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Chico is a cute sized male Pit/Heeler dog, approx 1-2 years old. The blue heeler purebred dog breed owes its existence in part to the influence of the border collie and other collie breeds!

A Blue Heeler is an affectionate dog that is loyal and devoted to their families. Today’s blue heeler still looks quite strikingly like a wild dingo in some ways. Your email address will not be published. If the other parent breed is a lower energy dog, a Blue Heeler Mix could also be lower energy. Especially if this dog doesn’t get enough exercise, enrichment, training, and socialization. Additional Comments for the Shelter/Rescue, Skip carousel of pet photos and or videos. She is probably on her last legs now but what a great personality this mix has been.

Although most adult hybrids with this cross tend to weigh somewhere closer to the middle range. They do tend to be hardy dogs that thrive in most climates and can handle some alone time.

He has a docked tail, cute little nub. They tend to get along with children and even other pets in the family despite their high prey drive. You can send photos to [email protected]. what ACD MIX of the brown and white faced pup mix on the first page, Your email address will not be published. AVOID Mistakes I made that ended with attempted bites when young.. And both breeds need early and ongoing socialization and training to learn the difference between a real and perceived threat. A well socialized and trained Texas Heeler with lots of exercise and activity outlets can be a good pet choice for an individual or a family with older children. I think I do too! Both are the canine version of the traditional workaholic. The blue heeler, on the other hand, tends to be too restless and rough to do well with young children. This is a full-screen carousel of images and or videos of this pet. Interestingly, both the Australian cattle dog and the Australian shepherd dog can have similar coat colors. Your Labraheeler pup may inherit the Labrador retriever’s happy-go-lucky nature and strong drive to please you. Required fields are marked *. She is very very smart and loveing. This is the only way to avoid purchasing a mix puppy from a puppy mill posing as a legitimate breeder or rescue organization! Regardless of your experience with dogs, puppy training classes still tend to be a great idea because they often offer a lot of opportunities for socialization in addition to strengthening the bond you have with your puppy. So, you do want to make sure you ask the breeder about the other parent breed in the mix. Can you share pictures of yours? Blue heelers tend to work in silence (without barking) just like wild dogs do! We recently had to send her to Heaven as she developed cancer. This makes crossing a blue heeler and a border collie a natural choice and a smart one as well. A fully-grown Blue Heeler usually stands 17-20 inches tall and weighs 30-50 pounds. Here are some dog breeds that work well with horses: Known as the Blue Heeler, or the Australian Cattle Dog, this breed hails from Australia and traces its roots back all the way to the wild dingo. All Rights Reserved. He resource guards his food from other dogs, so might be best as the only dog in the home. He has the coloring of a heeler but the size and shape of a catahoula. The boxer’s primary colors are brown, black, and white and the blue heeler’s signature coat color is, of course, blue. Blue Heelers generally live for 12-16 years. The Box Heeler is a good pet choice for adults or families with older children. But, because a mixed-breed dog can inherit any combination of characteristics from their parent breeds, it’s important to ask the breeder about the other parent breed. stance and NOT GOOD ! Reviewing The Options. Please drop us a comment to share which blue heeler mix is your number one choice and why – we love to learn from our readers!

Both of these breeds can make good guard dogs, especially because each can display some reserve around people and animals not known to them. The other parent breed could affect this, so you want to make sure you ask the breeder about them and pay attention to which breed is the mother.

She would wake me every morning. Temperament is generally easier to predict in a Texas Heeler mix because these two dogs have quite similar temperaments naturally. So, make sure you ask the breeder about the health and genetic history of both of the parent breeds.

Ask to see pedigree and health information about each parent dog, with proof. She is the best dog I have ever had. LOUD MUSIC & Activity lead to herding instinct. For this reason, a blue heeler is not typically the best breed choice if your family includes young children. Lucky all her training was done young. She is deaf now and cloudy eyes and a huge growth on her side. I think my new pup may be a Blue Heeler GSP mix. This can also make the Border Heeler a bit of a handful right from the start. You can expect to see some blue heeler influence in the coat, but the final colors and markings will also depend on the coat color of the Labrador parent (yellow, chocolate brown, black).

Very tough, strong, protective and affectionate. been looking for info on the mix but not finding much of anything; any suggestions. It is vital to learn as much as you can about a puppy’s parents and the breeder who has bred them. You can also probably expect to see a coat that is a mix of the blue heeler’s blue and the German shepherd’s brown and black coat. Due to his heeling style of nipping, we recommend no small children. To Blue heeler mixes are becoming more popular today as more pet owners realize how fun, smart and interactive the blue heeler dog breed can be!. I love him so much he is the best dog ever!!! The other parent breed could introduce some other characteristics that affect potential temperament in a Blue Heeler Mix.

In past decades, the term “mixed breed” made most people automatically think of a mutt. They also tend to be protective of anyone they consider family and are naturally wary of strangers. It is true that blue heeler mix puppies are very hard to resist, so be sure you do your research before you agree to see a litter of pups. The Border Heeler can be a good pet choice for an adult individual or a family with older children that has plenty of time to spend on activities with their pup. The Australian cattle dog can also be bred with a red hue to the coat and these dogs are commonly called “red heelers.”. Idk how to post pics here :/, Hi Dawn, you can’t upload photos here, but if you would like to submit a photo to share we may be able to add it to the article. Do you have a favorite among the blue heeler mixes? A GSD blue heeler mix is a better pet dog choice for families with older children or an adult individual. She was so smart, energetic, loved children, thought everybody was her friend, and go anywhere I went. Is there any tips as to how to identify the likely candidate? However, a domestic pet blue heeler can and will bark. There’s a beautifully well-trained heeler mix there. The Australian shepherd blue heeler mix is one of the most common of the blue heeler mixes since these two dog breeds both share a working dog background.

The blue heeler also has a short coat, but it is more rough in texture.

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