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If anything’s missing from your box, contact Suddenlink Customer Support at 1-877-794-2724.

You can participate in an online chat, email, visit a local office, or call 1-877-794-2724 to speak with an agent. They shouldn't, but it's Suddenlink. Problem: The internet speed is really slow. It also features thirty-two download and eight upload channels and four Ethernet ports. Set your system preferences (Mac OS only). This is the only way I can get through to an actual person. I've activated modems over the phone for years.

What Type of Internet Do You Have at Home?

The cable splitter separates the frequencies in order to avoid mixed signals. Go celebrate. Note your activation date. Suddenlink Communications provides cable, TV, and telephone service throughout the United States. They could be dragging down your speed.

Assess the number of wireless devices accessing the internet. Check the coaxial cable—the connector can sometimes get bent. 1.

Brand Guides, FAQ. I've got my MAC address and everything. About 3 hours later I got a call. The person was foreign but he just took the MAC address and activated it in about 5-10 minutes.

Even if you start with a slower speed initially, you can ramp up to higher ones with this modem.

Despite its rural underpinnings, the ISP offers speeds starting at 50 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps in select locations. Enter your address to see speed availability in your area. Consider traffic congestion. Edit: I did end up getting a callback from Suddenlink (or whatever third party does work for them) about an hour after he said he'd call. I've been given the runaround trying to call suddenlink and activate my new third party Arris SB6190 Modem to replace my suddenlink modem. Mainly to make things easier on troubleshooting. Doing this can help prevent signal confusion and interference during the installation and activation phases.

You can't activate a modem easily over the phone with these people anymore. Click “Agree” to continue. Problem: The “online” LED light never turned on. * Your Suddenlink Internet service comes with a generous monthly usage allowance.

The ARRIS pairs well with high-speed internet service, including 1 Gbps. So it gave me the option for a call back. 5. If the cord seems secure, try a different outlet. Residential accounts can still buy their own modem and activate them. The next guy may or may not fix it for him. *Suddenlink provided modems are subject to a modem lease fee per month. Sudden Link Communications, formerly known as Cebridge Connections, is a US cable broadband service provider that has approximately 1.5 million subscribers and 90,000 business subscribers. You can solve this problem by hardwiring certain devices, such as a DVR or TV. Follow the instructions at © Copyright 2020 Suddenlink Communications, All Rights Reserved. Say you want to upgrade your service. I called to activate my Motorola MB7621 modem and it said the wait time was greater then 20 minutes.

Notable Features: This modem delivers on its promise for speed. The equipment’s tech specs are usually the best place to check: Scout your home for a centralized location with access to both cable and power outlets.

Notable Features: This modem offers download speeds of 343 Mbps and upload speeds of 131 Mbps. When you place your initial order with Suddenlink Communications, you can choose to either have a technician come to your home to set up the equipment or to install it yourself. With the LED light on the modem turned on and the computer powered up, you can now activate your Suddenlink account. Would you like to see provider options in your area? Why Can I Only Get a Few Internet Providers? on Twitter. Jump to: How to self-install Suddenlink internet | How to activate Suddenlink account | Common installation issues | Self-install vs. Pro-install | Modems and routers | Contact Suddenlink.

The home screen summarizes a number of settings.

Click the “Start” button. She has over ten years of experience, with a background in marketing and creative writing. You can ask for help, advice, or vent about how terrible Suddenlink is. Email me occasional updates on speed and pricing in my area. The next guy may or may not fix it for him. All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. Both are located on your most recent Suddenlink bill. Suddenlink makes it easy to update your modem’s settings. You can skip this step if you plan to set up your email through the Suddenlink web portal or another email client such as Outlook or Mail. When the person comes on the phone, tell em you need to activate your modem. Click the Apple icon (upper left-hand corner) and navigate to “System Preferences.”, A new pane opens.

If you were renting your equipment from Suddenlink, please return it within 7 business days to ensure proper credit to your account.

We’ve got you covered. Run the internet connection wizard (Windows only), 9b. Haven’t signed up for Suddenlink service yet? One way is through live chat, and asking for modem provision. Erin is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. When it does, select “Connect using my local area network (LAN)” and click “Next.”, On the next screen, uncheck any checked boxes before clicking “Next.”. Finding a good spot will help transmit the internet signal throughout your home. The following screen asks if you would like to set up your email. Shitty tactics to get shitty service from a shitty provider. You may hear this process referred to as “, Type in the address bar. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, on Facebook New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Start by visiting the Modem Self-Install here and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to set up and activate the modem on your Suddenlink account. You successfully set up your Cox High Speed Internet and it didn’t even require walking across glass or climbing down an elevator shaft. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.

If you choose Suddenlink Communications as your ISP, know that you will receive 24/7 customer support and a money-back guarantee. Advertised speed for wired connection. 9a. If none of those steps work, contact Suddenlink Customer Support.

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