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For column/bar charts, a Changed Medication Dose Amount fields (MLM.DA, MLG.DA) from Integer to Currency to allow decimals. Not all ABI reports are available through this system, but most will become available over time. The process of loading secondary grades from the ABI Gradebook was not always choosing the correct assignment range for the first gradebook in step 3, fixed. WYSIWYG Editor on these pages has been updated for better browser compatibilities. Attendance Reporting Periods for use in Texas, Maintains a record when teachers submit attendance through Teacher Portal -Generates Missing Sheet Log, Relationships of Student Numbers to Supplemental Attendance Session numbers, Days that a Supplemental Attendance Session meets, Supplemental Attendance tracking includes times in and out and total minutes by student, Maintains a record of when changes are made to student attendance. New Attendance Notification Attendance Log (ANL) table for use with Loop. Gradebook Scores By Student - The # Records Transfer - College Test Scores are Permissions to the new 504 tables should be similar to the Student Programs (PGM) or GATE (GTE) tables. been adjusted to be more efficient when communicating with the Aeries database. Added new Section (SE) field to the Attendance Notes (ATN) table for use with Flex Scheduling. provided for each standard and scores are editable on this page.

Define which schools an exam can be given at. Stores settings used by the New Year Rollover process, Stores definitions of Reports to be printed in packets for various reasons, Records Transfer Course History Institutions. Contains information about district resources including title and other basic information, District Supplemental Student demographics (up to 150 District developed fields), For recording multiple dispositions for a specific assertive discipline offense, Stores data to track Extracurricular Activity eligibility and participation, Stores data to track Extracurricular Activity Probations, Used to log the emails that are sent out of the Aeries system, Contains information concerning Employers for Student Work Permits  – Can be DISTRICT MANAGED, Used to store how parents in ABI have configured their email address to be used. New Summer Alternate Course Request Association Backup (BSA) table. Added an Include for Extracurricular Activity Eligibility (EE) field to the Courses (CRS) table for UIL Eligibility in Texas. Also added Insert Date (IDT), Insert User ID (IUI), Insert User Name (IUN), Update User ID (UUI), and Update User Name (UUN).

Changed field to allow more than 255 characters. It is used to store a copy of incoming CHI data before it's imported.

Parents and students viewing this page will now see gradebooks where the student is no longer active, labeled "DROPPED" and will be shown at the bottom of the list. New table for "Student Files" for the Student Portal. Backpack "My Assignments" and Gradebook Scores by Assignment have Added an Expulsion Readmit Date (XRD) field. For AeriesCS districts, logging into ABI now creates an entry in the LOG table. The global.asa can have the following added to enable this option: Application("AutoLinkToSTUPEM") = "False". This feature For teachers logged in to the system, the header now displays the current teacher's name from the TCH.TE field in the database. Added Table Level Options (TLO) to the Import Jobs (IMJ) table for future use on the Import Data into Aeries page.

When parents or students only have access to the Fees and Fines or Activities areas underneath the Student Info tab, the tab is now available and labeled to match the child tab if only one area is accessible.

The Resources tab is now available to parents, students, and counselors. Now the limit is 1000. Added 8 Transition Information fields (TR1 - TR8). New Short Description field in the Assertive Discipline table. New Foster Student Summary Report Notes table. New Secondary Student Data field for State Foster ID. New Action Decision Date (DA) field in the Administrative Decisions (DSP) table for use in Texas. •   Gradebook Options - The Hide Overall Score and Show Stores the low and high values for each Rubric level, Attendance Calendar  – Can be DISTRICT MANAGED, Table used by Parent Data Confirmation to store a log of parent access to each document and records if they digitally confirmed the information in the document, Table used by Parent Data Confirmation to store the basic info about each Document and the document itself, Table used by Parent Data Confirmation to store the Schools and Grades each document is visible to, Aeries Web Only. in the district, the new "Summer School Course Requests" area of the

"P-Admin" (Read-Only Admin) accounts could still modify some areas of the system if they were enabled for teachers, fixed. Enter the score received and press Enter. Increased size of the Leaver Reason (LVR) field in Student Demographics (STU) for use in Texas. Added the following fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for use in Texas: Attendance Event Indicator (EI), Bilingual ESL-Program (BE), Reg Day Schl Prgm Deaf (RD), Instructional Setting (INS), Excess Hours Instr Setting (ECH), Total Eligible Minutes Present (MP), Total Ineligible Minutes Present (MI), Excess Minutes (ME), District of Service (DS), Flexible Attendance Program (FA), and CTE Code (CD). The change will apply to all instances of a particular email address in the system and will also create a PWA account or modify an existing one if necessary. Logs the Letter Type, Student, Date and User who created Letters. New fields for Center Title in Standards Based Setup for use in Aeries Web. It is used to store a cross reference of Courses for incoming HIS data.

The process of registering for a parent account and associating that account with a student was confusing for parents when the student they were associating with did not have any Contact records in Aeries. Aeries Web Only. Added a new Status value to the Gradebook for "Received, Not Yet Graded". Stores a summary of student level qualifications to different Aeries Analytics Analysis Items by school and grade, Aeries Web Only. Aeries Web Only. When students, parents, or teachers viewed the Gradebook Student Scores page, the Percent for each assignment was not always being recalculated and if something abnormal occurred, the incorrect percent could display. Increased R1-R7 and L1-L7 from Byte to Integer to avoid errors when caching data that was entered in Added a new System field to the District Analysis Levels table. Aeries Analytics Table for Exam Response Answers. Also, the portal option to "Hide Current Info from Students and Increased the size of the Primary Contact description fields (CON.C1D, C2D). and will dynamically update with new students nightly or when indicators are The blue highlighting will remain on the selected student until the user moves to the score field of another student or until the page is refreshed. The summary section at the bottom of this page for Period Attendance was not displaying the All Day Code totals, fixed. New User Account Options table for use with Google Classrooms. - This new feature in the Aeries This report now supports the new Multi-Data Profile format in Aeries and also now supports colored rubrics. Also, an All/None button has been added to These features have been adjusted to accommodate situations where very long report comments are added or a very high number of students are selected. Added new fields for Include on Report Card (RC) and Sort Order (SRT). options at the top. The new Tdap fields are now visible in ABI. New PSAT13F (Fixed Length) and PSAT13C (Comma Delimited) layouts for the 2013-2014 PSAT test. •   Aeries Analytics - A publicly accessible This page was generating an error when a high number of assignments were visible on a page and when sorting by Overall Score, fixed. Correct Possible and Points Possible fields are now not editable if the If the Grading Complete field displays No the assignment will not count towards the final grade and the percentage of grades at the bottom of the screen will not re-calculate regardless if the due date has been reached. Added Required for Attendance field to Supplemental Attendance Assignments (ATA.RA). The Administrative Security page was not handling account with apostrophes in them, fixed. New Records Transfer Testing Data table (RT_TST) for use with Aeries Records Transfer.

Help us improve this article with your feedback. This must first be configured for parents and then it can be enabled for teachers.

While we update the Teacher Resource Center, here are some helpful links to current Aeries documentation. New table for Data Validation Definitions (DVD) for future use. This table is used to log parent's protest to data retained in any student record (e.g., parent letter of protest to student's records) in accordance with California Ed. When switching to last year, the gradebook now displays ALL assignments for a gradebook instead of just the assignment range that was in effect at the end of the year. The assignment legend now displays on its own page. •   Records Transfer - Transcripts can now be

Contains information about courses each district resources applies to, Aeries Web Only. Stores the programs that the district offers. Also added Section (SE) to the PrimaryKey of these tables to Support Flex Scheduling. Various aspects of the system have been adjusted to run faster against a SQL database. Increased field size from Integer (32,767) to Long (2,147,483,647). Teachers can no longer select a "+" or "-" without first selecting a Mark Value.

Contains information about all the lockers in the school, Utilized through Teacher Portal to report the daily lunch count to the office, Stores the URLs for the Online Resource Center. Since the Gradebook Summary was added, parents and students could view their current grade even if a school was marked to Only Show Check Marks, fixed. Increased Type of Assessment Item field size from 20 to 255. There is now the ability to identify a Standard Category for an entire gradebook. Added an Endorsement Opt-out (EOO) flag to the Students (STU) table for future use with Graduation Endorsements. Added 2 new fields for Pass Flag (PF) and Pass Comment (PC). New DistrictCache table has been added to increase performance on large cached data sets. New "504 Accommodation Plans" table for future use. Added the following fields to the Rollover Option (ROL) table: Skip Free and Reduced Meals (SFRE), Update Student Groups (USG), Copy Graduates to Inactive School (CGS), Copy Pre-Enrolled to Next School (CPE), Enable SQL Query Store (SQS), and Enable Row Compression Logic (RCL). Page Breaking was not working in some new browsers, fixed. support displaying an entire class on one page with a new Shrink To Fit option. To use this page, link to it on your parent ABI server and from your public web server. This is also a great place to get a glimpse of the Gradebook Portal that students and parents use to view attendance and grades.

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