What Are the Different Types of Computers?

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Desktop Computer

Desktop computers are the most common type of computer. These have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and a hard drive. A desktop computer is generally placed on a desk or table and connected to peripherals like printers and scanners. You can use a desktop computer to play games, watch movies, listen to music, surf the internet, write documents, create spreadsheets, etc.

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is similar to a desktop computer except it is smaller and lighter. Most laptops are designed to be portable and foldable. You can take them anywhere and use them while sitting down at a coffee shop, waiting in line, or even lying down on a couch.

Tablet Computer

Tablet computers are small touchscreen devices that run apps. Apps are programs that perform specific tasks. There are many different types of tablet computers including iPads, Android tablets, Kindle Fire tablets, and Windows 8 tablets. Tablets are great for watching videos, reading books, playing games, surfing the web, taking notes, listening to music, etc.


A smartphone is a mobile phone that includes features like cameras, GPS systems, touchscreens, and Internet access. Smartphones are often called pocket computers because they fit easily in your pocket. You can use smartphones to make calls, send text messages, browse the web, check email, listen to music, record voice memos, and much more.


Servers are powerful computers that store data online. Servers are used by businesses to host websites, manage databases, and provide email services.

Wearable computers

The newest trend in computing is wearable computers. Today’s cell phones, apparel, visors, and watches all incorporate common computer applications like calendar/scheduler, database, e-mail, and multimedia.One or more of these computers may already be in your home, or you may have heard of some of them. On the other hand, you might not be familiar with any of the computer models described here.