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They have this incredible oil wealth. It’s all rock, really well built, and all they could use was scooped egg white to hold it together. The engineering is fantastic and the trains are fantastic. He begins with a journey across the Alps, starting in Vienna. Episode Ep. Congo's Jungle Railway. We started in Hiroshima, and obviously we talked a lot about the atomic bomb.

We went on through Georgia. There’s no glass in most of the windows. She thinks that there we so many dead bodies on top of her that it kind of muffled the explosion. He also visits Ankara and the volcanic spires of Cappadocia, before heading deep into the mountains and ending in the remote borderlands city of Kars. At one point we put an app on on our train and we were travelling at 208mph in this bullet train, and we could talk just like you and I are now. When do you ever get on a train in England and go “Oh, this one smells nice”? We walked for about a mile, not knowing what the hell we were doing, dragging along our camera gear, and eventually we saw some lights coming down the line, which was a relief train coming out to collect our train. But Spain has quietly become a world leader in train … 29 October 2015 29 Oct 2015. I wasn’t prepared for Japan. Travelling on an extraordinary range of different trains and types of track, he’s on a mission to find out how Spanish railways evolved from some of the most backward in Europe to the most advanced and innovative in the World, through one and a half centuries of stormy history, including the Civil War and four dark decades of the Franco dictatorship. From Morocco to the Balkans, Baltics, Middle East and finally Auschwitz, he discovers the incredible and at times horrifying past of these lines.

The train was spotless, incredibly clean. But Spain has quietly become a world leader in train technology. It started good, it ended good, but the middle bit was really crap. Shinkansen bullet train in Japan (Dreamstime).

Along the way he takes in Kiev and Chernobyl, finishing by the banks of the Black Sea in Odessa.

Chris travels across Europe to the Somme and discovers the deadly role steam trains played in World War 1. It’s a famous train, so I said, “Tell me some of the famous people who’ve been on this train,” and he said, “Oh yes, we have had many American and South American politicians, some film stars some famous South American footballers and, of course, Adolf Hitler.” I said, “Adolf Hitler’s been on this train?”, and he told me, “Adolph Hitler came here in 1945.”, When I said, “But he died in the bunker,” he said, “No, he did not die in the bunker. I never thought I’d meet anyone who’d survived Hiroshima. My Dad’s brother fought the Japanese in the war, in Burma, and he absolutely hated them, so I was bought up, not being particularly keen on the Japanese and I have to admit I did go there with a certain amount of prejudice. 06. It’s just stunning, very luxurious and VIP. The Railway that Created Canada. The train was six days late and it was like, “Oh god, is it going to be all like this?”.

Featured image: … We started in Pointe-Noire and we were on our way, eventually, to Brazzaville, which is the capital, and the train broke down at two o'clock in the morning, in the pitch black, because all the lights went off in the train. Chris Tarrant embarks on a thousand-mile journey across Spain's complex rail system, discovering how the railways were involved in tension over Gibraltar, the Spanish Civil War and WWII. 5 December 2012 5 Dec 2012. They go around the car poking everything and say “your brakes don’t work,” “your lights don’t work,” and all that. Chris heads to the Alps to ride on six pioneering mountain railways. Will Chris conquer the Alps? But it’s one of the richest places on earth. I thought it was going to be full of camels. Mainly, we were made very welcome, but one bloke took objection to us and threw a bucket at my head. That was one of the most amazing journeys, because it had the lot. It was just an amazing trip, so different to what I expected.

The lavatories absolutely stank. I interviewed two survivors of the atomic bomb. We went right across from one end of Japan to the other, which is about 1200 miles. He was the only person we met who was aggressive. Season 1. 3.5 million travellers a day go through Tokyo tube station and its just madness, signs everywhere, so many trains going in and out, but they all get there. Chris Tarrant embarks on a journey across Ukraine, where he meets a soldier from the ongoing civil war and visits Chernobyl.

Chris embarks on a rail trip across Vietnam, exploring its French colonial history along the way, as he sets off along the Reunification Line from Ho Chi Minh in the south - to Hanoi in the north.

That was really cool: something built 140 years ago with egg white holding it together is still in place and can deal with high speed modern trains.

She was a completely extraordinary lady. We went to the most remote parts and every train was bang on time.

This journey was the first time really that I’d seen the complete absence of any mention of Health and Safety. They’re just fantastic. TV presenter and traveller Chris Tarrant on his ‘favourite’ journeys on extreme railways around the world, including Patagonia, Congo and Azerbaijan, Chris Tarrant in Patagonia (Extreme Railway Journeys / Channel 5). Follow Chris Tarrant in this documentary series as he sets off on the world's most extreme train rides. Wandering about in the middle of the night in the Congo is pretty stupid, but we only had a small crew and we were getting a bit frightened, because there were strange noises on the train, so we got off and walked. There were Lamborghinis and Bentleys everywhere. Chris travels across Ukraine, taking in some of the country's 13,000 miles of railways. We had to sort of grab film where we could, so it was a complete shambles, yet somehow it was invigorating and I thought, “This is an amazing train, this is an extreme railway.” It kind of set the benchmark for the whole thing.

7 Things To Know Before Travelling by Overnight Train in Vietnam.

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