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As Klaus turns around Stefan's phone goes off, Klaus picks it up and sees it is Caroline. He checks her bite and apologizes, telling her that she was simply collateral damage and that it was nothing personal. Tyler and Hayley looking at Caroline talk to Klaus. Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she'll let him do so. General Information

Both of their mothers hated them for being a vampire and a hybrid, although Caroline's mother came to accept her vampirism later on. Tyler responds by offering to be Klaus' slave again in exchange for healing Caroline. While Elena opts for jewel tones, Caroline can often be seen wearing pastels which flatter her fair skin and blonde hair. Caroline thinks Klaus' jewelry gifts are expensive and Klaus' drawings are romantic. After some mistrust on Alaric's end, he agrees to it, but tells Caroline that she doesn't think rationally when it comes to the original hybrid. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalised recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. In Bring It On, Elena told Caroline that if she turned her humanity off she wouldn't have to feel guilty about the dirty thoughts she has about Klaus. Klaus discovered that it was actually her birthday, and though Caroline assumed he would leave her to die, Klaus, showing genuine compassion, insisted that he wouldn't, especially considering the fact that it was her special day. After a phone conversation with Alaric, Josie asks Caroline where they are going.

She responds that she cannot be seduced by him, and he cleverly remarks that that is the reason he likes her. Klaus and Caroline won as the "Most Romantic Television Couple of All-Time" in the poll of People's Choice. Caroline does not believe him. Caroline then answers her daughter that they are heading to New Orleans; "To visit Mommy's friend". Caroline agrees since she doesn't want Hope to end up dead. On the road, Klaus asks Caroline if she regrets the time they have spent together. Without any response to his probing from Damon, Klaus falters and plainly asks Damon what it is that he says to her. Caroline and Klaus' reunion takes place in France, coincidentally one of the countries Klaus once offered to take her to. This is an attempt to play off of Klaus' feelings for her in hopes the sight of her dying will provoke him to save her. Julie says that Caroline was a big relationship for Klaus and continues to linger in his heart and in his brain. This garners Klaus' attention and he gives her ten seconds to tell him how. Caroline tells him that they don't know exactly where they are, but they know they are heading somewhere just outside of New Orleans. Later, they both stop the car on the road, finding Hope and Roman's phones. They talk some more about family and Klaus says "It's not a crime to love something you can't explain" and he mentions how sorry he was to hear about her mother's passing. Klaus, however, intended to use Caroline as the vampire in the sacrifice to break the Hybrid Curse at Katherine's suggestion. Klaroline appears in the list of "Five Couples with Crazy Chemistry That Should Go There". Klaus wonders what they should do until then, making fun of the diner's cheap coffee, and Caroline tells him that he should think about what he will say to Hope when they find her, or more importantly, according to Caroline, what he won't say since it'll be tempting to lash out on her, but he shouldn't since he will regret it.

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