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Each year the hosting province will be allowed additional members on this committee.The AWC Sub-Committee will comprise at least one (1) member from each Province (Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State, Eastern Province and Western Province with the inclusion of Border, Southern Cape and Boland) and it’s duties will include:2.1.1    Scheduling and managing the Final Trials Event.2.1.2    Raising sponsorship for the South African team. La graine de cannabis Big Kush, révèle une merveilleuse plante, de taille moyenne à grande, facile à cultiver, à la floraison rapide, vigoureuse et qui produit de lourdes fleurs compactes côniques résineuses. 1.
In the event of such physical disciplining occurring, or in the event of serious uncontrollable behaviour of a dog in the arena, the Judge will severely penalise the dog concerned by adding faults to the total score of the dog. 7.1.2 Each qualifying round will consist of one (1) Contact and one (1) Non-contact course and, where possible must be run on the same day.7.1.3 The qualifying rounds shall be held at Open or Championship Shows7.1.4 The best three (3) out of four (4) qualifying rounds will be taken into consideration for each dog when compiling each Province’s team/s and/or points table.7.1.5 If two (2) or more dogs in the table finish on the same number of points, the fourth qualifying result for each of those dogs will be taken into account to determine their places. Steadiness to Gunshot4.2 DOG MENTALITY ASSESSMENT (DMA)1. The judge/s of the NAIP must be satisfied that the handler or dog is incapable of continuing. A handler or dog is injured at anytime leading up to the event.10.5.5 The reserves that are present at the NAIP will be placed in the order they finished on the Province’s qualifying table when substituting. 2.2    An aim of the NAC and AWC Sub-Committees will be to develop at least two (2) teams of people with the knowledge and experience to run the South African Trials Event. The most recent changes are incorporated in this document and had an effective date of 1 September 2002. Complaints lodged by competitors will be dealt with in accordance with KUSA Regulations. The SAAC Sub-Committee shall mean the Sub-Committee specially formed each year to co-ordinate the South African Agility Championships. 7. JUDGING AT APTITUDE TESTS and DOG MENTALITY ASSESSMENT3.1 Judging the Aptitude Test and Dog Mentality Assessment3.1.1 The Judges must strictly adhere to the directives and the key for judging as issued by the ‘Svenska Brukhundsklubben’ (Swedish Working Dog Association) and accepted by KUSA.3.1.2 Each dog under scrutiny will be graded for each of the following abilities:1. (Hurdles, Wall, Tyre) A standard competition set must contain at least 14 (fourteen) hurdles In Non-Contact Agility a dog will be required to traverse from a minimum of twelve (12) but no more than twenty two (22) obstacles including a minimum of nine (9) jumps.

The time will be taken into consideration only when the total faults are the same. 2. Where there is no Provincial Council, the Reports shall be submitted to KUSA.6.2.1    No report by a Judge shall be considered which does not contain the score sheets and a detailed comment on the performance of the dogs scoring the highest and next highest in at least two sections of the four – which must include one (1) Novice and one (1) Senior section (i.e. Courses:8.1. Updated Up to that point no other faults will be given, however, the handler still has to negotiate the course to the best of his ability; i.e.
The presence on the field of at least one (1) hide and a hedge jump in good condition are also his responsibility.

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