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Black Ink Crew: Chicago S3 E3 "The Return of Cobra" Discussion in 'Black Ink Crew ... Mar 18, 2010 Ratings: +290,188 / 9,422 / -1,368.

“Seeing Cobra got me a little scared for my life now.” – Ryan. Ryan, JR and Rachel head to Philadelphia for the tattoo convention. Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 3 Episode 3 – ‘The Return of Cobra’ August 2, 2017 July 25, 2019 358 On episode 3, eyebrows raise when Kat unexpectedly pops up in Chicago, and Van takes over the shop with Danielle when Ryan heads to Philly for a tattoo convention.

She says his behavior in the parking lot the other night is the last straw. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ryan asks Cobra if she has a problem with him, and she tells him that she just wanted to thank him for reaching out to her after her father passed away. It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American owned and operated tattoo shop, 9MAG, located in Chicago, Illinois.

but dude who owns the shop is still fine as hell! ... Charmaine alerts them about her upcoming birthday party, and she tells them Van won’t be there because he has to take his daughter to a basketball game. Rachel tells him to focus on the convention and worry about the shop when they return to Chicago. When she introduces herself to Nikki, Nikki says in a green screen interview that she thinks Janelle is lying. It’s just entertainment.

Ryan’s trying to control sh*t, and Van wants to be a part of sh*t as a team effort.” – Phor.

Despite Don’s worries, Phor feels good about Janelle and thinks she may really be blood. Danielle and Van are so disrespectful. Ryan changes the subject and tells the group he’s going to a tattoo convention. JR helps out with the tattooing. Don pushes up his wedding date as his jail sentence looms; things turn sour when Kat hosts her first art show; Van confesses that he's not a one-woman kind of guy; Nikki confronts Kat. “You certainly look like you’re having a lot of fun considering your shop is falling apart.” – Danielle. Black Ink Crew: Chicago is an American reality television series that airs on VH1 and debuted on October 26, 2015. Flashbacks of Phor and Charmaine FaceTiming her about their frustrations with Ryan are then shown. Kat invites the crew to a lake house; Charmaine's job is in jeopardy; Nikki learns that Phor sent roses to Kat; Ryan and Van come to blows. Alonitza gets angry and dumps out the trash on the shop floor on her way out, leaving Danielle to possibly have to clean it up. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. The convention is a success, Cobra makes her return. Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Charmaine and Cobra Come to Blows + Kat Returns. A lot has to do with anger.” – Ashley. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations. Phor does her tattoo and she says she realized they were related after he posted a photo of his dad to his Instagram account.

Charmaine alerts them about her upcoming birthday party, and she tells them Van won’t be there because he has to take his daughter to a basketball game. They really act like they own the shop. and then I see the next episode all of you guys went on a trip together! Alonitza tells Danielle she is the new receptionist and Van and Danielle gang up on her. Don agrees that he has a problem and he no longer wants to be angry.

She agrees and gets straight to it.

Charmaine wants the group to leave the drama at home and just have a great time. In his green screen interview, he says Ryan isn’t being a great boss and cause Van breaking into the shop by changing the locks.

He also invites Cobra to return to the shop to work but she tells him she really has to think about it since she doesn’t know who she is on good terms with. In a green screen interview, Don says he doesn’t go to church and he’s just not interested. It seems as if Princess Love and Ray J are working on their marriage. Joseline Hernandez has always been outspoken. All Rights Reserved. This show is so fake to me how do you fire someone and not only do they return and bust up your shop, but they come back and refuse to leave!

They take some real life scenarios and beef them up to make things more dramatic. Ryan is surprised to see her. All Rights Reserved. Ryan walks in and Phor tells him he and Van should talk out their issues. ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Suspect Shaunie O’Neal May Have Responded to Tami Roman’s Comments, Martell Holt’s Mistress is Reportedly in Talks to Appear on ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’, Quad Webb Was Reportedly Demoted on the Upcoming Season of ‘Married to Medicine’, RHOA Tea: More Details Released About Cynthia Bailey’s Messy Bachelorette Party. Van and Danielle need to be slapped.

Ryan then says Van is no longer allowed inside the shop.

After Ashley and Don realize that their relationship is in trouble, they head to church and schedule a sit-down with the pastor. Black Ink Crew: Chicago REALITY Formed in the wake of a tragedy, 9Mag is a daily reminder of the struggles they work to overcome, and of the bright future that lies ahead…if they play their cards right. Apple Inc. Ryan gets heated when Danielle tells him she fired Alonitza. Apple TV & Privacy When it comes to feuds, Joseline has had her share.

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This is a scripted “reality” show. Danielle calls out Ryan for bringing back Cobra and Ryan calls Danielle out for returning to the shop with Van when they were fired. The pastor suggests Don strengthens his relationship with Christ but Don says he doesn’t consider himself a Christian.

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