100m to 200m conversion

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An aggressive goal for a 200m time would be to take your 100m time, double it and add 10 seconds for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and add 12 seconds for butterfly. 100m electronic time: 200m electronic time Copy & Paste: Frank Dick Chart Interface - Predict Performance Based On Sprint Times: This calculator is based on the Frank Dick Chart for sprint performance. If the cross-over distance is 600 m, the the sprinter will be faster at all distances less than 600, and the mid-distance athlete will be faster at all distances longer than 600 m. Sprinters have a steeper ASR curve compared to distance runners.

/* Link Bottom Left */ I used this program a year or two ago and it worked great but now it doesn’t load any of the values after you input your values. Athlete B – 40m Fly – 4.11, 300m – 35.42. © 2020 Copyright

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