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The allegations were never proven, but Steuben knew they would stymie his chances at an officer's position in Europe.

These 100 men were in turn sent out to other units to repeat the process and so on until the entire army was trained. [28], In 1786 during Shays' Rebellion, under the written name "Bellisarius", Steuben made suggestions of an oligarchy in the Massachusetts government.[29]. Though less than he had hoped, it allowed Hamilton and Walker to stabilize his finances. During the spring of 1781, he aided Greene in the campaign in the South, culminating in the delivery of 450 Virginia Continentals to Lafayette in June. [18], During the winter of 1778–1779, Steuben prepared Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States, commonly known as the "Blue Book".

It is often considered the German-American event of the year. You may also download a copy of the podcast here. Again meeting with the Americans, he received letters of introduction from Franklin and Deane on the understanding that he would be a volunteer without rank and pay. Arrangements were made for Steuben to be paid following the successful completion of the war according to his contributions. On October 17, his men were in the trenches when the British offer of surrender was received.

It is now one of the largest organizations for Americans of German descent. [2], Baron von Steuben was born in the fortress town of Magdeburg, Germany, on September 17, 1730, the son of Royal Prussian Engineer Capt. [48] Following Baron Steuben's death, North divided the property bequeathed to him among his military companions. Composite assembled by Tom Galvin. He also endeavored to improve the army's record-keeping to minimize graft and profiteering. Buried locally, his grave is now the site of Steuben Memorial State Historic Site. A gift to Steuben from the State of New Jersey, this is the only extant house he owned.

Though impressed with von Steuben's credentials, Franklin and fellow American representative Silas Deane initially turned him down as they were under instructions from the Continental Congress to refuse foreign officers who could not speak English. He turned the volunteers into a great army."[7]. They did this every single night so Washington could command his soldiers in the morning. Or, click here to access the Blue Book at the U.S. Library of Congress, which allows access to individual pages. [4]:289 He later traveled with Nathanael Greene, the new commander of the Southern campaign. In the difficult post-World War I years the Society helped the German-American community to reorganize. For the next four years, he split his time between New York City and a cabin near Utica, NY which he built on land given to him for his wartime service. PERSPECTIVES ON STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP — ... BUILDING THE CONTINENTAL ARMY: VON STEUBEN’S “BLUE BOOK”,, THE LAST LION AND THE NEXT WAR: LESSONS FROM CHURCHILL, MILITARY SOCIETY IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE: ANDRÉ CORVISIER. In 1790, Congress awarded him a pension of $2,500 a year, which he kept until his death.

With the end of the conflict, he resigned his commission in March 1784, and lacking potential employment in Europe decided to settle in New York City. Failing to find funds, they returned to Germany in 1775, deeply in debt. [53], A warship, a submarine, and an ocean liner (later pressed into military service) were named in von Steuben's honor. [14] Steuben gave assistance to Washington in demobilizing the army in 1783[25] as well as aiding in the defense plan of the new nation. [4] Thus, he left his estate to his companions and aides-de-camp, Captain Benjamin Walker and Major General William North, with whom he had had an "extraordinarily intense emotional relationship ... treating them as surrogate sons. Jack Giblin is the Chief of Visitor and Education Services at the Army Heritage and Education Center. A copy is in Utica, New York.

Though no proof exists regarding von Steuben's sexual orientation, the stories proved sufficiently powerful to compel him to seek new employment. [7] It is here he met his reputed future lover, Captain Benjamin Walker. He was later appointed a regent for what evolved into the University of the State of New York. Steuben left these first meetings in disgust and returned to Prussia. Additionally, Congress had grown wearisome of dealing with foreign officers who often demanded high rank and exorbitant pay. [7] He served as a second lieutenant during the Seven Years' War in 1756, and was wounded at the 1757 Battle of Prague. Shortly thereafter, von Steuben began using the title "baron." [7] In the same year, he was appointed deputy quartermaster at the general headquarters. Von Steuben would have to go to America strictly as a volunteer, and present himself to Congress. A month later, recognizing his financial embarrassment, Steuben wrote another former aide-de-camp and companion, William North, recognizing: "The Jersey Estate must and is to be sold. In May 1783, Steuben presided over the founding of the Society of the Cincinnati. Two months later, in November, von Steuben was sent south to Virginia to mobilize forces to support Major General Nathanael Greene's army in the Carolinas. It was opened as a public museum in September 1939. Located in the formerly strategic New Bridge Landing, the estate included a gristmill and about 40 acres (16 ha) of land.

Highly impressed with von Steuben's work, Washington successfully petitioned Congress to permanently appoint von Steuben inspector general with the rank and pay of a major general. There had previously been no set arrangement of tents and huts.

He served as Inspector General and a Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The house looks much as it did after Steuben renovated it. [7] Steuben found waiting for him allegations that he engaged in homosexual relationships with young men while in the service of Prince Josef Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Hechingen. [51] Philadelphia hosts a smaller Steuben Parade in the Northeast section of the city. He was one of the fathers of the Continental Army in teaching them the essentials of military drills, tactics, … They met again in Paris in 1777. [9], The Baron, his Italian Greyhound Azor (which he took with him everywhere), his young aide-de-camp Louis de Pontière, his military secretary, Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (then called Pierre Etienne Du Ponceau), and two other companions, reached Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on December 1, 1777, where they were almost arrested for being British because Steuben had mistakenly outfitted them in red uniforms. © 2017 U.S. Army War College.

Wounded a the defeat at Kunersdorf in 1759, von Steuben again returned to action. Though he hoped to live a genteel life of retirement, Congress failed to give him a pension and granted only a small amount of his expense claims. [8], In 1763 Steuben had been formally introduced to the future French Minister of War, Claude Louis, Comte de Saint-Germain, in Hamburg. [50] Chicago also hosts a von Steuben Day parade, which is featured in the U.S. film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Steuben Monument (1910), Albert Jaegers, sculptor, Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C. [42] However, based on the limited historical record, it is impossible to prove. [56], Several locations in the United States are also named Steuben, most of them in his honor. Criticized by the public, he halted on June 11 and moved to join Lafayette in opposing Cornwallis. He arrived at Valley Forge on February 23, 1778, and reported for duty as a volunteer. [34]. American National Biography - Volume 16 - Page 513. n.b. [19][20] Its basis was the training plan he had devised at Valley Forge.

[23], In 1780 Steuben sat on the court-martial of the British Army officer Major John André, captured and charged with espionage in conjunction with the defection of General Benedict Arnold. [49], Generally, Von Steuben Day takes place in September in many cities throughout the United States. [36] The estate became part of the town of Steuben, New York, which was named for him. Accused of espionage in relation to the defection of Major General Benedict Arnold, the court-martial found him guilty and sentenced him to death. This was largely the result of a falsified lineage prepared by von Steuben's father. Kennedy Hickman is a historian, museum director, and curator who specializes in military and naval history. Though the fighting in North America was largely concluded, von Steuben spent the remaining years of the war working to improve the army as well as began designing plans for the postwar American military. [55] During the Cold War, the U.S. Navy submarine USS Von Steuben was named for him. One soldier's first impression of the Baron was "of the ancient fabled God of War ... he seemed to me a perfect personification of Mars. Kitchens and latrines were on opposite sides of the camp, with latrines on the downhill side. Franklin, however, was unable to offer Steuben a rank or pay in the American army. [1] He wrote Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States, the book that served as the Army's drill manual for decades. "[47] A third young man, John W. Mulligan (1774–1862), also considered himself one of Steuben's "sons"; he inherited Von Steuben's vast library, collection of maps and $2,500 in cash. It also stated that payment for his service would be determined after the war and based upon his contributions during his tenure with the army. The Continental Congress had grown tired of foreign mercenaries coming to America and demanding a high rank and pay. Von Steuben died on November 28, 1794, at his estate in Oneida County,[35] and was buried in a grove at what became the Steuben Memorial State Historic Site. The distance from N York by land 15 miles, but you may keep a boat & go from your own door to N York by water—Oysters, Fish & wild fowl in abundance—Possession will be given to you in the Spring, when you will take a view of the premises. Image: Portrait extracted from “Major General Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus, Baron von Steuben,” by Ralph Earl 1786 (public domain) via the U.S. National Park Service. In 1783, General Von Steuben joined General Knox at Vail's Gate, near West Point, in the fall of 1782 and in early 1783 moved to the Verplanck homestead, at Mount Gulian, across the Hudson River from Washington's headquarters in Newburgh.

[59] Several buildings are named for Steuben, among them Von Steuben Metropolitan High School in Chicago, Illinois,[60] as well as one of the cadet barracks buildings at Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

Von Steuben was present at the first inauguration of George Washington in New York in 1789.

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