Building Technology Strategy for Small Businesses

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Since the internet revolution, technology has evolved from a supporting role to one that propels corporate growth across all industries and scales. The majority of small businesses in non-tech sectors find it difficult to develop a technology strategy, and many of them don’t even have one. These businesses lack resources, have little to no internal capacity, and have limited access to technology-specific professional advice.

What is technology?
Technology is the application of science and engineering to create useful devices, systems, and processes.

Why do small businesses need technology?
Small businesses have unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Technology helps them overcome these challenges.

How does technology help small businesses?
Technology enables small business owners to improve their products and services while reducing costs.

What are some examples of how technology can benefit small businesses?
Technology can enable small businesses to reduce operating expenses, increase productivity, and provide customers with improved service.

What are some examples where technology fails to meet expectations?
Technology can fail to meet expectations if it is not properly implemented.

What should small businesses look for when selecting technology?
Small businesses should select technologies that fit their specific needs and budget.

Is technology expensive?
Technology can cost money, but it can also save money.

Last but not least, be sure to schedule regular reviews of the technology strategy to keep it in line with the aforementioned objectives. Keep in mind that when laws, technology, customer expectations, rivals, and the industry change, so does your approach.