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Play Wild Item Worth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I can trade in bulk and I am keeping armor sets together . We provide a base worth, but someone who wants the item could trade more. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When placed onto a Jammer's trade list, there is a glitch that this pet toy hovers. If they are level 3 and above they can be sent on Pet Expeditions, which makes high-leveled pets more wanted.

Popular pages. These are the values for in-store leveled pets. The given values don't apply for uncommon pets. The Play Wild Wiki currently has 6,550 pages and counting! Pack Runs have arrived! Notice: Depending on the color and customization, the Pet Highland Pony may go for more or less than the worth listed.

It is a snowy slope bordered by bricks with a sled at the top. The 5th Birthday Cake is a reward for logging in for 15 days in August 2020 and from the code.

The event started in 2010 and has returned annually, a new prize replacing the last one each year. The Pony's Pile Of Hay, which was originally released in the Horse Treasure Hunt in March 2016 and was later removed in May 2016. MAJOR NOTE: THE FOLLOWING PICTURES PROVIDE ARGUABLY ONE OF THE WORST POSSIBLE COMBOS FOR THIS PET. Its default appearance features a pale beige coat with a hot pink and magenta mane, greyish-brown hooves,and big purple semicircle eyes. It has a head larger than the size of its body, a faint smile, and light pink horseshoes on the soles of its hooves. Note: All of the codes for these items except for the 4th birthday cake are no longer redeemable. Last Updated 8/18/20 The Vintage Clothing Collectionis a collection of clothing items that were released during May 2016 and were removed in October 2016.

Join 7 other Pack members and run through the maze collecting pumpkins! Last edited: 10/25/20 The Pet Highland Pony was originally released in August 2016 at Claws 'N Paws and the Sapphire Shop for 50 sapphires, and was later removed in September 2017. Arabian Horse Treasure … Last Updated: 10/21/20 TheRare DJ Headsetis a clothing item worn on the head. The 5th Birthday Cake is a reward for logging in for 15 days in August 2020 and from the code. Note: The Pet Armadillo Lizard comes with random features; neither the color nor eyes can be chosen by the user. The Charm Necklace andCharm Bracelet were …

These pets are commonly referred to as "Pet Lizard", "Lizard" and/or "Lizzie" as abbreviations. Watch out for the differences - the original one will always have a "Rare! Each item can be obtained as a prize from Pack Runs. This is a worth designated for in-store pets or recently in shop pets. Note: These are the average worths of each level pet. Last Updated 5/20/20 The Phantoms!

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