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You must have completed the quest called [Awakening] Traces of Edana. document.write(' Basically, You level up the Naru gear to PEN. Then after that; it's completely upto you, grind until your fingers bleed, fish while you sleep, go sailing out in the ocean to barter or smh, it's upto you! Oasis gear is only temporary but the suppressed boss gear is permanent once you obtain it. Think evasion you get hit less per attack (3/7 hits) then damage reduction reduces damage taken. The quantity required to protect Enhancement is about half the item’s cost in Cron Stones. If you have a Dandelion, you get to brag to all the other people of that class; you see they don’t have a Dandelion.

'5ee7657aa624ae2e712583e2' : '5ee76565a624ae2e712583df'; var id = window.isMobile ? However, you should still do the main story line for the accessories that it gives. Please remember these are not the only choices but are the most common choices  for the few builds I will illustrate. Liverto: Is 2nd only to kzarka, it shares the same base AP and 2 gem slots. This is very endgame and is very expensive, it’s value doesn’t show up until it is DUO/TRI+. (Prices and availability change all the time. Other players seem to think so as well. give a slight advantage or is this just my superstition?

Then if you don't need it anymore each piece sells for 100mil - 200mil. When you attempt to enhance a DUO or greater level item, there is a chance that it will downgrade its level instead of gaining a level. Take a look below to see what awaits you! Please note the event items will be removed when the event period ends and that these [Oasis] items are available for a limited time. Once you buy a house, adjacent houses become available for purchase, and the … BDO Enhancement is the process of upgrading gear to increase its power. NOTE: 100% ‘Upgrade Enhancement’ will reduce Max Durability to 0 and reset the Caphras Level. i decided to try the game back for the seasonal server. Black Stone (Armor) is used in all levels of armor Enhancement. Then look up 56 to 61 no grind guide and quest to get to level 61.

Using the scroll will automatically give you a [Coop] quest, which rewards the most Memory Fragments.

Thanks again for your reply. This is really going to all depend on how you feel in game.

Yuria: Use to be the best choice back at launch due to limited availability of livertos and kzarkas. I’m not sure where those terms came from. Use this option if you are not interested in building Failstacks for higher level Enhancements. A typical TET enhancement session can run 1000+ Black Stones. As of this writing, it’s cheaper to let a DUO item downgrade to PRI and then sell the PRI and purchase another DUO off the Marketplace to continue attempting a TRI. I’m mostly in TRI gear and we’re nearly done with the season pass. Kutum gives good offsheet monster damage increase, which comes in very handy when grinding.

It is also theorized that Rosar offers a higher base accuracy than that of yuria. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Base stats at Ultimate(Gold) are as such; 7AP +1 Special Attack (Back/Down/Air).Kutum Dagger(MIX): This offhand is the Middle Ground between AP and DP. This offers 1 Gem slots, Base stats are 1-3 AP, 4 DP, 5 Accuracy, 2 Evasion, 2 Damage Reduction. Do all of the side quests along the way or you won't actually hit 61, I'd highly recommend doing the main story until you hit level 60, so you can get all your suppressed boss gear before the event ends. You’ll get WAY more Beginner Stones than you’ll ever use.

This probably ones of the most cookie cutter parts of end game PvP. In the end, we have Giath.

Please see our Caphras Guide for details. O'dyllita Attendance Check.

If you get tired of waiting on your gear’s Caphras level to improve, you can still attempt to Enhance the traditional way via Concentrated Magic Stones and luck. Or maybe I just have a mental block against it because the gambling element of it really puts me off. Look on your map for a white question mark icon. But, for other players, who don’t like the gambling aspect of Enhancement, it’s an option. If you open the Pearl Shop it will tell you if something is limited such as Value Packs, Book of Combat, Kama blessings, etc. After Dandelion, Kzarka next as it’s accuracy is major in PvP, then just try and get your hands on any of the remaining items as they can be difficult to acquire. . Serap’s: Second best AP necklace and is great at DUO and TRI then loses ground in terms of Silver/AP to Ogre Ring(which is a necklace).

Black Stones can be obtained via rare drop from many different creatures. PEN is a well known to be an acronym for “Probability, Electric Strength, Number of Life Cycles” Now it makes perfect sense!! You can also obtain Memory Fragments through solo Dark Rift bosses and Shadow Arena. Make sure your item is at 100% Max Durability and click the ‘Upgrade Enhancement’ button. Nouver vs Kutum(PvP): Nouver is typically used till about 220-230 AP in PvP. There’s still a month anyway! There are stones that offer guaranteed PRI, DUO and TRI Tuvala enhancement. Hard Black Crystal Shard is used to enhance Black Star Weapons and defense gear. Join the class discords to learn more about your class. They drop pretty regularly, so be prepared to get as many as possible for all the enhancing you’ll be doing. At the same enchant level it offers more AP than it’s counterpart. (main, awakening, and sub-weapons) It’s required in the recipe to create Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon). It won’t matter too much if you have that extra AP as you won’t have the accuracy to hit. The July 15th update made the rewards even better too. Exchange these with the blacksmiths in any of the major towns and they’ll give you the tuvala gear. View our guide on Hunter’s Seals. Oh, I misread that one. PA added a set of armor known as the Naru gear, which is beginner armor that’s not only easy to enhance but can be traded up for Tuvala gear. I personally wouldn’t use memory fragments when Tuvala ore is readily available. '5ee7657aa624ae2e712583e2' : '5ee76565a624ae2e712583df'; BDO Enhancement is the process of upgrading gear to increase its power. Pearl shop outfits and pets are permanent. Complete the valencia, kamasylvia, and drieghan quest lines as well for the accessories and get them all to tri (don't worry they don't blow up if you fail to enhance). it is basically the same old thing with the only difference that you cant use Oasis Tri gear. Blessing of Kamasylve costs 1000 Loyalties (10 days of logging in for one hour) or 1,250 Pearls.

Hoard them. ');

(Characters at or above Lv. ), Accessories have different failure costs. 100% Enhancement Chance via Caphras Stones: When your gear reaches level 20, you can increase its Enhancement level by 1. What’s less obvious are the weeklies. Failstacks are a good thing, but they do cost you! Memory Fragments can be used instead and are far cheaper. Returning Attendance Rewards. Flower of the Burning Moon. Thus I’ve had no idea that was an option. Both accessories are destroyed upon failure.

It is more of a general boost than a noticeable improvement. Accuracy – A full accuracy build could be considered overkill, the working theory is that there is a threshold to what is needed for an attack to be a successful “hit”. So, you don’t need to waste the 100% chance. The list below is to give some background on why the following choices are picked. Though anyone looking to play this game a bit more casually this maybe the perfect set. Muskan+Bheg and 2 pieces Heve is quite common on classes that don’t benefit from +stamina.

Unlike on regular servers and characters, time-filled black stones on these servers drop from mobs and are given as quest rewards.

Red Nose Armor should be only taken to complete a 4 set bonus if you happen to get the other 3 pieces and still cannot acquire Dim Tree’s Armor. That being said always be attempting for dandelion as it is one of the most difficult items to acquire in the game.

BDO/Black Desert Online Gear Guide 2020 Posted June 18, 2019 August 31, 2020 alext96 This guide will act to fill in the gaps of knowledge you may have and help you decide how you want to gear and the stepping stones to take to achieve said goals. It costs a set amount of Max Durability and Black Stones. Suppressed Boss Defense Gear has stats.

DP – Damage Reduction + Evasion from armor.

I’ve heard this from time to time, but I think it’s tinfoil.

Max Durability is repaired by visiting the Blacksmith and clicking Repair > Recover Max Dur. I bought it; overall, it’s a pretty good deal, considering that it includes storage maids, an outfit box, and a pet. Make your own conclusions, and enjoy PvP! During dire times, a boost in morale helps greatly to endure and overcome. Magic Black Stones give a guaranteed Enhancement Chance to get +13, +14, or +15. This also is fine to complete most of the current game even valencia questline. Urugon’s – This piece is an alternative to Muskan’s. Griffon’s – The alternative to Giath’s if you honestly get one over the other I would enhance either. Evasion – An evasion build is a popular choice for certain assassin classes who want to counter full ap builds. Popular amongst those with high base accuracy and dmg modifiers in skills.

2 are Heated with 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard to create a Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon), Heat: 1 Hard Black Crystal Shard + 2 Black Stone (Armor) to create a Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor), Processing > Heating certain accessories (See detailed table below. It’s interesting.

The July 15th update made the rewards even better too. These quests aren’t the only things players should be doing; they should be also working on the daily quests and the weekly quests. Same as Bhegs, and it also improves your weapon. Vampire the Masquerade sinks its teeth into the battle royale genre. . For example, enhancement on a 500 million weapon would be: 500,000,000 / 2 = 250,000,000 then take 250,000,000 / 2,000,000 = 125 Cron Stones. LOL!

For expensive repairs, like boss gear, you can use Memory Fragments (and optionally a Pearl item called Artisan’s Memory with it). Some people use a mix of Boss Gear and Heve armor as boss gear can be costly to enchant and sometimes isn’t a great use of resources early on into your BDO career(I say career cause this game will take over your life). Most gear and accessories in Black Desert Online can be enhanced, as long as you have enhancement materials on hand and a handful of luck.

These are the black stones players will use to enhance their tuvala gear. Belts: Only a few choices here and typically focused on after rings and earrings. Ranger/Musa also work well on an accuracy+evasion hybrid build. //
Period: March 25 (after maintenance)–Until Further Notice. Seasonal characters cannot use non-season items.

It gives a massive amount of AP even compared to the blue version. Still, it’s also relatively cheap, and if you have a bunch of spare money lying around, and you haven’t been able to get any other piece of boss gear, you can consider getting a cheap Giath and just upgrading it while you wait.

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