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North Melbourne (38,485) sit 15th on the ladder with just three wins but have added 1400 members since the outbreak. You can also donate that credit to the club instead.

Pretty sad for him rn. Doubt it will be 70% of their normal pay. You can also donate to the club through Australian Sports Fund. Donate the cost of your membership to the club (available to fully paid members and those who wish to continue their payments). All Brisbane Lions football membership packages relate to a particular AFL season. The membership card always remains the responsibility of the member. Cancel your membership and receive a refund.

As the monthly supporter direct debits continue to move into ailing club coffers, 15 of the 18 clubs boast more members now than when the game shut down in March.

Go Lions! There is a $25 admin fee and payment can take up to 28 days. "It's pretty simple,"said Liddle. "Club membership is not transactional it has much more to do with identity communication and clearly expanded content has become an even bigger priority.".

Brisbane lions membership and attendance 1997 to 2012.png 566 × 344; 24 KB Brisbane Lions membership and attendance 1997 to 2013.png 708 × 431; 35 KB Join the Team (15016726041).jpg 1,496 × 992; 1.05 MB Having been on target to achieve record numbers and big attendances with unprecedented prime-time Thursday and Friday night fixtures later abandoned due to the pandemic, the club has broken its membership record anyway and is worth some $5 million of the club's revenue. Can they go and sign up for Newstart now?

Phone: 07 3335 1777 (Option 3) Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Live Chat:, More posts from the brisbanelions community, Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We’ve seen some things. Most probably have too much money in the bank to qualify.

Does everyone think they should have their memberships refunded now? Let him take indefinite leave when Dad died last year and allowed him to move back to Tasmania and work remotely.

"They share part-ownership in the club and it's terrific for the competition. The Bombers' pledge membership campaign has rewarded those loyal supporters with a club guernsey signed by a player of their choice.

You return, you keep your membership pack, access to any games that allow crowds, retain reserved seats and a 10% discount on your 2021 membership. They've been so supportive of him. Mine didn't load properly, so it didn't show the three options.

"They want to support their club and they want to feel part of their club.". The Saints thanks fans at the Gabba after their win over the Swans. At last count the AFL clubs memberships totalled more than 960,000, with 9650 requesting refunds. Anyone who misses the deadline will be counted as pledged. Go Lions! I'll.keep my Lions membership going if the money pays the interns and other people working behind the scenes on sweet fuck all. Caroline Wilson is a Walkley award-winning columnist and former chief football writer for The Age. Contact the club if you have any questions. 10,670 were here.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The AFL, like the Melbourne Cricket Club, has reduced its annual subscription by some 30 per cent. The club's clearly don't WANT to do this, they've been cornered into a no-win situation and have to make a call.

Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. We hope you can stick by us, as you have done in the past, and that the excitement we all felt around this group and the 2020 season can return along with the resumption of games. Pledge, Pause or Cancel: 2020 Membership Update The club has just sent out an email to members: Your Club, the Brisbane Lions, is an amalgamation of two very different, but equally dogged and determined Clubs, with history that spans generations. The AFL pre-empted the clubs' cash crisis when it secured a $500 million line of credit from two major banks partly due to the expectation that members and sponsors would be forced to desert their teams as job losses mounted and the prospect of a season with empty stadia loomed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. We also say thank you for your patience. "We've learned what we sort of already knew," said Amarfio.

The Tigers show their appreciation at Metricon Stadium. These clubs are going to struggle to survive. The club has just sent out an email to members: Your Club, the Brisbane Lions, is an amalgamation of two very different, but equally dogged and determined Clubs, with history that spans generations.

Essendon chief Xavier Campbell added: "One of the last things people want to lose is the thing which makes them happy." But nothing could have prepared us for the events of 2020.

The MCC will offer a further 30 per cent reduction to members suffering financial hardship - and has also had a relatively small drop-off, which is remarkable given the dearth of football at the MCG and Marvel. We’re no strangers to having to fight, to being pushed down and having to get ourselves back up again and so we knew from the very beginning of this insidious virus’s stranglehold on the country, that we would fight to come out the other side and that we would do it alongside our family - our members. They can refund my normal membership if that's their policy - tbh I could probably use the money - but I want to do something. The Western Bulldogs membership is also up, 12 per cent ahead of 2019 with that club one of several rewarding members' loyalty not only with club merchandise but also an automatic upgrade in 2021.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. [Membership] means a sense of ownership more than just a season's ticket.". I just signed up for a pet and baby membership as a show of support. "It just confirms how much our members feel invested in the club," said Swann. There is an FAQ but I don't see a difference between pledging your membership and pausing then donating, other then pledging offering more benefits.

Club chief Ben Amarfio said he budgeted for a 40 per cent membership shortfall that never eventuated. The Saints thanks fans at the Gabba after their win over the Swans.Credit:Getty Images, Said Geelong's Cook, who in June lifted his membership retention target from 65 per cent to 80 per cent as supporters remained and then 90 per cent: "If anyone needs a pat on the back aside from the players this year it's the members.".

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But we’re not giving up on this season, and neither should you. The respective membership … In fact since the late March shutdown of the 2020 season, a further 30,000 new members have signed. Brisbane Lions membership is non-transferable. level 2. In return, you keep your membership pack, access to any games that allow crowds, retain reserved seats, a 20% discount off of 2021 membership, and yet to be announced exclusive benefits. My brother works for the Suns. "I don't think our members have done this to help us survive," said Finnis. In fact it has been the bigger clubs, more heavily reliant on big attendances, which have been harder hit in terms of financial expectations. In a response described by league boss Gillon McLachlan as "amazing loyalty" and one which has surprised most clubs, only 1 per cent of members across the competition have requested refunds, albeit with significant numbers pledging their money through to 2021. For a full membership valued at $516 each event through the affected AFL season is valued at $23.45.This is based on the full membership value of $516 less $258 (being 50% of the value already received up until 16 March) divided by the 11 AFL games scheduled this membership year. St Kilda chief executive Matt Finnis - whose club is one of eight AFL-assisted clubs - said the loyalty of St Kilda's members had led to a significant reduction in the money the club had accessed from the AFL's assistance package.

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