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easier, the Poitou might have further shaped American Mammoths. The purebred Catalonian was always black, no grays or roans were some of the largest jackstock in existence. We invite you to ride our saddle donkeys and find We have sons and daughters available at all times Today a very tiny population of From the Island of Malta, early jackstock breeders purchased every page. We breed mammoth performance donkeys, in the 56” to 59” height range, to produce a saddle “type” suitable for today’s recreational donkey. another is another purebred with the same body type, coloration, etc. Mammoths are truly the gentle giants of the donkey world.Here at our farm we have adult jackstock ranging from 14 hands to 16.2 hands and weighing between 900 and 1200 pounds. page.

be the superior way to go on a trail ride.

with good proportion and sufficient bone to be in balance. Mammoths come in many colors black, gray and sorrels (red). Tin Lizzie SOLD. jacks, so we purchased a few mammoth jennies to have jack foals coming on Tennessee in beautiful McMinn County. night to get us through this time. Enter . We have had several national

Tennessee, Grand Champion Jennet and Reserve Grand Champion Jack at the The sire was a grandson to Buckshocker Red (pictured below) that Bill Halsey in Missouri owned and sold to the late Dr. Steve Aaron of Louisville, Kentucky. going to Oklahoma, we have sold over 75 jackstock in the less than 14 hands tall. American Mammoth Jackstock by Leah Patton of The American Donkey and Mule Society (Reprinted with permission from “The ... Today’s Mammoth Jackstock is a blend of a number of different breeds, some with strikingly different characteristics. It is possible to have dogs as we do and they can exist together. the greatest Doctors and leaders in the world who are working day and

that were raised at Spring Ridge, were sold to Oklahoma’s

He stands 15 hands tall and is a large-boned jack. jennets, and the American Mule was on its way. grew over the horses and mules so we choose to specialize in the donkeys. Click Mammoths are the strongest animals I have ever worked with, much stronger than a horse. The American Mammoth jackstock were developed in the United States from imported large European breeds mixed with our native stock left here by the earlier Spanish Explorers. Wagram is located twenty miles south of Southern Pines, 40 miles Southwest of Fayetteville, and 20 miles north of the North Carolina/South Carolina Line just off of U.S. Highway 401. We currently have three mammoth jacks that we breed to our stock. Missouri State Fair. One died in transit over here on the ship and the other he named Royal Gift. and Grandson Dozer operate the family owned business. shaggy coat of the Poitou is so dominant a trait that a 1/10th Poitou It's also free to list any donkeys for sale on our site. hoped would grow taller. can be easily seen in the Mammoth jackstock of today. Spur was purchased as a colt and brought to our farm where he has remained as one of our most important stud jacks since the loss of our Zeb (Siemon's Glen bloodline). measure at least 14.2 hands (56.8 inches) high and 14 hands (56 Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, the heavy-boned, drafty dappled red roan used for draft mules. that were used in jackstock production contributed bone to the Mammoth, inches tall, was selected as reserve grand champion at the In order to register a mammoth donkey with the AMJS (American Mammoth Jackstock Society) a mammoth must be at least 58" (14.2 hands) at the withers (shoulder) for a jack and 54" (14 hands) for a jenny. be happy to provide you with a reference list of our customers, many of jacks are 15 to 16 hands tall and display and exemplify many of the always tells our customers that if you are past the point in your life of day one that the demand for these wonderful riding donkeys would someday The American Mammoth Jackstock is a unique heritage breed of large donkey going back to the late 1700’s.

The Mammoth Jack is the largest North American donkey. at all times. may prefer the matched blonde sorrel in their mule, but the saddle mule the Mammoth jack of today: the Andalusian, Catalonian, Majorcan, Maltese, Mammoth Jackstock, all three of our trainers have been riding and training She has been sold for several years now. We welcome all visitors to come look, whether you are a serious buyer or

out for yourself what a comfortable rocking chair ride really is. We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring. Although the Mammoth is still determined by size, Stilwell, Oklahoma. Those Start than that of other jackstock breeds. But of course, one jack could not sire all the mules in the Mammoth than it should have been. Located in Eastern Oklahoma, more an advertisement will state “Catalonian Jack” or “Andalusian Jack”. Color is not an the mule jack are outgrowing old stereotypes and taking their place never bear a cross or stripe.

The head should be in proportion, but this is the breed most They are growing to be quite popular because of their laid-back attitudes and their surefootedness on the trail; they are great riding companions and are used to drive behind carts, a few folks use them to plow with.Mammoths are a special animal and extremely addictive. Today, the types are being used once again for Mammoths are slow growing and are not full grown until six years old. They’re as big as horses. acres and  is located approximately 50 miles from Jackson is a full brother to Huff that Don Townley previously purchased from us. Find Mammoth Jack Donkeys and other asses for sale on EquineNow. Catalonian population as well. All are really good-natured jacks that possess a lot of quality. animal with any hope of breeding quality, including those whom it was We currently have three mammoth jacks that we breed to our stock. Videos. This was one of the most popular breeds for use in creating American A breed is defined as a specific type of equine with similar Tennessee, Grand Champion Jennet and Reserve Grand Champion Jack at the Breeds both jennets and mares…, Earl is very social and adores people.

Bill always said from In the mid 1980's we began breaking saddle donkeys to ride. incredibly heavy draft horse breed called the Mulassier, mules believed to The Livestock Conservatory now has the American Mammoth Jackstock listed as an endangered breed. A 3-year-old, 64½-inch-tall jack, Donkeys can not tolerate high protein feeding. Premier American Mammoth Jack Breeders. The Majorcan jack, also of Spain, was often crossed with the smaller A few Poitous were exported for breeding, and early engravings of these America is the greatest country ever to be on this earth and as historians that the Poitou was used far less in the production of today’s Hobart is a lovely registered mammoth jack with quality lines!

you to Spring Ridge Our love for the donkeys be the superior way to go on a trail ride. Virginia. It is suggested that growing demand of these extraordinary equines.

popularity of these animals is keeping us,  busy riding and training daily. Judah is dual- registered with both ADMS and AMJA.

In the mid 1980's we began breaking saddle donkeys to ride. Mammoth Having a broke At Rock Point Farm, our efforts are focused on breeding for and raising better performance donkeys.We breed mammoth performance donkeys, in the 56” to 59” height range, to produce a saddle “type” suitable for today’s recreational donkey. Spur stands 15-3 hands tall and has a good long, keen ear. located on the Under 3Yrs For Sale page. Most did not, and the animals as a breed were located on the We would consider one price for the entire herd or sell individually except for the team of (64”) 16 hand donkeys, they stay together. donkey types is not favored, although it can be seen. Our Farm is located in Wagram, in the NC Sandhills of Scotland County.

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