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But Cobalt’s new CS3 succeeds in providing another point of entry to its brand—at a price that’s within reach of many buyers—without sacrificing the quality level you expect in a Cobalt. The interior is stylish and elegant, the cockpit is roomy, and this boat can really move on the water.

Compare that to the. “When you use a rounded windshield you encroach on the space. The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters: We looked at all Cobalt boat models available on the market today, comparing their features, prices, and options in order to choose the ten best boats available. The different models we reviewed for this article vary greatly in price, from around $50,000 for the 220S sport boat, up to $750K for the much larger A36. 12v outlets provide necessary power to mobile devices on-board.

The A36 comes with a price tag of around $$$. It is best to decide what you want to use your Cobalt Boat for, how much room and what features you can't live without and then choose the model that is best for you. Beautiful evenings begin with illumination. The helm, for example, is fitted with an analog tachometer and speedometer, but each of those has an integral digital display that you can tailor to show the information you want. Another neat feature on the CS3 is that the stitching and piping on the interior match the color of the exterior gelcoat. These models come with different price tags and styles, but any one of them will do a great job pulling your adrenaline junky behind you., The ride is the smoothest and most stable of any Cobalt boat... like a Rolls Royce on the water!

Pillows are filled with 4 pounds of Vyram weighted pellets for stable placement while boat is underway.

It shouldn't really be possible for a 23' runabout to be as rugged and spacious as the R3 is.

A stainless latch releases the step for recessed storage or simply deploy for boarding. The R5 is the model for the person looking for the classic runabout look.

The dash is made of soft-touch synthetics and topped with a French-stitched dash pad. Taking it to the WSS level created a new-for-2015 package that sporty boaters will love. Heat sensitive automatic Fireboy system mounted in the engine compartment designed to instantly eliminate flames in the event of an engine fire. Multiple tow points, amazing handling, and a safe and accessible swim step make it perfect for water sports.

Freshwater wash down with pressure water system and fresh water tank. A full foot wider in the beam than your typical boat of this size, the R3 is remarkably roomy. Find Cobalt Cs23 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. The timeless design looks great and performs on the water even better.

Installation will vary depending on specific boat model. If you are looking for the best value and the least expensive way to get Cobalt Boats' quality and get out on the lake, you may want to opt for the 220S. Dual battery and voltage sensitive relay provides instant accessibility emergency power. In that case, you should carefully compare the features and design of the CS23 Surf, the R3WSS, and the CS22.

Cobalt recently added to its gateway lineup with the all-new CS3. Dual position port side seating with a fore and aft adjustable backrest and passenger flip up seat. Sea Grass floor covering creates an elegant and comfortable style to the interior of any Cobalt.

The R7 is in the classic runabout design that made Cobalt Boats famous but adds bow seating to go with a spacious open cockpit to make it a real party boat. The crown jewel of the Cobalt boat collection, the A36 compromises nothing to bring the highest quality pleasure boat that money can buy.

Shown in model R5.

To create more room inside, Cobalt fashioned thin gunwales which frees upward of six inches in lateral cockpit space, and used “blade style” windshield, which also cleverly creates more room in the cockpit. You can get a good look at it—and many other details on the CS3—in this First Look Video we shot at the Miami International Boat Show. Those who want a little more sizzle may be interested in the Formula 240 Bowrider Sport.See Cobalt CS3 listings.For more information, visit Cobalt. Cobalt recently added to its gateway lineup with the all-new CS3. Cobalt boats now come in a range of styles and sizes, whether it be the classic R3 23' runabout, several new models designed specifically with water sports in mind, or the large and elegant A36, clocking in at almost 40 feet with all the modern features you would expect in a larger luxury yacht. The patented Cobalt swim step and transom seat are combined with a top bridge ingeniously designed to transport your skis and boards. What’s more, the CS3’s swim platform also is fitted with the company’s “swim step,” a unique fold-out platform that provides egress from the water or just a place to sit waist-deep. is part of the Boats Group Network. Del Mar seating features stainless accents on a custom helm seat design.

Included removable bolt thru fins ankle leash traction pad. Based on our research, it is really impossible to choose which of these ten Cobalt Boats is "best." Now offering one-touch wave-making capability at an entry-level price point, the CS23 Surf also delivers exceptional styling, proper weight for towing capacity and a redesigned layout that feels big enough for the whole family.

Just position and lock everything down. Cobalt has long been the boat people aspire to, with offerings like the spacious R7 and the bodacious A40. A28 and A36, both reviewed here, are both excellent options. Simply put, Cobalt boats are the choice for boaters seeking quality, style, and performance.

Just remember to plan ahead for the future as many a sailor has wished for a bigger boat! Control the drive trim adjustment at the transom for utilization while trailering or dockside. These are models you eventually consider once you’ve refined your tastes over years of boating.

Cobalt boats are not new on the scene; in fact, they have been setting the standard in quality, performance, and style for over fifty years. And truly, there is no other 23' boat on the market today that is.

As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, may earn from qualifying purchases. Size and shape will vary slightly for custom fit to specific boat model. Of course, the reason we all want a boat is to get out on the water and enjoy the great outdoors, whether it be for water sports, family vacations, fishing, or just cruising around.

All the control and handling of a watersports boat in a roomy 23 footer. These are models you eventually consider once you’ve refined your tastes over years of boating. Modern in its approach, the CS3 strikes delicate balance between retro and something fresh and interesting.

But with so many models of Cobalt boats available on the market today, it can be hard choosing which design is right for you. Remote lighting is as simple as the touch of your key fob. Locate Cobalt boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Since its first day on the water over 50 years ago, Cobalt’s commitment to performance, luxury and innovation has continued to set the standard for boating excellence. Those who want a little more sizzle may be interested in the, How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? Get ready for good times on the water and bring the friends and family. Shown on model 242 with standard swim platform. The Cobalt patented swim step is designed for boating simplicity.

Every detail of the design, craftsmanship, and construction is the highest quality. When you check the box for that interior trim, you also get stainless-steel dash appliques that look fantastic. The more basic runabout design, the CS22 is the classic 22-foot powerboat with all the features Cobalt Boats became famous for. And with wrap-around, yacht-style seating exclusive to a boat this size, the R3 maximizes interior space while delivering an exterior look sure to turn heads.

Compare that to the Cobalt R3, a boat positioned higher in the builder’s line-up, which costs around $85,000. Just ask Mercedes-Benz about its C230 hatchback or BMW about its 318 Tii. It is the most affordable option reviewed here and certainly seems like a bargain when you consider that you get all the craftsmanship and design of the Cobalt name at a fraction of the price of larger models. With the advent of what Cobalt calls its “gateway” models, however, entry-level buyers aren’t relegated to less luxurious brands and have more options available to them than what’s on the used market. See LED underwater lighting system includes two light pods and the switch module. The Surf edition of the CS23 has been fully modified from the original boat to make it the ultimate sport boat. The A28 is the classic example of the Cobalt A series. Control all stereo functions from the convenient dash mounted head unit.

Your email address will not be published. Plenty of power from the Volvo Penta inboard and a sleek hull design mean it gets up on plane quickly and easily. Your choice will depend on how much you want to spend and just how much boat you need. Perhaps the most innovative feature is the rear seating area and the swim platform.

The price tag is reasonable and reflects the fact that the CS22 is one of the more basic models in the catalog.

Lounger converts from standard seating configuration to sun pad or rumble seat. Still, the CS3 shows a number of innovations and features you don’t expect in an entry-level boat. Crafted to stand out from a typical 23-footer, the Cobalt R3 has a sleeker, lower profile than other R Series boats, and it’s complemented by a beautifully designed transom platform. LED transom lighting provides the appropriate level of illumination for the perfect evening of entertaining friends. The CS3 is the only boat in its class that offers dual walk-throughs.

Flip-up bucket also includes a stainless headrest accent and dual convenient adjustment levers. The docking lights with stainless steel trim rings. Includes the insert, the receptacle, and fender lines.

The craftsmanship and design of the past meet the features and technology of the future, with the powerful inboard engine, modern controls and cockpit, and Rockford Fosgate sound system. The extra space makes for a cockpit and driver's seat that is comfortable like no other. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Of course, there is a world of difference between a 23' sport boat and a 39'6" luxury cruiser, so keep in mind that comparing the price tags of two different models is a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

port side aft removable filler cushion mounts in the same hardware as the dinette table. Cobalt gives entry-level buyers a solid choice in its all-new CS3. But only Cobalt boats allow you to get out on the water with the highest standards of style, craftsmanship, safety, handling, and design. Stainless steel circuit breakers can be reset with the touch of a button, and provide surge protection for the electrical system. Protect the gelcoat from trailer hook damage with the unparalleled bow scuff plate. We call it free-space reclamation.”. Shown on model 302.

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