7 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 0-2 Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 2 Egg, 3+ Care Mistakes, hatched from Version 2 Egg, No requirements, hatched from Yamato's Egg, • 3+ Care Mistakes, 0-7 Training• 3+ Care Mistakes, 8-15 Training, 3+ Overfeed• 3+ Care Mistakes, 16+ Training, 0-2 Overfeed, No requirements, hatched from Slayerdra Egg, No requirements, hatched from Breakdra Egg, 3-4 Care Mistakes, Battle 100+ times (Not possible on Japanese Versions A or B), Tag Battle 5 times with Yamato's Metal Garurumon, Tag Battle 5 times with Taichi's War Greymon, Only appears as an enemy in the Colosseum.

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