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There are generators for power, hot showers, outhouse toilets and sleeping quarters with cots. This can be very productive, as other hunters cannot fly along the river and land where we are hunting with our jet boats and All terrain vehicles. A caribou is an excellent trophy to add to any hunt and a fine single species hunt for those new to Alaskan hunting. Want a better tags application strategy, let our TAGS division help you. We hunt the Porcupine River caribou herd during its fall migration. The National Park Service has specific regulations regarding food storage, bear safety, human waste, campfires and camping; within the boundaries of the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

The summer grounds of the caribou herds include the northern foothills of the Brooks Range and the arctic coastal plain. Thank you, Master Alaskan Guide/Outfitter Hugh Les Krank and Registered Guide/Outfitter Ryan L. Krank. Fortunately, clear skies followed the next day, and after a 20 minute flight deep into the Alaska Range, the Cessna 185 touched down on a gravel air strip at my home-away-from-home for the next few days.

Grizzly may also be added on a trophy fee basis (just purchase the tag up front). Kids can learn outdoor and hunting skills while providing their family with a freezer full of organic meat for the winter. So this year’s hunt to Alaska was much anticipated. Don’t get me wrong. For those who have a special interest in this species, two animals may be taken. For those not hunting right off the highway it's often trafficking along ATV trails still hunting against the clock. These guys were good and knew their stuff! Read more about the Fortymile caribou herd. Alaska Caribou are strong swimmers and their feet are very useful as paddles when crossing rivers and lakes. The majestic trophy Alaska Bull Caribou range throughout the northern arctic tundra, mountain tundra and alpine mountain ranges in Alaska. If you time it right, and with a little luck, you may still see the “great migration” you picture when you think of caribou hunting. Due to harsh winters, over-hunting, and an increase in predation rates, the herd dwindled to such a low number that, after 1974, the herd was hardly ever seen in the Yukon. Other Alaska big game animals inhabit the same areas and many good and challenging multi species hunts … Sparring and fighting begins mid to late September, depending on the onset of cooler temperatures. The large bulls shed their antlers in late October / November, but smaller bulls and non-pregnant cows may not shed their antlers until early Spring. This area is well know for its large-bodied Caribou. For those who have a special interest in this species, two animals may be taken. Caribou movements can be triggered by changing weather conditions, such as the onset of cold weather or snowstorms or by decades of heavy hunting and constant harassment of airplanes from Air Charters, scouting for places to drop off potential hunters. I had another chance to check the Barren Ground sub-specie off my list. No spam. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) The Caribou, Rangifer taradus, is among of the most majestic creatures of the Arctic.The arctic caribou is highly prized as an Alaskan game species. Pretty tough, but definitely worth it, especially if you want a crack at a trophy bull. Alaskan Brown Bear and Alaskan Grizzly Bears, Alaska Brown Bear and Alaska Grizzly Bear. Flights were grounded for the day.

), and hopefully a caribou back to base camp, the pack horses are a must. After cooler temperatures arrive in August, Alaskan Caribou spread out and feed heavily on new willow growth, grasses, sedges and lichens, called reindeer moss, to regain body weight for the Winter. While there can be good hunting around base camp, it’s usually necessary to “spike out” for a couple days at a time, and go to where the hunting is best. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Our Alaska self-guided caribou hunts are a unforgettable experience. The entire caribou herds continue to use the coastal plain when calving is completed.

I was introduced to my guide, Parker, and wrangler, Brendan. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. To say the least the caribou just hadn’t started their migration yet and the few bulls we did see were smaller one’s that stayed up high with the sheep, escaping the bugs and heat. May also be combined with moose or sheep hunt, or done as a float hunt. Fairbanks, AK 99706, Grizzlies and wolves common as secondary harvests, On call company aircraft facilitates relocation. All of your personal gear (70 lbs.) . Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds.

Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation. The next morning came quick and I awoke to the sounds of guides and wranglers saddling up horses and loading the pack horses with panniers and gear. With long main beamed antlers that are massive and impressive along with their white manes they are remarkable in appearance and will make a great trophy for life. Tok Air ServicePO Box 837 Unfortunately it now has become a necessary to invest in getting farther away from the urban cities to find the Caribou herds in larger numbers than in the past. I preferred to hunt them hard horned so I booked an early September hunt. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. Now the caribou and I don’t exactly get along. A popular way to hunt Barren Ground Caribou is to combine it with a hunt of one or more species such as Alaska Moose, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly and Alaska Black Bear. Paige, our camp hostess and cook, prepared fresh caribou backstraps that evening as we sat around a warm campfire and admired the northern lights. is flown to base camp where we stage your choice of hunt. Opt-out anytime. *Charter cost is subject to change without notice. Beside myself as an Alaskan Master Guide/Outfitter, our guiding crew consists of my son Ryan Krank and Roy Austin both with Registered Guide licenses along with our seasoned assistant guides who have been part our team since the late 80's and early 90's. We spent the next couple of hours taking photos and caping and quartering the animal, taking small breaks to admire a band of nearly twenty dall sheep feeding on the opposite mountain.

A popular way to hunt Barren Ground Caribou is to combine it with a hunt of one or more species such as Alaska Moose, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly and Alaska Black Bear. If you have found this information has piqued your interest for a Caribou type of hunt, please take the time to call us with your questions so we can tell you more about our services. I feel this unit offers the best trophy class caribou hunting in the state! Many times when a hunter is on an Alaskan self guided Fortymile caribou hunt with Tok Air Service, they will be hunting on Federal National Park Service land within the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The ride was incredible. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible.

Alaskan Caribou in Northern Alaska are generally smaller than Alaska Caribou in the Interior and in Southern parts of the state. A 7 day backpack hunt in our exclusive guiding area within the Ray Mountains. In these camps we have satellite phones for communications with each other and emergency use. The Guides also carry video cameras to capture your hunt and daily activities for you to have forever to remember your Alaskan hunt. With the use of our outboard Jet boats, 8 wheel drive Argos, 4x4 ATV's and Super Cub airplane we can hunt for the Alaskan Caribou in the surrounding mountains and valleys. So, having horses to access this country is a big advantage. Today as the herd rebounds they are sometimes seen in the Yukon Charley area in numbers reaching the thousands. Similar to a mountain caribou, expect to find them in the valleys and mountain sides in small groups to solitary bulls (similar to elk hunting). Parker ranged the bull at just over 400 yards and my 7MM mag. Alaska Caribou are the only member of the deer family in which both males and females grow antlers. Hugh Les Krank, Master Guide. Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

But, for the most part expect to hunt a little harder and hike a little more if you want to be successful. Flyin ~ Dropoff ~ “Do It Yourself” Hunting Ram Aviation has been providing world-class trophy Alaska hunting for Caribou out of Kotzebue, Alaska for over 25 years. This outfitter’s combined guide territories encompass the majority of the arctic plain from east to west and from the continental divide to the Arctic Ocean. Caribou Hunts. We are now down to four species (out of five) of huntable caribou and those have a one bull limit. The 2018 draw season was pretty kind to me. The various stakeholders in the Fortymile caribou herd have been doing an excellent job of managing the herd, which has now grown to over 50,000 animals. With our Guides many years of experience in Alaskan Caribou hunting and knowledge of their habits, we can give you an edge on getting your Barren Ground Alaskan Caribou. This is resident herd of Caribou (not a migratory herd), which means that the Caribou will be there, but some hiking is required.

This allows access to remote areas where mature animals can inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. We are the only Guide and Outfitter in this area that operates on these rivers and streams in this fashion. One of our top Alaskan outfitters has secured an incredible caribou area. Join us for an unforgettable hunting adventure in the world-renowned Brooks Range. Photos, text and graphics may not be used without permission.

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